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  1. I was lucky it was mandatory when I was enrolled. I ordered a lot of pizza and drank way too much beer during my solitude. I did cook and clean, pay the bills and got along fairly well. During times I was suddenly single I had the smarts to draft a few single buddies as room mates to help out and keep me out of trouble.
  2. That is a beautiful model. When I built my Missouri I had followed the instructions on painting and painted the teak wood deck a flat dark blue. I cannot recall the mix needed to obtain the correct colors but found it interesting that the Navy would paint all that beautiful wood. I know it was for camouflage from attacking planes. I have wondered if the sailors on board preferred the painting vs. holy stoning the deck. I cannot recall if any of the Iowa Class ships had the disruptive type paint scheme. I have seen models with that type of painting but have never found any information on how it
  3. I have seen some complex designs being made on 3D printer. I seen a program where they were going on about the benefits of 3D printers for recreating parts that no longer exist for WW2 planes. So I can see some benefits, but like everything today machines are eliminating jobs of craftsmen who have spent their lives perfecting their craft. I was completely shocked when I first seen an solid walnut door that was completely carved by a CNC machine. The amount of detail was shocking. Again a skill that takes years and years to perfect is accomplished now by software and a machine, which sinc
  4. Did you serve on the New Jersey? I have been following a YouTube site run by the US New Jersey Museum. They put out really nice videos on different parts and functions of the ship along with other battleship information. Years ago I made the Tamiya 1/350 US New Jersey and the US Missouri model kits and enjoyed them immensely. I was a member of a local modeling club and I would always do as much research on the subject I was modeling. I have many books on the Iowa Class Battleships of which I used when assembling the ship kits. Back then photo etching was a fairly new way of adding
  5. IMO I like the ink on mylar over the CAD print. There is a fineness to it over the CAD work. You are right about recognizing certain draftsmen by the lettering on blueprints. Its been 45 years and I still to this day when printing out something on a form or making a note, I will print my words out as if I am lettering a drawing. I also have to absolutely have quad rule in any note book or journal I use, it's just habit I guess, or there is something really wrong with me. My wife would go with the later. LOL
  6. I made extra money doing perspective drawings for businesses that were doing remodeling that needed city approval. I took the floor plans and made different perspective drawings coloring them with markers or colored pencils designed for this type of work and would make as many different views as needed by the owner for presentation to the city. The city needed to have an idea of what the remodeled space would look like when finished and I would use large presentation panels to mount my drawings of the different views or angles to show the changes. This was before you could use a computer and
  7. I know how you feel about the table you had in your room back in the 70's I too had a favorite but unfortunately over time it became obsolete for my needs. My attachment was more sentimental due to my father having purchased it for me. But since I was in need of a larger working surface I designed and built one to my needs and specifications. I really took my time and worked out everything in order to have something "future proof" and stable. You would be surprised at how by designing your own the benefits you receive over a store bought model that has limits. I know that the attached
  8. I have a very similar set up as you. I have a Vemco Track Arm plus a Martin Parallel Bar. I like to use the bar and a adjustable triangle more for finer work. I built my current board out of 1" thick marine grade ply. I covered the drawing surface with rubber drafting board surface by Alvin. Even though my office is well lit I mounted two adjustable lights with full spectrum bulbs because I hate shadows from the tool edges while drawing. I too made a large flat file for drawings and paper storage it is also handy for 1:24000 topo maps. I have a tube storage rack I made also out of old mailing
  9. I would have to admit that it is a great rendition and would probably look pretty nice if framed. But may I ask, would a drawing of the same look better? I believe if it were drawn out by hand it would allow for wider choices as to shading and depth of color, again this would have to be done by someone with training in art and drafting. Years ago I found a set of blueprints for a ship. I was showing the prints to my brother in law and my sister and she just loved the sheet with the side profile of the ship. So I had a copy made and I built a nice frame of red oak and matted the print had
  10. I would clean all the under surfaces of my equipment daily. I hated having to clean up smudges so I would make a complete corrected drawing then for making the final ink drawing I overlaid a clean sheet and would trace the work from top down so I would have less chance of smearing.
  11. I have all my drafting equipment from the 70's and care for it like I would of anything of value. I find today's drawing equipment lacking in quality of construction compared to some of my German made equipment. I am also surprised as I said at how inexpensive some of the quality equipment from the past is being sold as used on eBay. Its a dying field I suppose. I feel that drawings done on vellum/mylar in ink or pencil or blueprints from the same have more of an art quality vs. the sterile appearance of a CAD drawing. In school my main field of study was in the style of Queen Anne and
  12. May I ask, what size and type of scanner do you have? I have wondered if scanning drawings were possible in a home office setting. Its hard to find local printing shops that have blueprint machines anymore. To have copies made of full sheet drawings (24"x36") I have to go a place that can handle a large format and it can get pretty costly.
  13. I see your point on laying out lines for ship design. I have seen many uses of CAD here and I'm sure it helps with the more involved dimensional work. I doubt I could even come close to drawing a ship without some sort of reference drawing. I did take a typing class in school, but for the life of me I have never been able to type other then to peck away. LOL I guess you retain somethings and not others. One thing I seen here and cannot recall who it was that had it was a Drafting Tool I have but not thought of in years. It is a adjustable curve with weighted "Ducks" o
  14. My Father was furious with me especially since it was his money I spent. But even though he disagreed with my career choice he always supported me in my endeavors. Plus I think he enjoyed the fact he got some return on his investment in free auto maintenance for 30 years. As far as CAD goes I'm sure I could learn to use the program. I am into photography and video editing and have built my own personal computers for years in order to keep up with the best editing software. You need a lot of CPU power and RAM plus a bunch of storage, so I found it better to build my own w
  15. I loved shop classes and drafting classes in middle and high schools. I went on to college getting a degrees in architectural design and commercial graphic design and even though I had spent my youth looking forward to a life as an architect after graduation I had a change of heart. I had always like working with my hands and went back to school to get an associate degree in automotive/ diesel repair. I spent 20 years in the field as a auto/ diesel technician until I found myself spending another 15 years in the Labor Relations field. I made extra money in graphic design and some archite
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