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  1. I see it now. This would also explain why the last two bulkheads wouldn't loft properly without modifying the drawing. Unfortunately with the way I've made the model, changing the stern now would be a very difficult task. Since I'm not shooting for 100% historical accuracy with this one. I think I'll just leave it the way I have it. I'll definitely take more care if I make a more serious model. This one is just practice, kinda like my first book. Maybe someday I'll finish worldbuilding for the real one and start writing it. Might never happen, but a guy can dream can't he? Cheers. Point.
  2. I'll be following this build. I am currently in the process of making a model of the Skylark. Seems however that you are going into a bit more detail than me. My build is titled "Mucking about in Fusion360" and is (at the time of me typing this comment) directly below your topic. Cheers. Point. Edit: I just went back and saw that you had already commented on my post. I guess you already know about it then. lol
  3. It's been awhile, but I have been working on it here and there. I've gotten most the parts ready (I'll probably change the numbering to 321abc format and use a font that's quicker to engrave) to laser cut. I wanted to laser the rails too, but I wasn't able to flatten the templait out in Fusions sheet metal environment like I had planned. Now that I have all my cut paths, I need to arrange them. Does anyone know of a program or inkscape extension to automatically arrange the parts? Cheers. Point.
  4. I haven't disappeared. Just been sidetracked lately and haven't gotten too many opportunities to work on the Skylark. Here is an update on my meager progress. I have chopped the model up into bulkheads. I may still adjust them a little, but I'm pretty happy with where I'm at. The false keel will definitely need some changes before I'm done. Cheers. Point.
  5. They are a bit clearer than what I have. Thank you. I wish I would have had these a few days ago. I will certainly hang on to them in case I need them later on in the project. cheers. Point.
  6. I've actually used lofts in previous attempts at creating a hull. It did work to an extent, but I ran into complications around the bow and stern. Fusion was unable to calculate the lofts in those areas. The Form environment is better suited to this type of modeling in my opinion. To make the form, I inserted the plans as a canvas and scaled it to the full size of the vessel. Then I created a plane with control points at each bulkhead. The next step was just to move my plans to each bulkhead and pull the plane to match. After that I un-creased the control points and I had the basic shape of the hull. Cheers. Point.
  7. From the lines, I can see a few differences. The Skylark has a deeper "V shaped" hull whereas the Clio is flatter on the bottom. The rig is certainly similar and both vessels would have a similar profile, viewed from the side. I haven't used the slicer add on yet, but I have used fusion for laser cutting. I export the sketch as a DFX file then open that in K40 Whisper. For this model I'm going to have a cut line and another engrave line. This engrave line will show me how far to sand during fairing as well as providing various assembly cues. As far as the actual modeling is concerned, I think blender is better suited to this type of modeling, but Fusion is what I already know how to use.
  8. Thanks for the support Nirvana and iMustBeCrazy. Glad to see interest in this project. It helps me to keep up motivation. Something that I've been in short supply of lately. I did manage to get the deck and bulwarks on after fixing the topology in the bow. My next session will probably be working on tweaking things and getting my topology just right. After that it's on to the keel false keel and bulkheads. If I get good enough at using Fusion360s T-spline workspace, I may even try a POF model in the future. Cheers. Point.
  9. It's been a fair time since my last post. I've been moved around a bit at work and haven't been able to find the motivation to do my own projects. I did however get a chance to toy around with the Form workspace in F360. Here are the results of that session. the subject is the Buick... no scratch that. It's not a car. Okay take two, lets try this again. The Subject of my folley is the Skylark. I actually know nothing about the Skylark. I was just browsing the RMG collections and liked her lines. My goal with choosing the Skylark was to model a vessel the everyone and their cat haven't already done. It is kin the the Swift and Speedy, so I shouldn't have too much trouble sorting out all the details. So far I have the outer shell mostly done. the next step will be to add the deck and inner part of the bulwarks. once I have the hull modeled I'm going to slice it up to make laser cuttable bulkheads. Everything (well mostly everything. most the fittings will be either laser cut or 3D printed) from there will be done in the physical. Hopefully I can get myself back into the ship modeling game. Cheers. Point.
  10. The revell Connie was one of my first models. This takes me back a bit. I think I still have my bag of spare parts, but it looks like the others have provided better solutions.
  11. I'll be following this topic as I too intend to start making a set of plans in fusion soon. I was thinking of using the sculpt environment to model the hull, then slicing it into sections using a plane cut. This would produce a perfect curve and Allow me to place bulkheads wherever I wanted along the hull. I'll probably be starting off with a cross section or battlestation model to get into the swing of things first though. Cheers: Point.
  12. Thanks for the welcome Mark and John. I need figure out what exactly I want to do, but I'm thinking of starting with just a small sectional model such as a battle station or cross section. My issue before was that I'd take on these big projects and never actually finish them.
  13. Hello, I am pointfiftytracer but people usually just call me point. I live in California's high desert and do fiberglass for a living. A few years ago I stopped making model ships. Now that I've gotten my life back on track, I'm hoping to get back into the hobby. I have several 3D printers and a laser cutter. I'm wanting to combine the two hobbies and possibly make a laser cut POF build if I ever get the time to draw up plans. If all goes well I'll be starting a build soon. Cheers. Point
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