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  1. Ab Many thanks for your reply and I totally understand what you have written. I know there are people on this forum including yourself who could build a model from engravings, paintings etc. think of the knowledge scholars gain from studying such images. Just because there is no written evidence of such vessels does not mean the model is less untrue people who do build these models like yourself have a good understanding of ship construction and their models have been accepted as being as authentic as possible. I must stress that I am not in the same class as they are (wish I was) just th
  2. Really well documented post and have been following your posts for some time have to admit i take my hat of to you well done. Myself would really like to start something like this but where would i begin ? Don't really want to be too accurate something along the lines of the print would be nice the fact that's it is the oldest image of a herring buss makes it more special Henry
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