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  1. Hello LS, yes I bought these plans from NRG for $5 = £4.34. I hope to make everything but the cannon, rigging yarn, blocks and deadeyes but we will see if I can manage this. It's going to be quite a challenge but I have no time constrictions on this build, it will be as and when. Thanks for looking in. Cheers 😀
  2. Hi all, The borrowed jigsaw did the job and then had 2 or 3 hours with old trusty cutting the b/h . I've dry fitted them to the keel former and there is quite a bit of tweaking to do. I must say although it's still using a saw it made a change from cutting the components for the x section frames. I'm gonna need a bigger table!! If I'm going to do more of this type of build I got to get a band saw or a scroll saw, it was a lot of cutting.
  3. Make You Feel My Love - Bob Dylan/ Adele
  4. Hi LS That little extra you've just done with the anchors is just great. Good work. He told you !!😋😅
  5. Hi all, so started to cut bulkheads out but found that I can't get my trusty coping saw in as there is to much board, I think I will borrow my dad's jigsaw to rough cut them and then do the precision cut with old trusty. Til then cheers.
  6. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out - Otis Redding
  7. Hi all, had 2 or 3 hours on my cross section mainly cutting frames and assembling them. I've only got four more to make, but as my decking timber has not arrive yet I'm not going to rush them. This is because I've found that when rushing thing go wrong, and that's why my last two frames were cut out twice with one of them going in the scrap box. Well till next time, Cheers
  8. Hi LS., thanks for looking in. This one is a bit slow moving at the moment. I have started the cross section. It's in the group projects for Triton, then cross sections. To be honest that is not going any faster but it is a great learning experience. Cheers
  9. I'm The Face - The High Numbers /The Who
  10. Finally managed to resize and print the centre board. I'm going to be cutting it and the bulkheads out tomorrow, then dry fit to see if everything is ok .
  11. Hi LS, looking good, I agree with you, I found rigging can be a very enjoyable part of the build. I think your masts and spars look neat and sharp with their paint job. Keep up the good work Cheers
  12. Children Of The Revolution - T-Rex
  13. @vaddoc I have come to the conclusion that if I'm going to buy anything it will be a scroll saw. As to all the other toys my other half would raise more than her eyebrows. But till my budget is healthy enough to get said scroll saw I will persevere with my coping saw and for smaller more delicate work a jewellers saw. Thanks for your input it is greatly appreciated. Also thanks to everyone who has contributed to this discussion. Cheers
  14. A Town Called Malice - The Jam
  15. Within Me Without Me - The Beatles
  16. Hi all, Could not find the time to get any more frames made up, so decided to have a crack at the gun carriage axles and wheels. I racked my brain thinking what to use for the wheels but then I looked at the pencil I'd been chewing, it would be perfect as it was 5mm diameter and the lead ran exactly through the centre. So I drilled the lead out and then sliced the pencil into as many rounds as it would make as I was bound to break some.I could not cut them to thin as they just broke apart so there was a lot of sanding to make them look passable. All in all I had an enjoyable couple of hours doing this. Oh well back to the frames next time, although there's no rush as I'm waiting for the wood for the deck structure to arrive. Cheers
  17. Hi Dirk, l really like your method with the dead eye and chain plates. It makes a neat job of them. I'm loving what you are doing with Sherbourne. Cheers

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