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  1. It looks great, Chris. That sail looks really nice. Did it come with the kit or did you scratch build it?
  2. I had no idea you could use blackening solution on the white metal in kits like this. I thought it only worked on brass. I'm glad to know this for next time.
  3. Peter, your model is looking great! Are you going to make your own ladder stringers? Also, are those the cannons that came with the kit? They look really nice.
  4. I haven’t built the Syren, but I’m pretty sure this section of decking will be under a grate and not very visible. If you want a different look on the rest of the decking, you will be the only one who knows this looks different. I usually test finish options on a small sample build-up so I know what it will look like before I commit it to the model.
  5. Really nice work on your rigging, Travis. I made sails for mine also, but didn’t do nearly as good of a job. Yours look terrific!
  6. I have to post this, Kurt. This is me swimming in Lake Superior earlier today! And I’m still alive. It was cold by a lot of people’s standards.
  7. That looks great. How tricky was the last strake? It looks like it was in the middle or near the top of the third belt. How did you decide on that spot? I’m asking because I’ll be getting there in a month or so and I can’t see it in my mind yet.
  8. This kit looks incredible! I'm going to follow and I look forward to seeing this beauty come together. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  9. Dave, this model is amazing! Your work is so precise and beautiful. I really enjoy following it.
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