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  1. I used a remnant of off white cotton linen to make my sails. I like it a lot, but I should have picked a darker thread for the simulated seams. The one I picked looked dark enough until I had it all done.
  2. This model was my first ship model. It’s a really nice kit and looks great on display. You’re doing an excellent job so far. Regarding sails, I made my own because I didn’t really like the ones that came in the kit. I think you could pretty easily add a jib sail if you plan it out well. I don’t think I’ve seen that in any other build logs, so it will be neat to follow.
  3. It has been slow going on my Winnie lately. I’ve completed the wales and the black strake, port and starboard. I was concerned that the wipe on poly would smear the acrylic paint onto the black strake. So I put a coat on the wales before adding the black strake. That may have been unnecessary, but I figured better safe than sorry.
  4. Chuck, thanks for showing the side by side of the gratings. And Guillermo, thanks for asking about it. I’ve been really enjoying the cedar on this project. It is so easy to work with and looks terrific.
  5. Thanks, Mark, Chuck, and Rusty. One thing I didn't really share with the group is that planking above the wales was really a bear for me. I pealed off and redid about half the planks for various fit and finish problems. At one point, I got a full row above a problem and had to scrape off both, wondering all along what kind if idiot would do such a thing. So for anyone else that finds that part a struggle: You are not alone! I'm back to feeling pretty good about my chances of success on this project.
  6. I’ve been busier with work doing it from home than I usually am when I go to the office. I’ve caught the port side up with the starboard. I also completed the first two rows of planking below the wales. Next, I’ve got some sanding to do and a coat of wipe-on polyurethane.
  7. Hi Paul. I hope your recovery is moving along. I want you to know I was thinking about you and wishing the best for you.
  8. Great start, JD! This looks like a really nice kit. I'm going to pull up a chair and watch this one.
  9. I made more space for the window by carving out about 1/16” between the planks and the stern frame. It’s a little curvier than it should be, but I don’t think that will show. . Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends!
  10. I think you may be mistaken about your paper size. It's likely that you meant 8 1/2 x 11, which is standard letter size. In which case, the ends will be cut off like this: If you use 8 1/2 x 14 legal size, then it should look like this instead: Not many people keep 8 1/2 x 14 legal size around. I didn't and when I needed to print mine, I dug into some old mortgage papers and took a sheet I know I will never miss. The back was blank, so I was in business! Good luck to you, sir.
  11. Mr. Frazier, I was in the same spot a few months ago. I learned that you can set your printer to print that page on 8-1/2x14 paper. It will try to auto-scale it to fit. But if you set the scale to 100%, it will fit on the page and print the right size. Also, please make sure you print everything with the scale set to 100%. I have a complete frame set that is at .95 scale. It was a hard lesson that I’d hate to see you repeat.
  12. Thank you, Mark and Edward. And thanks for the likes. I’m trying to carve out about 1/16” at the transom to allow the planks to tuck in enough to clear the window opening. I think it will work. I’ll have pictures over the weekend.
  13. I’ve been working on the upper planking on the starboard side. I’ve had to back up and fix this a couple of times. It’s not perfect by any means, but I think it will look fine with the frieze over it. I just discovered that I did not fair the stern quite enough. I’ve tried just sanding it down, but I’m not sure it’s enough. Luckily, I haven’t gotten up that high on the port side, so I still have time to fair it more before planking. If I understand the rest of the construction, the difference will be completely hidden.
  14. From my perspective, you’re doing a phenomenal job on Winnie. I just finished creating the exact problem you’ve just solved. Thank you for showing me how to fix it!

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