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  1. Small side project I did in the week. The amazing thing is that it projects an 8 second film.
  2. A bit difficult, some of the rigging is not in the instructions. But I think it's ok. Getting close to finishing. 😊
  3. Another sail done. Getting faster at these. Thought I would get these peices in before the boom and sails. Must be easier without them in the way.
  4. Hi am back after a break. Small case of getting married. Hope to get back in full swing. Some more sails added. 😊
  5. More rigging done, seems to be progressing much faster now. The halyards are quite tricky. 😀
  6. Been chipping away at the shrouds and the ratlines. So, so many. Tying every rat line takes forever.
  7. Hi LyleK1, didn't go with the ice shield because I thought not painted it would stand out a lot. I have painted the life boats, anchors and chimneys. These are cast metal so need to be painted. I also painted the masts, I used a very watered down acrylic just to stain the wood. The very pale colour of the dowl seemed to distracting. There really wasn't any logic to it, just what feels right. Good luck with your build. Would be awesome to see a pic. 😀
  8. Well spotted, I had read somewhere that the Terror had 2 cannons and 2 swivel guns. When I was ordering some extra parts from occre they had 2 sizes of extra cannons on there website. I did get 2 of the largest size but they aren't right for the age of the ship. (But I now have 2 model cannons do I'm happy) Cornwall models I found later, has a larger range of cannons and barrels. But not sure if I want to add more to the deck.
  9. Thank you RickyGene, been away from the project for a couple of weeks due to work and the general heat wave. looking forward to getting back on track and working my way through the rigging. As for the painting, anything from me would be guess work with a wood model. But it would seem likely the thinner the paint/ink the more the grain would remain. Is there a black varnish? I have been form the start looking up everything I can find on line about anything to do with models of the Terror, one was on youtube by a German (I think?) builder. Its not in English but he does show how he coloured and
  10. Thanks Heinrich der Seefahrer for all the positive comments (and every one else). The grating looks very good and would take it to a higher level. Would be a great challenge . with more construction under my belt maybe then would be able to pull it of.
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