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  1. The bilge pumps look like quite a neat little project. It looks like you’re on track to make them really nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing this come together.
  2. That’s a neat idea for spacing the deadeyes, Peter. Nice work on your shrouds. So is there no rope other than the first thread before the crepe paper? Do you have a close up photo?
  3. You should have access to “Triton Downloads” that is accessible from the Group Projects drop down menu. It’s a little different from the arrangement for Winchelsea. In that forum, there’s a topic for Triton cross section downloads.
  4. Here’s my first attempt at a quarter gallery. I just have it tacked up with rubber cement, but I think I’m ready to glue it permanently.
  5. WalrusGuy, let me see if I understand correctly. The kit came with bits. Were they cast white metal and you chose to scratch build them? They look fantastic. Or maybe more like Justin said, gorgeous!
  6. Thanks, JJ. That’s what I thought. But I wanted to make sure in case I was missing something.
  7. I’ve started framing the port side q gallery and I need some advice before I go any further. I think I need to taper the upper counter in further so it mates up better with the gallery floor piece. What do you think?
  8. I’m now firmly into chapter 3. My upper counter planking went reasonably well, but I’m glad it will be covered up. I chose to leave the window frames natural instead of painting them like some have done. I bought some Testors Grimy Black for the window covers, but I thought it was too light. So I mixed it 50/50 with flat black. I thought that was still too light, until I put it together. Now I think I probably could have gone with the Grimy Black alone. My cap covers came out pretty good except for two that split just a little near the uprights. I haven’t decided whether or not to try
  9. Beautiful work, JJ. Your moldings look perfect. I have a question for you and I think I know the answer: Is your cellophane "glass" installed in your quarter gallery windows? It's hard to tell, but I think it has to be there by this point. I'm early in chapter 3 and will be starting the Q galleries soon.
  10. I’m sorry about your accident, Stuglo. I hope you heal fast. Be sure to keep it clean. My 10” table saw is the tool I respect the most, so this gives me chills.
  11. I'm going to follow this for sure, Bob! I'm looking forward to seeing this highly anticipated beauty come together.
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