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  1. Looks amazing Steven, been a real pleasure to watch your model evolve to it's current form. The men's on the yards look spectacular and I'm pleased you've decided to leave all oarsmen in place. Looking forward to restrictions ending and heading up your way for a few days. Cheers Peter
  2. Just found the log as I've been given this model as a gift and have decided to start it to give me a break from my Carrack at times. The build log will be helpful and I commend u on the progress, it looks great. In regards to the walnut filler, I had the same idea with my Carrack but was glad I tested it with some dummy planks on a board with various gaps in between. As walnut colour varies so much it wasn't surprising that the filler is hardly a match . In the end I used walnut sawdust mixed with some PVA glue and forced it into any small gaps. You might want to do some test pieces
  3. I wont know what to do with myself. Steven. Is that a nice sized Carrack burning brightly in the back of your mind? The Facebook highlight was well deserved as your Dromon is a thing of beauty. Regards Peter.
  4. A long time between posts. Family issues, winter and covid 19 have definitely hampered my progress. so I'm just posting some pictures of where I'm at. This kit bash is starting to find its own shape. Too many mistakes to mention but it's satisfying when u get a result. To those who are finding motivation throughout lockdown periods could u please post me some. Stage 4 remains in Melbourne,Australia for another 3 weeks and who knows beyond that. Hopefully the weather warms and I can get back to it on a more regular basis. cheers Peter.
  5. As the famous cricket commentator Richie Banaud would often say Steven. Simply marvelous
  6. Very impressive Steven, thoroughly enjoying the build logs. If u make to many arms, u could always sell what's left. Making u an arms dealer.🤪
  7. The model continues to impress Steven. If you could bottle your patience and sell it i think it would be one of the more expensive ones on the market. Port or starboard, glad I'm not trying to pee at that particular time on the ferry. And ask Louisa where she thinks the Myki touch on and off ticket system should be placed.😂
  8. Well I had to come along and have a look, very nice work so far, and I'm not surprised at all that u have decided to make it up as u go along, the only thing metal that's of any use are the cannons and anchors in my and others opinions. Looking forward to seeing how it moves along Cheers Peter
  9. The shields are masterpieces Steven, my favorite is 2nd row, 6th from the left. All that colour will truly bring the model to life. The flute player also looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing it completed.
  10. Sometimes you can only laugh. After trying again to upload photos this morning without luck I tried using my phone, no luck with that either. Answer, pull out my old slow iPad. And there she blows, instant uploads. Have to love technology. Cheers Peter
  11. Time for another update. Been so busy before the COVID-19 restrictions took hold that I was fitting bits of planking when I could find the time. Too often in to much of a rush and lose where I was up to, which led to some errors. I've now finished the walnut planking on the outer hull minus the false keel. Plenty of sanding and filling tiny gaps between planks to do before the desired effect is complete. I do like the different tones and grains in the walnut and think it adds to the overall effect. I remember stating earlier I wasn't sure about the walnut, but I've certainly changed
  12. Steven, once I'm at the shields stage I will more than likely take u up on your offer. As the kit for my Carrack is from the 80's some of the shields have definitely started to sort of rust As well being to thick and bulky for my liking. Peter
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