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  1. wow, great combination of colours and all done. You don't need to secure them though? Also "screws" on the hatch are missing but guess will come later. Overall, it is a nice "little" boat and you can be proud on it too. Peter xxxxxxx
  2. Wow, very detailed Jo, the little lady has a great owner and you doing well! Sorry I put those pics here as looks like they don't appreciate that much but then again, they should read the whole contents and not just the pics. Anyway my dear Jo, we know now and next time we can send each other a PB and only you and me can see that. Keep up the good work and have a great rest of the weekend downunder, Peter
  3. Well Jo, the reinforcement is not the epoxy but the vessel strength itself but for making sure after 3 x filler and sanding I don't want the risk my built blub blub sinks to the bottom of the bath!! No but seriously, this is for the imperfections I cannot see with my eyes if there is a tiny little hole somewhere on the line, afterall it is wood and you never know; beside it protects the surface as well for later any bumps with sailing in not deep waters or accidents. Gives overhaul the extra protection needed. But still waiting for the postman to come with the epoxy and then sanding again, maybe a second layer of this stuff. Colors are like all vessels from BosKalis (owner these days of the "real" vessel) but will put a pic here from one of them in the company colors. I had the privilege to visit the vessel in Rotterdam doing an inspection on her for the Bank, making an evaluation of the vessel's state and the value in money so yes I know nearly all corners on her. I will keep you posted on that. For sure she will have a white line as "waterline" too.
  4. Respect my lady! You nearly finished all and it looks great, all in place and painted. Already tested in the bath? No leakage? Anyway, must say that you win as I'm not even that far! Let me know when she finally is going to sail! I'm just ordered the epoxy to have her watertight before painting the hull. But not much time as going to school (uni) for my BSc so only weekends free. I let you know when I have the colors in place and the waterline! Take care there now and good luck with the little lady! Peter
  5. Well, in my younger years been travelling from Melbourne to Perth in a car we just bought in Melbourne! Was a great trip and see many things what we don't see here in Europe and was shaking my head seeing those ROAD trains, amazing! But did not see any animals like described above neither had the opportunity to go off this "road" as afraid I may get last there and don't want to end up as a skeleton in nobody's land. Had after all a splendid time there and also later when my ship was coming into an Australian port. Must admit, learned there to drink beer too. Have a great time there down under and not to worry, I don't run that quick away from animals!
  6. Sure I'm scared now but bearing in mind that due to the fact she said <that's how bad my cooking is it puts holes in hulls > I'n not afraid to face that!! Have in my life time dealed with ladies that having bad cooking skills, so hopefully the little boat can stay on the surface as fire and wood don't go together. Either the boat goes in fire (what I don't wish) or she gets the hell out of my way so to speak. But let's see who has the first sea trails as she has to use the wind as I can go with charged batteries away. Jo, I was only joking as never ever I would run you over in that lovely little boat of yours. Take care and hopefully we can both sail before X mas.
  7. Sure but first you have to come near me before doing that. Got a chopper now so can locate you very fast! Take care there my lady and let's see who finished first. Peter
  8. Hi Steve, has been a while but back here.

    Closed the hull and now sanding and filling until getting a smooth surface.

    Did put some pics there too but apparently on a wrong page and no idea how to change that.

    Anyway, going back to school to get my BSc in business so keeps me busy both ways.


    Here you will find the latest.

    Take care there now, greetings from here.

  9. rpeteru, hope you did manage to get your mok so now you can drink coffee out of it.

    Been away due to several problems but now back on my built an d closed the hull.

    Sanding and filler is now the actions to be taken until I got a smooth surface for the paint to apply.

    Have a great one there, cheers.


  10. Changed my pic for a change as now a private man, "retired" but doing school and work at nights. At least not doing the same job as done in my previous life.

    Take it easy you all. 

  11. Wow, must admit, not followed some time you did came far! Well done even not finished, far as I can see looks perfect this built. You can look into mine as well, just started again but having not much time in between school days will leave me with less time. Anyway, most of the hull done, now like you sanding and filler to be used. After this all done doing the accommodation and the rest like propulsion mounting the Schottels but you can follow that on my page here. https://modelshipworld.com/profile/32387-seamanpeter/?status=1004&type=status Take care now and will keep an eye on your boat not to run it over!
  12. Good day all, did post some latest pics here but guess I mixed up the site where to put it, sorry about that. If you go here https://modelshipworld.com/profile/32387-seamanpeter/?status=1004&type=status you find the latest of my built. Have a great Sunday you all.
  13. It has been a while due to domestic problems home and other issues but I'm back and want to finish the built.

    I did some other changes as well as you will see on the pics, made the bow nearly massive and also around the bow trust as to me looks like this is a weak point and I want to keep this built for years to come.

    Anyway, presently I have done the hull, closed it up so no holes inside and now use filler, sanding, filler and again sanding until I have a smooth surface to apply the first paint on it. 

    The deck will be started afterwards like accommodation, mast (still not content with the mast present), Schottels propulsion back as bow trust already mounted. 

    So completely sit still I haven't but not worked as frequently I want to be.

    Going at the UNI now to get my BSc is another target I want to achieve, I know people say I'm crazy with 71 going back to school but I want to do something with myself and this is keeping me busy, no time getting Alzheimer too and having my Master already just want to have this done too in 4 years time incl the foundation. 

    Also having a night job so it will keep me going so to speak but still want to do my built and hopefully it will be done by next year.

    I will put some pics here too with explanation what I have done and hope you enjoy it in the same way I did make.20190506_134722.thumb.jpg.3dd3d0bb7a35f3ce56cedd7ec6b99bb8.jpgLast time I was here and upload this pic.


    Made the bow itself out of a massive part to have more strength in there.


    Raw shape of the bow to allow the hull plates glued on to it.


    Also the bow trust surroundings with massive wood for strength and support.


    Applied glue on the wooden support blocks


    Raw building port side and you see the block wood I made the massive parts out.


    Coming there after works and glued parts there but still needs more work to be done


    As she is still on the slip the bow comes to getting shape.


    Also starboard side is coming to be in shape


    bow trust itself (without motor) in place and secured


    Closing up the bow part


    After both parts finalised and applied first time filler by finger to close all holes


    Also port side and did both sides anchor pockets protection and bow trust water line the flow of water afterwards


    Bow is looking good but all in a raw stadium as need a lot more works to be done


    Also the hull itself is going fine and connection to the kim is also done


    same on the starboard side the filler just applied for the first time

    20191003_065335.thumb.jpg.b579cfa65065aef33a4a645e19fcb7a9.jpgHull and bottom plate applied filler also the kim plates


    Not a direct sharp picture but you can see the hull and bottom connected by the kim


    You can see the lines already of the bow part. Not sure if I want to make the protection on the sides but guess I will go for direct rubber covers.


    Aft part raw done but need more attention


    Will have the roller in later and if having place under the deck built towing pins.


    Also the towing winch will be built in later


    Railing works will be done when hull finished and accommodation sanded


    After first time sanded the hull and surroundings, looks good already


    Also starboard side coming there


    Included port side but still needs more filler and sanding


    Even not standing and taking the picture direct in the center line of the vessel the bow looks good.


    Bow trust engine mounted and secured waiting to connected





      Hello Peter


      I have missed your posts but I am pleased you are back now in your shipyard.


      I hope your domestic problems are not serious and you have overcome them.


      You have done a lot of work on your ship she looks fabulous.



  14. https://teeherivar.com/product/once-an-engineer-always-an-engineer-no-matter-where-you-go-or-what-you-do/ Just go there and you can order on line, even shirts, hoodies and T shirts same design Succes brgds Peter
  15. Thanks Steven. Yes I built it different then the original is doe as over the years working at sea as engineer and later as master on this kind of tugs I do have enough experience to made it in a way that I think it should be done. Nevertheless, this is my interpretation of a sea going tug and also these days in the Offshore working environment to assist where possible. At my age and been there long enough I made again my life work as hobby and with all respect, billing boats are great but you can make them stronger when you later want to use them so you will see that I have made supports to pick up the force and moments having a different kind of propulsion. Also seen some of the buildings as RC in the water they are not that stable so I made a keel under her and will make also "Kim keels" having her more quiet in the water during sailing. Yes I made also a helideck in the front as that what it's required giving service to the Offshore or any other project she may be involved in. It does not going fast but in a regular tempo as what you have said yourself, you have to think carefully what you doing during this built, perfect you cannot get it but will try to come as close possible. Sure afterwards will make the additional extra's to her like lighting, winches, towing pins, smoking exhaust, helideck lighting, working fire equipment and all what is on the market. By the end of the day it will be a realistic built with all the futures you can think off and as again, I was born on the water 71 years ago and still love it to get involved with ships, call it a passion. I will post pics during the development here and if comments, you welcome to give your input. Thanks Steven and take care there "down under".

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