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  1. While trying to choose a boat that looked interesting to build and to be a challenge to build i discovered the gun boats. I drove the scenic drive down the islands of the lake till it end in vermont. the whole area history and the idea to built something from U S history thrills me. Any Ideas for a new modeler . It will be my second build after my first that starts this winter.
  2. thanks so much for the war m welcome. My concrete building was the high rise floors or big box store floors and if nothing else was happening I went to road work. Boats seam so much more relaxed and the rat race will be self inflicted. I sure plan on studying all I can before I tear into the kit. thanks every one Jim
  3. Very new to the ship building dream. Having worked hard my whole life I need something to fill in my time when I hang it all up. The boats have always been so pleasing to me. I just got back from a vacation in Maine. I made it a point to get to Blue Jacket and get my first kit. I chose the Lincolnville Wherry and drove to lincolnville to see the boat that Blue Jacket used for the kit. So this winter when the Chicago winds are blowing I will be holed up in the corner with plans and challenge to be a builder of ships.
  4. Hi John  

     I was recently in Searsport Maine and met with Nic from Blue Jacket. I asked him if he thought the lincolnville Wherry would be ok for a first build.  He told me about your feed and said that I should be able to get it right. I noticed that you are from Illinois..   I am out near Aurora.    Hope all goes well with the boat. I plan on a winter build. This is going to be my retirement hobby hopefully. you and I are only three days apart in age. I am 4/15/53

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    2. jimbobuild


      thank you.   How long have you been doing model ships? and any tips on how to do a build log would be sweet.

    3. John Gummersall

      John Gummersall



      I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner.... but being summer,,, I have not had a lot of time and just not getting back to modelshipworld.

      As for my build of the wherry.... please look at my model shipworld log... I has some detail (and learning experiences) you may find interesting.


      Also I have attached a document that Mr Bluejacket asked me to write on my experience for the July newsletter.....


      Other than the log and document, I would like to bring to your attention the planking of the wherry.   The instructions mention marking the frame at the bow, stern, and frame J5....  The planks as they are laid should line up with all three marks.   I need to stress (and can not stress enough) to make sure you do line up all three marks with the planks.   If you do not (ask me how I know this  🙂 ),,,, the hull will not stay close to the jig....  As you lay the planks, you get the feeling that straying from the jig is "ok".... as the hull will look OK......    But the problem is,,, if you model strays from the jig, when you take the hull out of the jig, some of the inner parts will no longer fit correctly.    And if they hull is too far off, they can not even be modified to fit.    If you look at the pictures of my build ( in the log and document) you will see several of he inner pieces are not present.    Bottom line,,, as you plank the wherry.... make sure each plank lines up all three markers and the planks stay on the jig...  The more your planks stray from the jig, the more trouble you will be in later on.


      In any event,,, as I state in the log/document, in the end it is going to look great...even if you do not use all the inner parts




    4. John Gummersall

      John Gummersall



      A couple more things on logs,,,,   Below are the log file indexes...   



      When your create your log for the wherry, create it in the "small Craft" logs.    The "Wodden Ships" logs are for larger models (like the King of the Mississippi i am currently building).   i originally created my Wherry log in the "Wooden Ships" logs and later could not find my log to update.  Turns out the admin moved it to "Small Craft" logs and told me I should have created it there.


      As for what to put into a log, as you build you ship, you are helping out the next guy who might be building the same ship.  These model kits are no where near perfect, and there will be issues.   Seeing how others got by those issues (before you hit them) is really helpful.  Also the logs point out some customization some did that you might find helpful rather than just follow the instructions word for word.

      In my case before I started the King of the Mississippi is studied the existing logs on the King others had built.   No way would I have attempted the King without studying those logs.  You will find the logs very helpful.. study any logs on the ship you are going to build.   


      As you create your log, you will have issues that were not mentioned in other logs,,, so add that to your log and how you got by them...   Basically by creating a log of your build, (and painfully showing your mistakes) you are in a sense paying back some of the knowledge your gained by reading the logs before you started.   I really would put in any mistakes you make along the way...  Just putting out a perfect log that shows a perfect build (not mentioning the mistakes) is not of much value to the next guy.





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