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  1. I agree with Gaetan Bordeleau. My wife is tetraplegic, I the best thing for her is an electric table or an informatic kind desk with 30 " height (on top). You need around 28 " under desk if you are on wheel chair. This work well for her : https://www.bureauengros.com/products/636145-fr-safcomd-bureau-dordinateur-a-surface-reversible-48-po DOn't forget something like a plate that can help you turning your build around or clamping keel like the Amati one that can do the same (turning the build). You can use also wall mounted hucht over the desk like this one Prepac
  2. Thanks you, I almost ended the sailing attachments. May be 1-2 weeks and everythings will be finished. I will post some picture then. After that, I will proceed with the Belem ship. Thanks, Michel
  3. Hi, I had a lot of work at my job and considered as an essential worker. But, I am at the sails installation stage. HEre is two pictures of my work. Good evenning.
  4. I also love your degree of precision with the round shape of your angles.
  5. Wow, very good deal. Unfortunatly, not for canadian people. Thanks for members that give the opportunities to purchased overstocked in this forum. Really appreciate.
  6. I did not fond all the materials proposed, so , finally, I purchased these soldering Materials : Hakko FS-100 Tip Cleaner ; Canfield solid wire 60/40 (no core). I will cut chip or or make flake with cutter ; MG Chemicals Rosin Paste Flux . Thanks for everyone who have contributed in this thread. Michel
  7. Hi, Do you agree that this model could be a good start for the first POF ship after build some other POB intermediate ones ? Michel
  8. Thanks Pat, it is interesting to read different opinion. I was aware about lead and the new stuff with no lead content. So, should I buy thin/copper/silver wire ? Is the proportion of content of each, except for melting temperature point, important for quality of the finition on PE ? Oh I forget : lots of no lead solder wire contain rosin in core, I do not know if this fit your recommandation. Thanks, Michel
  9. Well, another and sat question for you. I do not want to abuse... Lead or no lead content ? Wire/rosin included or wire + rosin liquid or paste flux ? Thanks you, Michel
  10. Finally, I choosed the Hakko FX-888D FX29BY. Now I search for solder wire or liquid flux and tip cleaner paste. Thanks Michel
  11. Thanks again , valuable infos here and make me happy and confident
  12. Ouch, they range from 280 to 350 $ CAD. May be currency exchange do not help here. But I retained your advice, may be in the futur with more money... Thanks Banyan
  13. Oh! Good new, good stuff at a good price. I will take a look for it. There is a lot of choice on amazon, but a lot of chinese material too. And did you purchased complementary tips with it ? Is large flat tip can be useful for some small planking area ? Thank you Michel
  14. Ok, let me asked otherwise : are these stuff near 60-80 bucks on amazon are good stuff or should I invest in the range of 130 bucks and up ? Thanks
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