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  1. Don, when you print this, you will need to tile it. In your print configuration, you should have a button for "Poster" that will create the tiling over three sheets. There is an overlap at the mating of each sheet, but it should be pretty easy to figure out.
  2. What kind of jerk would do such a thing?! Does he know that 40,000 MSW members are going to be cursing him? I'm really sorry that happened, Chuck.
  3. This reminds me of a neighbor I had when I was a kid. He used to say "at my age, I don't buy green bananas". I have an idea for you, Bob. If you look at Chuck's post 1151 and his new post today, you could start on the forecastle bulwark and deck planking. They require no laser cut parts and he has issued the deck planking plan sheets. Like Chuck said, you'll whip right through it, but it would be something you can work on now. I really enjoy all of your build logs and I'm glad to be building Winnie at the same time you are.
  4. It's looking good, Ted. By my estimate, that model is fully one mile long! I'm looking forward to watching your progress.
  5. Thanks, WalrusGuy and JJ. Here are a few pics with the correct white balance. It had been so long since I took pictures of Winnie that I forgot what I was doing!
  6. Thanks, Vladimir. I can see that I forgot to set my custom white balance before taking these pictures. My soft white lighting is looking pretty yellow. I'll post some better ones over the weekend.
  7. I took my time finishing the deck planking. I chose to leave the coamings and partners loose until I was done with the planking to make sanding easier. I was also pretty sure I’d damage them trying to sand around them. Here are some pictures with just a few pieces left and then the final product.
  8. Kurt, I made a donation today. But beyond that, I want to say thank you to everyone who makes this site possible and keeps it up. You do an amazing job of maintaining and moderating it, making it easy to navigate and a positive environment. I'm just a person who likes to build models and this site has brought me fantastic instruction, new project ideas, and a community of wonderful people who like to build and share together. I come to this site nearly every day, have my own build logs, and follow several other build logs. It brings me great joy to have this in my life. Thank you.
  9. Jorge, your hull planking looks wonderful! Your cats are very talented model makers. My own cats are useless in the shipyard.
  10. One of the wonderful parts of the Winnie project is that the coamings were designed to fit the gratings perfectly. Before I saw it, I was really worried about it. Speaking only for myself, I can't imagine making the gratings myself when Chuck makes such nice kits with options on camber or no camber in boxwood, cherry, or AYC. However, I've seen some amazing examples of scratch made gratings that are obviously worth the effort. If it were me, I'd start by trying the Syren gratings to see, first if you like them, and second, if they fit or if you can easily get them to fit. Who knows - you might just get lucky and find that your spacing is just right. But at least the Byrnes saw has you covered if you have to remake them. I bought the Triton plans and took a stab at making frames before I started Winnie. That attempt was awful, but I still want to build one at some point. I'm really happy to follow yours and see your inspiring work.
  11. Beautiful work, Justin! This is turning out terrific. Your "dummy" gallows looks pretty darn good! I'm curious to see what will be different when you put in the "smart" gallows. I know what you mean about work getting in the way. I'm in the same boat on my model. Congratulations on the new camper! I hope you had a lot of fun with it this summer.
  12. I think I’ll take your advise and start with this Dory first If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out some of the Dory build logs on this site. There are some beautiful builds to inspire you.
  13. So I take it the new owners didn't keep the crew. Have you lined up a new ship to go work on? I take it you have a significant maritime resume and probably a lot of options for your next job.
  14. Beautiful work and excellent photos, Tom! You're building a wonderful model. I hope your cold weather preparations and everything else go well for you.
  15. The new CNC work is exciting news, Chuck! I like that you're always trying to make new and better models and fittings. I hope you have a good time on vacation with the Admiral.
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