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  1. Hi, I purchased Proxxon for my self from Amazon.ca when the price was reduced in july. But in Canada, you have this distributor from which I also purchased x-y table from proxxon : http://www.chippingaway.com/ I saw the drill technic on web, but, just for the fun to explore woodturning, I decided to try Proxxon Micro Woodturning Lathe DB 250. May be I will try other stuff on it than wooden ship modeling. Michel
  2. Well, my first built is actually in route and it is the San Juan. I will begin the planking soon. A lot of modification to make the hull satisfying. I purchased the "Le Belem" ship made by AL also. They put a model representation 1:1, but I also purchased the monography from https://www.aamm.fr/ which is 1:75 multiple plans. This will be my second built, maybe next Automn. I do not put at this time my build on the appropriate topic. English will be a problem for me to explained my path. But I could put photo with minimal notes.
  3. When I went to my hobby shop yesterday, I saw some of the type of aluminium hollow and oval shaped rod. I don't took my wood there. I saw also some cylindrical brass rod. That should useful for futur project. Great infos wefalck and Bob. Manythanks. Michel
  4. Thanks for this explanation. I finally purchased some extra dowelsl in "hard wood" from a woods and tools specialist from reputated supplier from Montreal, QC. So, price was good. I made a try. Thanks for all if you Michel
  5. Thanks you Pat. Fortunatly, there is a good hobby shop in my small City. Great forum here. I really enjoy ît. And thanks for the section dedicated to real vs false version of model kit. A must for the beginner who seach on the web, ît is a jungle there. Michel
  6. Thanks Pat, It was my first tought. But since I am newbie an unaware of particular shape that can take piece of tige for masting so I ask for more precision. Probably a defective piece. I was unable to retreive the info into the plans and pieces's list. And if I assume a 6 mm in diameter tige, I have not enough wood to complete the kit. So may be I will be in the obligation to purchased some walnut tiges to assure the good completion of the masting. Michel
  7. Hi Mark, Thanks to try to help me. First shoot illustrate the elliptical shape. The tige is 40 cm lenght. The second shoot is showing all the wood tiges present in the kit. The problematic tige is the first one beginning at the bottom of the photo. Thanks again, Michel
  8. Hi, I am newbie and my wife offered to me an Artesania Latina San Juan Galleon XVIc. After examining all my pieces, I found an elliptical tige (5,3 to 5,75 mm for each axes of the ellipse). It seem's made with walnut, but I am not sure since the color is faded compared to others walnut tiges. Someone can tell me the usage of this tige ? Really a mast or sprit or something else ? Sorry for my English. Thanks in advance, Michel
  9. Thanks you all of you, I am located exactly in the city of Trois-Rivieres, aside the St-Lawrence River. I went at Halifax with my children before, and visited the scale ship museum there ( I do not remember his name). I was really impressed and never forget what I saw. My first built is a gift from my wife : Artesania Latina San Juan. The classic old version, not the new Nepomucen one. She bought in our local store. But surfing around in the web, I found other futures projects I hope to be able to try. Have a good day. Michel
  10. Hi, I am happy to discovered this forum. I was on flight sim hobby, but my desire now is to be less at the front of my screen computer (i worked with that at my office). So a more manual hobby which allow cognitive ability should make me more than happy... and my grand-children should be curious to observer the development of the model. Please be tolerant concerning my poor english. Cordialy, Michel from Quebec, Canada

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