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  1. Flying Fish has a good theory but I wonder if it could be used for tap adjustment of the blade?
  2. Old topic but if anybody is interested, there is a used copy for sale in at a Swedish antiquarian shop. It's quite expensive though (~130$) Link: https://www.bokborsen.se/view/Carl-Olof-Cederlund-Fred-Hoc/Vasa-I-The-Archaeology-Of-A-Swedish-Warship-Of-1/10225433
  3. That was funny, true dry brittish humor. Mind if I steal it?
  4. Ça plane pour moi - Plastic Bertrand (It´s french but why not? )
  5. This was a very interesting and educational thread to read! And as a comment to the conservation vs restoration debate, I would like to remind you of what can happen if restoration is done by someone less skilled 😏 : amateur-restoration-botches-jesus-painting-spain
  6. OK, let's be contemporary 😉 Dance Monkey - Tones and I
  7. Subterranean Homesick Alien - Radiohead
  8. Happy House - Siouxsie and the Banshees
  9. In south of sweden they are popular in gardens as hedges or topiaries. It's called "Buxbom" in swedish, but you probably already knew all that. 😉
  10. I see a darkness - originally with Bonnie "Prince" Billy, or the fantastic cover with Johnny Cash.
  11. Everybody wants to rule the world - Tears for Fears
  12. Funny, I said to the Admiral just the other day that the nice part about this forum, is the politeness lack of heated topics, but here it is getting warm JerseyCity Frankie said something about the lack of accurate litterature in the topic. It seems there's a lot of knowledge here, and I suppose not everyone would have time to write a book, but perhaps it would be manageable writing an article in a wiki, on for example wikipedia.org or www.fandom.com. It is just an idea and I'm probably not the first to suggest it. //Mikael
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