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  1. A silly question on my build. I have sanded my bulkhead frames to be level with the keel. However, in a video i purchased along with the kit, not specific to the actual kit, they seem to imply that i need sand bow to stern to get the keel level across its length. I say imply as they do not state that but the guy on the video does run his sanding block the full length of the ship. I have attached a picture of the ship with a straight edge to show the bow of the keel. Looking for advice as i do not think this should be sanded. Like i said, a silly question. Thanks in adva
  2. Hope i am doing all this correct, it is my first build log. First time i worked on a wooden ship sites like this did not exist. This will not be a fast build, my wife will be having back surgery and the grandkids have just moved closer, so please bear with me. I do plan on getting the grandkids a model for them to work on as well, fingers crossed on that one. I have just finished with the dry fit and have now glued bulkhead frames to the keel. Hope you guys like what you see as I move along. I am very much looking forward to seeing my progress as well. Doug
  3. Howdy Samuel, Fellow newbie here also in Texas. Build looks good and good luck to you as you continue working on it. You mentioned you are a student. Mind if I ask where? I work at the A&M campus in College Station. Doug
  4. Bruce, I was sent to this site by someone in a reddit group who suggested that I do just that. I am reading a few posts then I will start investigating how to start a log. Doug
  5. Just wanted to say hello. Last time I built a ship this type of site did not exist, as it was slightly more then 20 years ago. Just started a new model yesterday and I am so looking forward to it. Doug
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