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  1. Very nicely done, Jack. I like the closed top, looks more classy, more RR
  2. Pocher has a very limited choice at present. It used to be far better. Prices have always been through the roof, their models, however, are truely beautiful
  3. Nice kit Jack. I just do not understand why they give the sprues colours. The colours hardly ever approch the real ones. Interior used to be wood and leather, but foor the floors. I would go for Ken's sugestion on the door paneling. Top could be leather too Ken. Treated with oil probably. I honestly can't imagine RR using canvas ...
  4. I was thinking more in the line of some 20 weeks ... Glad the blackening didn't disolve the parts during that time, Sam. Every bit of progress is progress. You should be used to yours by now. Mine is even slower (if possible at all) The detail on the yard is wonderful.
  5. Another beautiful addition to the (plastic) fleet. I have to agree with Lou, that this is yet again better than before. You keep on improving on yourzelf zir. The star (decal) positions, though, it keeps nagging ...
  6. You can reason that since you are downunder, the stars should be upside down ... very nice work on the airplanes
  7. Buyinbg on the internet can be really frustrating, Allen. It is very hard to find specific items at a reasonable price in the Netherlands, hence I order a lot in Germany, the UK, and even Canada, sometimes the US although their postal service sets you back a fair penny. Hope you get your items in a jiffy
  8. A room with a view ... You won't get cold feet whilst working on your model Mike. Quite a nice working area you have created for Daria and yourself
  9. Oi mate, looks familliar ... black'ner new side step? Keep it up you are doing just fine
  10. How about lifting it back up ... or should I write pulling it in ... Nice point Pat
  11. Let me point out that the chain can only be used outside the hull. The moment it runs throug/passes over it, it destructs the boarding, as chafing would be to light an expression for the dammage done to the wood. A metal "guter" would be ripped of, the moment the chain got stuck into it, which would make that not an option to use a long chain either. Which makes Dick's option the only valid and usable one, if you turn to using a chain
  12. Royal plural, Michael (I couldn't resist it either ) But thanks to let me know about the known knowns and unknowns, it makes even me knowledgeable.
  13. Druxey, It all depends on circumstances, if your father took you as a toddler or a teen ... I look at it as Allen twirling his keys and it seems less daunting. Michael, I was under the impression you knew all about brass, now it seems you have some (memory) gaps in your knowledge!! You still are my #1 when it comes to brass work. Really lovely details, and explanations!
  14. Yes, just tie it up, and you are done with that "chore" The blue does have something about it. She will stand out from the rest of your fleet. Is it me or are the lenses of the searchlights a bit dark. I would have expected them to be more whitish/silvery. Lovely job on the ils though
  15. Hello peveka, can't imagine your build has been frozen sollid down there in Bretagne ... any progress?
  16. Just an ignorant's question: Why would they use a chain, it makes it even more cumbersome to haul the anchor. Ships in the age of sail used rope, and even then it needed e.g. a windlass to haul the anchor ...
  17. Hope that boy wil be running around in the rain for a few days to come, John
  18. AK is a Spanish company, which makes paints and accessories for modelling. I should have been somewhat more detailed: AK Interactive Would resin casting be an option for the wheels? When I look at the products delivered for plastic models, there are some very nice detailed parts available in resin
  19. a balmy 12ºC, no rain for a change. Average temperatures are 5º above normal. I think I'll pass on moving to Canada, maybe a summer's holiday.
  20. If you make the handle from a thin brass rod, you can dip it in CA, and fatten it up. I did that on an antennae to get the bulbous end. By the way, AK has a rather good brass acrylic, you do need to give it a clear high gloss coat IMO, but it does look realistic

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