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  1. Hi Steve, has been a while but back here.

    Closed the hull and now sanding and filling until getting a smooth surface.

    Did put some pics there too but apparently on a wrong page and no idea how to change that.

    Anyway, going back to school to get my BSc in business so keeps me busy both ways.


    Here you will find the latest.

    Take care there now, greetings from here.

  2. rpeteru, hope you did manage to get your mok so now you can drink coffee out of it.

    Been away due to several problems but now back on my built an d closed the hull.

    Sanding and filler is now the actions to be taken until I got a smooth surface for the paint to apply.

    Have a great one there, cheers.


  3. Changed my pic for a change as now a private man, "retired" but doing school and work at nights. At least not doing the same job as done in my previous life.

    Take it easy you all. 

  4. It has been a while due to domestic problems home and other issues but I'm back and want to finish the built.

    I did some other changes as well as you will see on the pics, made the bow nearly massive and also around the bow trust as to me looks like this is a weak point and I want to keep this built for years to come.

    Anyway, presently I have done the hull, closed it up so no holes inside and now use filler, sanding, filler and again sanding until I have a smooth surface to apply the first paint on it. 
    The deck will be started afterwards like accommodation, mast (still not content with the mast present), Schottels propulsion back as bow trust already mounted. 

    So completely sit still I haven't but not worked as frequently I want to be.

    Going at the UNI now to get my BSc is another target I want to achieve, I know people say I'm crazy with 71 going back to school but I want to do something with myself and this is keeping me busy, no time getting Alzheimer too and having my Master already just want to have this done too in 4 years time incl the foundation. 

    Also having a night job so it will keep me going so to speak but still want to do my built and hopefully it will be done by next year.

    I will put some pics here too with explanation what I have done and hope you enjoy it in the same way I did make.20190506_134722.thumb.jpg.3dd3d0bb7a35f3ce56cedd7ec6b99bb8.jpgLast time I was here and upload this pic.


    Made the bow itself out of a massive part to have more strength in there.


    Raw shape of the bow to allow the hull plates glued on to it.


    Also the bow trust surroundings with massive wood for strength and support.


    Applied glue on the wooden support blocks


    Raw building port side and you see the block wood I made the massive parts out.


    Coming there after works and glued parts there but still needs more work to be done


    As she is still on the slip the bow comes to getting shape.


    Also starboard side is coming to be in shape


    bow trust itself (without motor) in place and secured


    Closing up the bow part


    After both parts finalised and applied first time filler by finger to close all holes


    Also port side and did both sides anchor pockets protection and bow trust water line the flow of water afterwards


    Bow is looking good but all in a raw stadium as need a lot more works to be done


    Also the hull itself is going fine and connection to the kim is also done


    same on the starboard side the filler just applied for the first time

    20191003_065335.thumb.jpg.b579cfa65065aef33a4a645e19fcb7a9.jpgHull and bottom plate applied filler also the kim plates


    Not a direct sharp picture but you can see the hull and bottom connected by the kim


    You can see the lines already of the bow part. Not sure if I want to make the protection on the sides but guess I will go for direct rubber covers.


    Aft part raw done but need more attention


    Will have the roller in later and if having place under the deck built towing pins.


    Also the towing winch will be built in later


    Railing works will be done when hull finished and accommodation sanded


    After first time sanded the hull and surroundings, looks good already


    Also starboard side coming there


    Included port side but still needs more filler and sanding


    Even not standing and taking the picture direct in the center line of the vessel the bow looks good.


    Bow trust engine mounted and secured waiting to connected


    1769_Schottelantrieb_III_01.jpgSchottels I'm going to use.


    Just an update till now.

    Already informed you that it will go slower as expected but still doing works to it.

    Did the sanding accommodation and bridge.

    Changed also the uptake stairs / ladders to the helideck as was not content with it, now looks much better.

    Also received the railing and can imagine how it looks wenn all mounted but will be something on both sides of the stairs to!

    Having just 3 pics to go with this update.

    But this all for the next weeks or so to start and finalise with that.

    Wish all of you a great time, X-mas is just around the corner too.






    Having the last pics of the built.

    Made / altered the mast, made from a round piece of wood and by hand in the shape I like.

    Also the railing on the border/platform made but need to drill the holes for it, it gives you an idea how it will be.

    Then the kim keels made and permanent glued to the built. 

    Was not an easy job as could not get them in the side I want so had to be altered by  hand but it looks good and hopefully it will work to not to have the Boka Alpine rolling that much in the water later.

    Have a great day and weekend.







      Hello Peter


      I have missed your posts but I am pleased you are back now in your shipyard.


      I hope your domestic problems are not serious and you have overcome them.


      You have done a lot of work on your ship she looks fabulous.



    2. Seamanpeter


      20191108_163331.thumb.jpg.a60fddacecf08c2791e14623dab8eaf3.jpg20191109_193228.thumb.jpg.bf9b5b723267b87cb1a96837c4a0205d.jpgHello all,

      not much done then just the fore mast.

      Still waiting for spares / parts to arrive but they already did inform me the delay as some are out of stock.

      Made last week some more orders but they have to be made as those are mostly 3D and that takes its time and also all in scale 1:75.

      The deck cranes I have on order 2 x and will also make the "buckle" crane on ps aft deck for later the ROW and other equipment to handle. Those cranes (all 3) will be remote controlled.

      The helicopter on order and will be having it's own remote so it can land and take-off from the helideck.

      Mainly those are the inventaris on the bridge deck like chart table, consoles, chairs etc.

      Also some equipment going on the Monkey Island and between the funnels.

      Also the towing winch what comes out USA will take its time.

      Waiting for more info about the Schottels as already waiting 3 weeks and hopefully they will be here before X-Mas.

      Anyway, as weather conditions are zero cannot do anything outside so just working slowly day by day in between "Home work" UNI and my work finding some time to make some small issues to my built.

      Have a great day all and will revert.

      (Just image some parts I have on order already)



















      mm size schottel component.jpg

  5. Still waiting for the postman to come with the tug Fairmouth Alpine. 

    Have been thinking about the prop and will make 2 Azimuth Veth VZ 1250 - 70 mm type in it instead of the 2 props and rudders!  It will save me a lot of work to props and rudders, also less electronica as props are 360 degrees. Can also forget about the stern truster as no need for that either. The only thing I have to make is an additional keel as showed here on the pic below from another tug with same props. Will be great for sure but again need some adjustments to make in the underwater part.  

    Just got the confirmation that the slipway will be delivered today.

    azimuth Veth VZ 1250 - 70 mm prop.jpg


  6. Good day dear readers,

    Is there anyone in or near Luton UK that is also building a boat (any kind) so we could do that together? Got a nice place this summer in the garden with a tent that is 3x3 so having enough space there. Always nice if you can do that with others and you can learn from each other too.

    Waiting for some replay,

    wish you all a nice day and pleasant reading as this side is made for that and can find any enquiry you need. 

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