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  1. Patrick, I always learn from watching your builds, great job on the Bounty, looks fantastic!
  2. Jack, I did watch your build and will get PE kits for both. Lou, $350 was too much, I do have excellent plans, so I will stick with the kit bash. I am considering the resin kit for the USS Nashville to bash into the Boise, other wise it will be from scratch. I am shooting for 1946 and some ships underwent gun upgrades, so I will use the end of the war guns and radar.
  3. I need some working drawings, so I cut and taped together the plan drawings using a light box. Next, I needed the correct size drawings, 117.5% did the trick. Now I need to correct the main deck and adjust the hull. I will use the line drawings shown here.
  4. I did find pictures of the museum and the models that inspired me to build the Idaho and Boise, they are both 1/700, but I will be building in 1/350 scale. Also, I my fleet has grown to include the Trumpeter USS The Sullivan's, which I will build as the USS Laffey and the Trumpeter USS England built as the USS Ruben James.
  5. In 2012, my family and I traveled from Post Falls to southern Idaho, about 450 mi (725 km). My oldest son, 14yrs at the time, was participating in a state wide football tournament. We did sight seeing, Craters of the Moon, the State Capitol, the Boise Zoo, but what I wanted to see was a military museum. The one we found was somewhat small, tanks and armor vehicles outside and military 'stuff' inside. What caught my eye was two model ships, USS Idaho BB-42 and the USS Boise CL-47! I vowed to build both, however the only kits available were resin and way out of my price
  6. Patrick, you do such an amazing job of building models! I would love to see more of your Vasa. Shane
  7. Jo, I am glad to see you working on your Billings kit! Hope to see more soon. I will do the same very soon. Your friend, Shane
  8. Thanks Alan, In 2012, I was in southern Idaho visiting a military museum and saw two ship models there. One was the Idaho and the other was the Boise. Well, I was hooked and decided I would build both. Now, many years later, this dream may come true. Shane
  9. This is just for fun and I do not have a time frame for this, but this is the list of ships I plan to build. I have these models. I needed the Hobby Boss USS Arizona to kitbash into the USS Idaho, I received it on Saturday. I had plans that I was able to download from another modeler and here are the plans for the kitbash. We will see how many years it takes me !?!
  10. Thanks for the kind words, strange times we are living in. I hope 'we', meaning yours and mine families, come thru this without complications. Cheers.
  11. It's looking good OC! I would think this confined to quarters would give plenty of time for modeling, however 'honey-do's' keep getting in the way!
  12. Hi Jo! Glad to see you on the forum, I would be lying if I said I haven't missed you. I hope to see some more posts. Just about all my builds have stalled, mostly because I am reluctant to use my airbrush.
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