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  1. welcome from another Kiwi. i am part way through a victory and have had it on the shelf for a bit while i do many home projects. hope to be able to get back to it soon i understand that the Billings instructions leave a lot to be desired so ask away and im sure that you will get great advice from the master builders here
  2. been watching these builds with great interest and have been considering "having a go" unfortunately for me i have a super busy life at the moment and i havent had any time to do the Victory that i am part way into so will have to hold myself in check until i get a lot more done on that. been nearly a year since i last did any on it Im also in NZ.
  3. nice workbench... just went looking for a similar one here in NZ as my wife has kicked me off the dining room table... exact same bench here is $400..... might have to continue looking 😣
  4. My HOMEtown. Bruce Springsteen
  5. this was built a few years ago (started 2010) and then they sailed it all over the place including England and the USA (2016). there are some very interesting youtube clips on the building of this ship and the sailing of her
  6. belated welcome from another Kiwi. been off overseas for a few weeks and now back with lots of projects around the house to complete... only 2 of them model ships though... LOl welcome again
  7. i tend to bounce around but on the same model. currently building the De Ag Victory and have several start points. ie the main build as per the instructions and also the ships boats as a separate project also have parts of the masts underway and other bits and pieces as well. one thing i find is that when i have completed each individual part it goes into a bag or box that is labelled accordingly with part and stage. then all those completed bits goes into another box for safety
  8. in about 5 weeks i am heading to the states for a visit and one of our ports of call is Washington. we have an air BnB directly across the road from the naval base and one of my must do is visit the naval museum. along with all the smithsonians along the mall unfortunately we only have 2 and a half days there. so going to be a full on period for us
  9. My son got a piece of wood from a house he was working on. About a meter long 4 x 4 a very deep red and hard as stone. Think it may be Jarrah. I will get a pic next time I'm at home. Currently away from home as getting house relocated. Sort of wonder how good it would be we counted the rings on it and there are well over 50 on the 4 x 4 piece so must have been a very old tree
  10. Progress so far. Latest update I have yet to take pics but have done infills on the bow and the nearest bulkheads to the bow and the stern
  11. Hi Everyone new forum member and have the HMS victory underway. i had been looking at doing a wooden ship for many years and never got around to it. then i saw the new Vasa released by De Agostini and given i am of Danish descent thought this would be a good start.... then i saw the amount of paint works and thought maybe not. so i did a bit more looking and coincedently a complete De Agostini HMS Victory came up on our local Ebay type website. This was a kit that the seller had purchased on the weekly subscription so had spent over 2 years collecting it. then they held onto it for anothe
  12. ditto. and the amount of paper plans is cool. way better than working off a tablet with PDF plans. not that my eyes would cope lol. going to watch this with interest. looks amazing
  13. Hi Everyone. new member here from New Zealand. also a member of modelspace forum and currently doing two builds. I have build logs there and will start them here as well. HMS Victory and Endeavor lifeboat by Artesania Latina I started the lifeboat as a means to enter into the world of wooden ship building and then got a absolute bargain on the Victory. so set myself up and got started. then life sort of gets in the way a bit so very slow progress currently. Im 56 currently and did a lot of plastic models when younger.... ok like 40 years ago :)been looking at these b
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