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  1. That's a nice looking spread of model ship parts! I'm looking forward to following your progress, Will. This will be a great project!
  2. All of this update is amazing, but the part that really strikes me is the gun port lid. Your work in every step is so precise on it, Mike.
  3. If you’re just removing char, then sand paper is good. If you’re also beveling the edge, then a chisel works well. You've picked the model with the best instructions you’ll ever find. Plus, there are phenomenal build logs to study. I hope it goes well for you.
  4. Brighter => smaller camera aperture => wider depth of field. Ergo, more depth appears to be in focus.
  5. Your planking looks like a museum piece to me, Greg. I looked back through your log and I think that posts #13-15 are critical to your success at this point. Future Winnie builders should take note. The time and effort you put in on aligning them is the foundation of how amazing your planking looks now. Excellent job!
  6. Planking is a big job on this model and it takes a long time. Mine took many months. What you’ve done so far looks really good.
  7. Oh, don't worry about it - it's only 19 months worth of work to make another! Looking back over your photos, I want to tell you that your moldings along the sides look spectacular. That pear along with your excellent shaping work really look good to me.
  8. "Chief, get behind me". That chair looks fantastic!
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