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  1. That axe-wielder on deck looks like he's in a Varangian re-enactmrnt. If only we could find someone who knows about such goings-on... Amazing figures all of them, though, catching up with your masterpiece after a couple of weeks -- but is that a woodwind instrument for the oarsmen's rhythm a figure is holding or playing? Nika.
  2. Hello there! Welcome to the community; you'll find some seriously impressive noggins where research is concerned and of course some truly amazing crafts(wo)manship to enjoy. Best wishes, Nika
  3. She looks terribly fragile -- and all these scales ... 1200th, 350th, 72nd, 64th, 60th, 50th, 25th... Other modelled subjects tend to huddle around common scales but ships, no. Wonder why that is apart from the gulf between, say, an aircraft carrier and a coracle in their own RL scales, and that's obvious, but we could say the same of a 00's Bleriot monoplane and a 50's Vulcan nuclear bomber. Regardless, I think the Granado will be a looker once out of the drydock. O7
  4. Just before finishing off the main planking a couple of days back, forming the very top of the hull using 1.5 mm tilia clamped on. The second planking will use 0.4mm tilia and sapele glued over. I took great care to sand the inside carefully --but looks like I need to add some more strngthening bulkheads, it looks too bare. The bit suspended at the very back of the boat is a genuine leather seat for Commander Idiot, burnished, varnished and ready to cut. Floorboards washed with a 40/60 umber/black oil paint and varnished matt. Nailholes courtesy of a 2B pencil. The victorinox penknife is 40 plus years old. Prefer Opinel no.6 blades, but this scoops out nails like nothing else. The stain is 'jacobean oak', unsure whether to keep it. The three small pine-cones barrels are from Constructo, and poorly turned. I bought a pair of Constructo grappling anchors for the dhow, and whilst carefully adjusting the cyanocrylate set, it snapped. Constructo get your act together! That thar mark on the thwart looks like a crack. It isn't, it's just a mark on the wood, looks worse than it is. No idea why I choose to work on a coffee table btw, there's a giant ikea work table seven feet away. I am a contrary individual, all told. \o/ Edit: It's dead, Jim.
  5. She's old now and if I read Messrs Coates and Morrison (sadly now both deceased) right, warriors should sit down or lie down on deck to help with oarsmen's manoevers and general seaworthiness. Old trieremes were sent off for horse-carrying duty once a certain age. She still looks beautiful though. Taken from the website yesterday, it's a media article about 'heightened tensions' with the best friend and close neighbour. When is there never heightened tensions with the BFF? Made me smile (a bit).
  6. You're welcome! Savour these treasures. I hope you get an agora's worth of value from these and others. Funny, I was just thinking how the western classical scholar relies upon the Roman and Greek heritage as a core part of who we are in the Western world. But how about how western Asia -or middle east- regarded the survival of their own heritage outside of this hegemony? The greek was an invader, in classical and early medieval times, as was the Roman. The Sasanian descendents of Shahanshah Xerxes and Artaxerxes in the 3rd century AD saw things very very differently to our western ancestors whilst quietly disassociating themselves from their illustrious predecessors. From Alexander to Justinian and beyond, in pre-Islamic Iran -then Zoroastrian or Mazdayasnan- they had to adapt or accomodate the alien -or fight them for hundreds of years, which they did, but otherwise try to contain their influence as an alien influence as best they could. What do we know of Xerxes' triremes? Very little. Because it doesn't concern us? Infuriating and narrow-minded. Islam changed everything in the 7th century, but that's another kettle of spiced fish. Enjoy your reading and modelling! Pic from www.ekathimerini.com
  7. Steve and Mark -thank you a hundred times over. The main mast is Nakatomi, but perhaps that is how it should be, after all. The useful threads linked here indicate the AL atrocity is =broadly= well-proportioned but a little trimming is indeed called for because 340mm mast length just looks wrong. I learned a few bits of terminology as a bonus. \o/ Nika
  8. Okay. Question time for you talented vets out there -both of you Here is this thing, with its magnificent hull that I didn't photoshop. It actually is like that in the instructions. My question is this: If I were to remove the bowsprit and foremost sail (not familiar with its name -- represented here by black lines) would this idiot be seaworthy? Its a way to reduce the skyscraper look, but would the darn thing be able to sail with two ehm ... sails? I hope it sinks, personally. The red lines represents somewhere I could reduce the length, hopefully. Even then, Nakatomi Plaza is a bungalow by comparison*. Thank you! I can finally finally upload some pics this week; I don't have access to a digital camera until my son can snap a few shots. Edit: still annoyed by the black lines between yellows and red in yonder Spanish flag, the pole of which collides with the boom (?) It's unconstitutional *hyperbole.
  9. https://store.warlordgames.com/collections/greeks Might be useful as there are shield decals on sale. But the scale is off? Best wishes.
  10. And we're off at section 1 of this absurdly anaemic and futile instruction booklet. As above, no images but bear with. Typical plank on frame construction guide; all is well except for part 2, the bulkhead/frame at the very bow of the boat. Now, I am sure its impossible to incorrectly slot in frame 2 into the false keel unless common sense deserted me. I can also tie my own shoelaces. Regardless, the pointy apron prefab part rested 1cm too high on the bulkhead 2 at an angle of what... 25 degrees downward or more from the stem. Enter said bastard file to remedy the situation. A whole cm cubed of sawdust for my travails. Section 3, oh my! The instructions here would have you add the complete floorboard section, but how're you going to have the option to gradually stain the inside of the hull with this stuff occluding it? Should be much later in the guide. Add the 'batayolas' which are the large horizontal boards immediately in front of the transom. Problem. If you fit the planking to the outside of the transom, there'll be a 4mm gap beside these batayolas and hull, for an ugly 8mm of combined gappiness. Inside, it fits better but you arent supposed to do that here. Gaps are a big problem, as you will see. Reference to ply sheet B. The ply sheets here are 1 to 4, inclusive, instead. This is because we're sharing the instructions with AL's jollybountyboat kit, but slightly modified. Section 4. Add the thwarts, all six of them. Again, it makes staining or painting nearly impossible, inside the gappy hull. Should take this step later in the process for ease of assembly. Section 6 File down the bulkheads so the planking will hug the hull around the plywood 'collar'. The tighter, the better. Thing is, there is no way the curvature of the forward hull will allow avoidance of a 3mm gap each side of the walnut apron prefab thingy no matter how much wood is removed to obtain a good close fit between frame and plank. You're going to have to find a method to plug all these visible gaps. Section 8, the star of the show. Initial planking -or battening- as AL likes to say. It clearly states here that first planking is a mixture of prefab smaller and wider planks, parts 27, 28 and 29 and plain old wood strips of the linden variety. There are no prefab parts 27,28 and 29. Just the 1.5 x 4mm linden bundle, as generous as it is. The accompanying illustration resembles the fore section of the Hindenburg dirigible blimp. But festooned with brass nail-heads. Can you picture this mess? You're going to have to bite the bullet and plank away with the strips as best you can because of noplan and this disgrace of a guide. Recall, there's a second planking of 0.5 x 4mm sappele to be done later -btw later images show a near-complete model without this second layer -just nailhead after nailhead sort of sticking out of the linden-planked hull. It'd be nice to line the inside hull with the sappele, but with so many parts already suggested as glued in, good luck! Section 10 shows both layers of planking. Look carefully and you could find a clean way out of this confusion as the first planking and how it was applied is visible. It works too, for the love of God. Amazing. I won't mention the unfinished photoshopping in subsequent sections. There are images with parts added by visible bits of wire, but they forgot to airbrush them out... One image consists of a rudder covered crudely with freshly applied 'plastic wood', the hinges of which sort of cut into some very rough shapes... Meh. Other stuff. Missing parts, and "Please refer to the accompanying rigging guide " There is no rigging guide (only one brief insert covers it all). The instructions broadly omit how to attach sails and rigging. Nice work AL! *** We must persevere. Life is a beach. Even with its 400 metre Skyscraper mast and its lovely wooden bucket/khazi, we must persevere. . But please, if you are new to the hobby, stay away from this hideous cash-grab derived from another kit (Bounty jollyboat). It almost killed my interest in boats all together, this is that bad. Its name: 1/25th scale San Juan de Nepomuceno Captain's boat. Dear God.
  11. Good to see you back, Captain. Been a bit on the unwell side for a bit, but enjoying this community's work once again. Cheers.

  12. The more you look at each image, the more you superlativise (new word). Incredible. Now if anyone can re-imagine Constantine's Imperial barge of say, 340 330 AD... close your eyes... the exotic mystique of Konstantinoupolis compels you.... You can open them now. You recall I like my flags: have a Fausta, St. Helena and the Imperator himself. Just in case you need a motivation for the future.
  13. Hey, Captain, welcome back. You know, I'm learning some real techniques with this grotesque little thing -- possibly far more than a regular straightforward kit might have offered. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that. For instance AL's wonderful mushroom -head nails are best quietly removed before you need to file them off with a 9 inch bastard file. There'll be pics of the thing with its 200 foot mast. Tomorrow. But unfortunately no AL .pdf excerpts for my angrified critique-- they pulled the lot during their website facelift -- copyright infringement isn't something we want to invite. Nika

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