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  1. Yes, I'm back after about two years. I will start to post some pictures as I go along and post any missing ones also. See you soon. Have fun building.
  2. Thanks Anja for the welcome back and for posting the link to my build. I will try to find the missing pictures and post them again.
  3. It's been about two years and I'm now in the mood again to work on my H. M. S. Triton (cross section). I want to get it finished. I got very discouraged about the build after I started it because I was being a bit of a perfectionist. I now realized that I don't need to be a perfectionist. I just need to be me and to have fun with the build and want ever the build turns out to be will be alright. Anyway, I'm back and I'm glad. I can't seem to find my build now. I guess I was away to long. Anyway, I will dust off the spider webs and get busy. Ron
  4. Wow. Just Wow... Came across your build and starting reading it and I love the way you have added your own ideas to make it your build. You build fast but nice (very nice). You have inspired me to get back to building my cross section. Looking forward to seeing your completed build, and I believe that will be very soon. lol
  5. I saw your build and have decided to follow it, but I'm not familiar with the Royal Louis. Is there a little history on the ship that you can past along? It looks like a beautiful ship to build.
  6. Al Just came across your build, and have read it from the start. I find it very interesting and will be following. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the good information on CNC. Love the quality for your photos, I'm looking forward to seeing more.
  7. Welcome back Randy. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures on your build.
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