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    Christchurch New Zealand
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    Modelling of all types.
    Current project a steam traction engine.
    I have signed up for the HMS Winchelsea group build so hopefully some time time in the new year I can make a start.

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  1. Those frames are looking good, take your time with the fairing, its the foundation for eveything else👍👍
  2. Those cannons look really good. On my Winnie I used thick acrylic paint for the capsquares, at that scale its difficult to tell any different. 😎
  3. Congratulations on producing a very realistic looking engine, a credit to uou.
  4. Thanks JJ, my feeling is the guns look good either painted or natural, its really down to personal preference.
  5. Thanks for the likes and encouraging comments from, Chuck, Bob, Fred and “Polly”. Bob your build was the inspiration in my deciding to rig the cannon👍 Fred, by my reckoning around two hours to rig each gun including making all the sub assemblies and rope, of course if your fingers dont twitch around like mine it could be done quicker🤔
  6. While waiting for Chapter Seven parts to arrive I took the opportunity to mount the cannon using a method borrowed from C. Nepean Longridge’s book “THE ANATOMY OF NELSONS SHIPS”. This was achieved By drilling a .8mm hole through both carriage cheeks , rear axle and deck, then by inserting .8mm brass pins into these holes the carriages are held firmly in place with the advantage that they can be removed should the need arise. Having purchased the blocks from Chuck some time ago I decided to have a go at rigging the cannon. First off was to make some rope, 1mm for the breaching and .4mm for stropping plus the purchase for hauling the cannon into the firing position. Next up a jig was made to strop the single block, form a becket at one end and attach a hook at the other. The double block was stropped with its hook on the same jig. I chose to use this configuration after coming across the drawing in Doctor Longridge’s book. (Mods please delete anything that may violate copy-write)
  7. Best of luck with your build, I attempted this kit in the Eighties before the days of the internet. Lack of experience and knowledge put an end to my build after the hull was planked🥴 She is a beautiful ship, I will be following with interest.
  8. Thanks for the likes guys + your comment Malcolm, I see we share the name Robbie for our dogs🦴
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