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  1. That looks great, Bob! I like your wire stanchions a lot. I had not previously noticed the micro-krystal clear windows in the bulkheads, but that looks very nice, too. It's neat stuff and I'm glad I saw it in your build logs.
  2. Beautiful, Bob! You've done an amazing job! How did you know how to simulate the worn paint next to the cockpit? It looks so realistic, but I can't imagine how you did it.
  3. This looks great, Justin! The new knees are excellent. I agree with Mark: there’s nothing wrong with the wales.
  4. I checked out Amati's site. This looks like an amazing model. I can't wait for the in-box review and to see a build log!
  5. I hope you have a wonderful time. Share a picture with us if you can. Your oars look terrific! The rack display looks really neat, too.
  6. Glenn, you've done an incredible job! And your build log is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing this with us.
  7. It’s beautiful, BE! I was starting to thing the carvings would never come free, so I’m glad they did. I feel bad for this one guy who has to do all the rowing. Did he have gas or something?
  8. Welcome to MSW, Ron. Your model is looking good so far. I’ve looked at this kit many times and considered it for my first build. But I didn’t realize it is a single plank model. One thing I have noticed on some of the Constructo models is that the bulwarks are built up off of the planking rather than off of the bulkheads. It looks like that’s how this will be done. If so, then be careful to make sure you the strake at the deck overlaps it so you have something to attach to continuing up. That should be described pretty well in the instructions. I hope this goes well for you. This site is very helpful and makes modeling much more fun.
  9. Beautiful work, Steve! I’m going to do the same - leaving the coamings, partners, etc. loose until the deck is done. I’m certain I would damage them otherwise.
  10. I’m working on the margin planks. I started on the starboard side, but they were not going together very well. So I cut out the pieces for the port side and started working on it. I must have just needed more practice, because these are going much better. Here’s the forward most, which is done, and the next one moving aft, still in progress.
  11. That one is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. She is easily perplexed. You should see her chase shadows.
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