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    modélisme (wood model-ship building et horlogerie (XIX th century pocket watch chronograph restauration)

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  1. Dear Alexey ; something else I appreciate is your philosophic point of view about life ! I wish you the best Alexey, for a great continuation of all those wonderful visible things you are doing with your hands, and also all the invisible things which are brighting in the inner yourself (внутри твоей души) ! Eric
  2. Hallo Beckmann ; Laufbohle is "caillebotis" in french and "duckboard" in english ... but i am using an electronic translator and maybe it could be wrong ! Ebony cannot be bent but is as strong as metal => can be put into a milling machine for making the duckboard pieces. Cheers, Empathry
  3. Halo Beckmann ; I have been very interested in your brilliant idea for the ivory laser cutting. I myself have got some ivory (and also the ebony) from the keys of an ancient piano. If you need some more, it will be with pleasure ! ... and what about Laufbohle in ebony ? Would it be a possible idea ? MFG, Empathry
  4. Gaëtan ; all your photos are really splendid and I wish to ask you (but you may have already answered those kind of questions) : What type of camera ? What focal lenght ? What speed ? What diaphragm ? Cheers (from France) Empathry !
  5. I feel it's a pity that you have not preferred oxydize your cannons instead of painting them !
  6. By the way Cri-cri, within the documentation you already have concerning the Confederacy 1778, did you got the 3 following reviews : SHIPS IN SCALE Volume V - N° 3 dated may/june 1994 where you can read about the construction of a dockyard model of the Confederacy 1778 (pages 34 to 42) Volume V - N° 4 dated july/august 1994 " " (pages 50 to 56) Volume V - N° 5 dated sept/october 1994 "
  7. The basis for this theory I had proposed in the a.m. topic "for the calculation of the scales on ancient plans" is extensively described on Duhamel de Monceau' Préface, page fifteen (xv). Other instructive topics to read are the relative effects of 36 pounder cannons v/s 24 pounders ! 😉
  8. Dear Gaëtan ; I know am a new-bee in this forum. I started hereto a topic for the calculation of the scales on ancient plans, directly based on Duhamel de Monceau recomendations. Accordingly, I also gave a link for the "Elemens de l'architecture navale" edited circa M.DCC.LII (1752) avec approbation & privilège du Roi, as follows : http://www.babordnum.fr/viewer/show/648#page/n297/mode/1up I suppose that you will be one of the few persons in this forum to have the satisfaction to read it "in the text" ... Please Gaëtan, take a new
  9. Dear Gaetan, I am fond of XVII th century vessels for their obsolete aesthetics and their civadieres. I obviously have not your skill in sculpture (nor the skill of certain foreign masters) and this is the reason why, making my own historical researches, I am trying to find new subjects (vessels) which should not be directly extirped from Boudriot's drawings. My favourite scale is 1/75th and this is more easier for me to extrapolate from those less famous vessels. Located in Versailles, and able studying directly within the archives of French "Musée de la Marine" (w
  10. Hello Gaëtan ; I do not know if I can speak French language with you ; anyway, I am myself working with Boudriot's books (l'Art du modélisme) and my future intention (project) is not to use boxwood for the sculptures (you indicated that you have no boxwood in Quebec), but tagua nut, which is also called vegetal-ivory. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vegetable_ivory What do you think of it so far ? Good or bad idea ? Cheers from Versailles (France) ! Empathry
  11. Hello Gentlemen ; I am a quite (relatively) old chap, mostly interested by XVII vessels and "from scrap" modelling. In the French language, I am a so-called "boiseux" from the word "bois" which means "wood". A "boiseux" is a chap which is used to deal with "wood" ... i.e. I do not habit to open kit boxes (some are nevertheless quite nice) with my cutter, but to study a model during some months, maybe a year, and after, try to build it. France is (a paradise) but fora, for modelling, are always animated by the same (nice) people ... so, I wished to exchange with you .
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