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  1. Thank you for your reply. I used plain old Elmer's glue and I was rather sparing with the glue to prevent the paper from moving off the alignment marks. You know what I mean when you use too much glue and the paper moves a little? I wanted to avoid that. I do have a humidity problem just being in Minnesota and then my work space is in the basement but I do have a dehumidifier going all the time. At the risk of appearing ignorant, what is MDF? I am using a pine board right now as it is most readily available. Thanks for your advice!
  2. I've had an extended absence due to the death of my father. Not a pencil mark was made nor was a single notch carved. In fact, due to some significant humidity issues, it looks like I will be beginning again. I'm hoping to salvage the build board, it doesn't look warped so I'm hoping a little sanding and I will be good to go. Windchills are -30 and calving season is still a few weeks away so no excuses, right? 😉
  3. I glued the template to the build board a couple of days ago and today decided to set the alignment pins. The first one went smooth as glass and the second one did not. I filled the misaligned and much too big hole with glue and will see what tomorrow brings. 😊 I'm sure the size is correct as they are less than a quarter inch as the instructions stipulate but I am concerned that they are loose and easy to remove. We are having some significant humidity here in Minnesota and I'm afraid of warping in the wood I'm using. My work space is in the basement and I do have a dehumidifier going. I am considering bringing everything upstairs but the ship's cat is a curious sort and not to be completely trusted. 😉 I'm almost considering storing the wood in the freezer but I'm afraid of the condensation that forms when I take it out of the freezer. I left some of the tape on the template which came in handy for storing the unplaced alignment pin. I was hoping for more significant progress but it is what it is. It's all good 😊 I'm going to get a smaller hammer!
  4. I'm very sorry to hear about his passing. My condolences to friends and family. Sincerely, Terri
  5. I have begun my build board 😊 So far, the diagram is only taped to the board as I am unsure how to properly affix it. Also, I used a pine board which I sanded and I think it is smooth enough, however, I fear it may be a bit too soft. The frame underneath the build board is certainly nothing to write home about. All of my previous carving has been done with hand tools so the skill saw is very intimidating 😨. At any rate, it begins😊 The ship's cat has also made her presence known😺 .
  6. My plans and wood have arrived! I have to be out of town for a few days, but, upon my return, I will begin my build board. I'm excited to get started but a bit anxious as well. This is a long ways out of my comfort zone but something I have always wanted to do. I'm looking forward to the journey 😊
  7. Thank you, Mark. I plan to start a builder's log and I'm also keeping a handwritten ship's log to display with the ship when I'm finished. I thought it might be fun 😀
  8. Thanks everyone for the kind greetings and welcome 😀 I've read through the monograph twice and am looking forward to the arrival of the plans, feeling pretty stoked😁
  9. Hello Mike, My plans are for the Continental Galley Washington, I hope I haven't stepped off the deep end 😀
  10. Hello everyone and greetings from Minnesota. I'm new to ship modeling but have some carving experience. I'm looking forward to my first project and am anxiously awaiting my plans to arrive. 😀

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