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  1. Well finally completed the first layer of planking...not perfect and not totally sure the bow and Stern look right but hopefully I can sort that out with a bit of sanding and filling before the 2nd layer of planks..
  2. Slow going with the hull planking and not as even as I would have liked but it is only the first planking. Guess I’ll need to do quite a bit of filling and rubbing down before the second layer of planks on . Quite away to go though before I get to that.
  3. Right now for the bit I tend to struggle with...planking the hull. First couple of planks seem to be on ok...hope the rest go on the same...
  4. All trimmed and sanded and a coat of sanding sealer applied...looks ok apart from a few small gaps between planks if you look close...not sure whether to try and fill them but for now I’ll leave them as they are..
  5. After a weeks holiday finally got round to doing a little more... Planking on stern deck completed ready for trimming and sanding..
  6. The spacers were included in the kit. Not easy to get even but so far looks ok. At the moment I’m thinking that I’ll leave them the colour of the wood, but will decide later.
  7. Fore deck planking completed....trimmed, sanded and coated in sanding sealer. Now onto the aft deck.
  8. Next step appears to be to plank the fore and aft decks..looks like the instructions and plans don’t match up.....so I think I’ll go with a combination of both... hopefully will look ok when completed... Looks like it’s going to be quite fiddly...
  9. With the glue dry...pins removed and final sanding of the frames complete (hopefully enough removed so the planks fit ok)
  10. Moving onto the decks all seem to fit pretty well and easily held in place with a few pins until the glue dries
  11. All frames now glued in place and started to taper the frames ready for the planks. This is the bit I’m never too sure about and worry about removing too much. Appears to be ok so far...
  12. Well here goes... keel and frames cut out and dry fixed on my building board...so far pretty good...all seems to fit pretty good with little adjustment required.
  13. After a few years of building model boats I’ve finally decided to do a build log of Mantua Models Trotamares due to being unable to find a build log anywhere. I normally use build logs as a helpful guide when the provided instructions are a little sketchy. Hopefully I’ll not have too many problems with this build.
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