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  1. Agree with this. O used the same products on my San Francisco A.L.
  2. When paper or board are not acid-free, the lignin mix with cellulose and hemicellulose will oxidized with the following consequences : Loss in brightness ; Loss in strenght. The time required to degrade these material are dependant of : UV exposition or Sun light exposition ; O2 exposition. So the time is materials dependants in is % of lignin and the principal variables cited. Michel
  3. Hi, Let me the permission to ask one question here please : I read some complaint on Amazon about the FET. DId you used the old or the new version of it ? I think the fence and the plastic quality are questionned. In Canada, the Byrnes option is really a high impact on the budget, but FEt is an affordable solution. But, I am still hesistate for it. Thanks, Michel
  4. I have a AL Bounty on the shelve. When my Belem will be finished, your built will be a reference for me. Your picture are well done and exposed much detail. Thanks you for your contribution. Michel
  5. Thanks, Yes I have the proxxon, but I received it after doing the masts. I will try it with the next built : The Belem. Michel
  6. HI, This project is finished. A real pain. The plans are not so easy to decrypted for a first time build. A lot of mistake that I hope I will do not repeat on the Belem. The sail are too stiff. Difficult to plied. An error to to one flag ... it is inverted ! LOL! I said to my grandson that I will ended it tomorrow. He has 5 years old. He is bright. He said me that tomorrow there is no school ! I understand the message. Well. My nuild is not to be prsent as a model for other newbies, but I like to discover this new hobby. Thanks for eveyone who he
  7. The desk showed by Joe is wonderful, however there is no sufficient space under the desk with the drawers. Also, I do not think, based on the picture showed, that there is sufficient space in the width between the left and the right part of the desk for a wheel chair or something like that. Electric Adjusting working table cost a lot. If you can it will be the best. Just take care that the entire structure is stable (foot legs). Michel
  8. I agree with Gaetan Bordeleau. My wife is tetraplegic, I the best thing for her is an electric table or an informatic kind desk with 30 " height (on top). You need around 28 " under desk if you are on wheel chair. This work well for her : https://www.bureauengros.com/products/636145-fr-safcomd-bureau-dordinateur-a-surface-reversible-48-po DOn't forget something like a plate that can help you turning your build around or clamping keel like the Amati one that can do the same (turning the build). You can use also wall mounted hucht over the desk like this one Prepac
  9. Thanks you, I almost ended the sailing attachments. May be 1-2 weeks and everythings will be finished. I will post some picture then. After that, I will proceed with the Belem ship. Thanks, Michel
  10. Hi, I had a lot of work at my job and considered as an essential worker. But, I am at the sails installation stage. HEre is two pictures of my work. Good evenning.
  11. I also love your degree of precision with the round shape of your angles.
  12. Wow, very good deal. Unfortunatly, not for canadian people. Thanks for members that give the opportunities to purchased overstocked in this forum. Really appreciate.
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