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  1. Well that stinks, Justin. I’m sorry that happened. I’ve had it happen several times that I’m trying to slowly creep up on “just enough” sanding and somehow overshot by a mile. It’s painful. I also know the feeling of trying to carefully remove a piece and instead wrecking the whole thing. The good part is that you have this frame making business down pat, so your new set will be terrific. I’m looking forward to seeing it.
  2. Your ship is looking great! I wish you the best in your health issue. Coming up short in your build is the railing. In some logs, including mine, builders have used spacers to set the posts evenly. I want to warn you that doing so poses a high risk of creating stacked tolerance errors. If you look closely at mine, you’ll see that the railings are off from one side to the other near mid-ship. I corrected it as well as I could at the time, but the step really shows off the error. Do think carefully about how to get the spacing right while keeping both sides the same. If I had
  3. I’m working at a snail’s pace on chapter 3, inching my way to completion. I really like working with the friezes and I’m pretty happy with how my moldings are turning out. I’ve also completed the q gallery roof railings. And I took a page out of Bob’s build log and used Micro Kristal Klear for the windows. I really like how they look and it seems like it reinforces the delicate frames. Thanks for showing that, @rafine!
  4. That looks perfect! Did you cut it around the moldings or did you cut the moldings to make room for it? Whichever way you did it, the results are outstanding!
  5. Wow! That looks amazing. Is that a crew of three I see in there? Was it a lot to handle with all of those sails or just a matter of setting them and staying on course for a while?
  6. That's an awesome update, Bob. The lower masts look terrific. Thank you for sharing your sequence on this. It's great to learn from someone who has built several.
  7. I thought about buying chapter 5 and the capstan this morning. But I decided to leave them for those who need them sooner than me and just stuck with chapter 4 and the gratings. I trust Chuck to make more by the time I need them.
  8. Thanks, Rusty. Do you know if they include the carriages or do those need to be purchased separately? It's hard to tell from the description on the Syren site.
  9. Hi Chuck. I decided to add this as a new topic, but it may be covered elsewhere. Feel free to delete if this post is superfluous. Which cannon barrels and carriages should we use on the Winnie? I thought about buying them today with my Chapter 4 order, but couldn't tell for certain which ones to buy for the main deck. Obviously, it's too soon to mount them permanently, but I thought it would be nice to test fit them. Or are they not available yet? Thank you!
  10. That looks great, JJ! I like your little sanding pads. Those are a great idea and I'm definitely going to make myself a set of those to sand the decks.
  11. Welcome to MSW, Jas! This group is helpful and kind. It can seem intimidating to post your work, but you’ll get real help and very nice comments about your work. People here like to answer questions and share their experience to help others, so please don’t ever feel like you shouldn’t ask questions or solicit opinions about what you’re doing. Also, if there’s a kit worth building, you can learn about it here.
  12. Welcome to MSW, Smellycat. I’m sorry that your dad is gone. My dad was a Vietnam War veteran, too. I hope your restoration goes well.
  13. One of my first jobs was working in a camera shop, so I have a good collection of canisters - only plastic, not the aluminum ones. I think I still have a few rolls of long since outdated film, and certainly have a ton of slides. I remember the first time I saw an ad for a digital camera. It was a Nikon F4 with a Kodak digital sensor back and a pretty big enclosure for electronics and storage. It was a whopping 640x480 pixels at a bargain price of $24,995.
  14. Your blocks are just beautiful, Chuck. I'm looking forward to using them whenever I get around to building Cheerful. It will surely make me cheerful!
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