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    Modelling of all types.
    Current project a steam traction engine.
    I have signed up for the HMS Winchelsea group build so hopefully some time time in the new year I can make a start.

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  1. Terrific work there Bob, I sympathise with you about what to do now having been in a similar situation waiting for chapter four parts to arrive, took 5 weeks so I got stuck in and made up the cannon carriages. You might consider buying the kits that Chuck sells, that would keep you out of mischief for a few weeks. Just a suggestion 😉
  2. Hi Erik, Total cost to date (chapters one through to four) including shipping is $1938.58 nzd. Keep in mind this has been spread out over nearly a year. I find Chuck’s shipping prices very reasonable and please remember whatever you buy from Chuck is of the very highest quality and backed up by service second to none.
  3. Thanks for the comments and reactions, always gratifying. Guillermo, I used the 1 15/16” and 1 9/16” from Chuck these being the closest in size to the drawings. No finish, used as they came except for trimming the trunnions to length and removing the odd piece of flash.
  4. Ship building on steroids😁 its amazing how quickly your Winnie is coming along. Looking really good.
  5. Whilst waiting for chapter four parts to arrive (5 to 8 weeks delivery time) I decided to put my newly purchased Proxxon mill to use (mainly to learn how to use it) The first project was to cut the hole in the stern, then using the mill to make the components for the rudder. Took a few attempts but am generally pleased with the outcome. I found the pintles the most difficult part to get right. Following on from this I tackled the cannons having purchased the resin barrels from Chuck some time ago. I initially made them from AYC but wasn't too happy with the results.
  6. Hi Fred, Thanks for the comment. After much searching I found a place in Canada that would ship to NZ via UPS. Had to take a second mortgage to pay the shipping but feel the results speak for themselves (the joy of living at the bottom of the planet🥴) Strange that most retailers wont ship stuff like this. I see that both Amazon and eBay sell it in the UK but seem to be out of stock. best of luck.
  7. That is looking so good Rusty, the combination of the timber colours are nicely complimentary to each other, your workmanship is the kind of standard I work for. Re your window problems, I damaged two of them before taking steps to make life easier. Firstly I removed the windows from the sheet they are cut from. Glue a piece of card on the back of the sheet making it into a tray to hold the frames. Finally I placed the frames on a piece of glossy card and gave them all a drink of WOP. This seems to lock the fibres together making the frames lots stronger, the frames wont stick t
  8. Thanks for the comments Mathias, the columns are turned from a piece of gunmetal that I had left over from my model engineering days. Gunmetal is a form of bronze and is very easy to machine, it takes on a golden colour that will compliment the yellow cedar.
  9. Thanks for the kind comments Chuck, the lantern is temporarily mounted at present, I like to make delicate items like this removable so they can be added closer to the finish of the build. Thanks for the advice re the rudder opening, it is my intention to open this up before planking the deck to make it easier to clean the debris out.
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