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  1. Yes cannon barrels along with blocks and other things you will see
  2. Jan That is some beautiful reply and I have read it over and over. The reason I bought Hoeckels book was to try and find out info nothing else but from your reply I can now see that's a waste of money the book is still in the post when It will arrive I don't know. If I may refer you #22 where I said I would like to restore it as it once was to do anything else would be wrong (in my eyes)you must respect the builder and there in Lie's the problem. When you mention Amati' s drawings, I have only seen the drawing of von Bremen and pictures of the same and that does not equate to wha
  3. Roger thanks for that but remember we a not talking about historical accurate ship. The model above shows 3 areas VERY similar to the PoO which makes me think the front end will also be very similar but think the PoO has more quality and Hoeckel's book not yet arrived maybe just maybe has the answer,also interesting where did the plans come from. Keith have sent email to the dealer but will phone him/her later (need to wait till the wife go's out) Henry x
  4. Keith. A very good point will look into that tomorrow . What put me off from some dealers was when you get to the check out is filling out the pay form its all the questions sometimes they ask what did you have for your dinner Amati Italy 5 euros for this only if you spend 20 euros then the bill becomes 30 odd euros and then postage what a con. Glad to see Cornwall have Amati parts will defenately check it out tomorrow. Many thanks for that. Henry x
  5. Restoration wise i think you will see some progress i started on the cannon but that really took some time i think i said already 2 of the barrel are missing and they are actually held on to the carriage by very fine sand paper which i said earlier was a veneer strip, waiting for rigging thread to arrive and i may need to order some blocks, i will make a mould for the cannon barrels and just use pewter although i do have a proper furnace in my greenhouse of all places but i do have camping stoves which i will use for pewter it should melt that. At the moment i could refit the fire buckets but
  6. Well let me try to explain again what i'm trying to do is find out if i can what goes in front of the windlass and how was the bowsprit is attached on this model which i will now call the PoO. and i would like to get it correct. Now let's start with what we do know there were 2 post fixed to the deck and the bowsprit ( now BS )was glued to the hull between the gunwale and the stem, ref #91 you will see 2 posts on the drawing and the BS is attached using a metal strap nearly but i think the strap and the way the BS goes under the rail rules it out . I like to think what Gregory posted #80 that
  7. Hi all, Joined another forum to try and get more info but I have myself have found more info will post some Pict's tomorrow. Restoration I think coming along not too bad again will post some Pict's tomorrow. I think amateur will be really interested seeing how he was the one that brought it to out attention. Henry x
  8. Well all a bit disappointed with reply's apart from Keith, Gregory and a couple others yes i know there are a lot of kit's out there regarding this type of model surely someone must have seen this model before. Nearest i have come so far is the yacht D.oro ( Brandenburg yacht ) which clearly shows 2 post's like this one ( one's on the model are 1" apart ) but i'm not too happy with the way the bowsprit is fixed although Corel say the their models are historically accurate i'm not interested in that i only want to try and find out how THIS model was made. There is of course a model of the prin
  9. Had a look around the net and found these drawings of von Bremen made by a Chinese company but think sold by Amati maybe built under licence but not 100% sure. You will see there is 2 posts involved along with a cross rail but the spacing differs from mine but i think i could use something like it. The remaining photo's show my little dilemma just using a spill baton to illustrate, from what i gather the bowsprit should be 5mm dia x 194mm but unless i cut it away like i show in the spill it will hide the holes in the stem required for rigging or would not be the correct angle. Hope you can fo
  10. Gregory Many thanks for posting that there is space but the plank would not fit under the gunwale there is certainly 2 posts missing i pictured something like a notice board 2 posts with a board going across having a hole in it to fit the bowsprit and there is something else missing that so far no one has noticed but will come to that in due time. Now just a bit of light relief the MOD. can remove the pics if he likes years ago i was a member of a boat club and i built a boat French sardinier from MRB Gazelle des sables fitted it with radio and first time out it bumped into a fellow memb
  11. Small update have picked out some old glue from the stem there does appear to a small hole poss a screw so i stand corrected. Painted bottom of hull with acrylic but not really very nice will treat myself to some enamel. Henry x
  12. Let me start this morning by saying it is only just now that i myself have come to realise what i have stumbled across it may well be i am the only person still alive in THIS forum who remembers this model, i sincerely hope that my statement is not true. Getting back to the model i think this one goes back pre WW11 maybe even to 20's or 30's when i hopefully get to the end for those really interested we might have a discussion. Keith your model is not the same the part in the middle of the deck i will call a cabin but i know that is not the correct name it differs, the windlass also differs
  13. Gentlemen first let me say to all of you many thanks for me this is what a forum should be all about forgive me if get replies out of sequence. Firstly i don't have the bowsprit only bit where the flag pole goes. Will post Picts tomorrow and you will see what's what, no point in me trying to name anything because half the things I don't know the name of I just like to build things. What is said about the crack in the hull maybe an old pic what I did was to edge glue the planks and hold them in place using thick rubber bands and a block of wood to force the plank in position and looks like it
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