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  1. I actually found the chain unproblematic. The attachment with the shackles I made works well. I put heat shrink tubing over the lower part. That looks very realistic as protection.
  2. Hi Andrew, The suggestion of turangi is good. You really have to put all the parts together provisionally, especially with the bowsprit in place. The description and drawing actually presents this as fairly simple, but it is not. I made the critical parts for this again and was able to find the right fit more easily. Unfortunately, I do not have better pictures for this. Have a nice Sunday and stay healthy ! Michael
  3. I made my shackles from black iron wire, diameter 0.6mm. I fixed two pins at the distance of the stretched length of the shackle on a stable base. The wire is tightly wrapped around both pins with a loop. The protruding ends are cut off and the shackle is shaped with round nose pliers and flat nose pliers. A shortened rivet or nail is used as the shackle pin, which is glued in place. Michael (translated with deepl)
  4. Your windlass looks good. I had made the lever arms removable, inserted into a square profile. They are attached to the ship's side. Michael
  5. The Mystic Seaport Museum website has a video on ECB. There you can clearly see this gap in some views. When searching the web for the term "Emma C. Berry Restoration", a picture of the ECB on the slipway can be seen. On the drawings of Model Shipyard this detail is unfortunately not very clear. When I thought about attaching the bowsprit with the Gammon Iron, I realized there must be a gap there. Lobster Boat in Mystic, CT - Emma C. Berry - Mystic Seaport Museum Please excuse my bad English, I have to use a translation program. Regards Michael
  6. Hello Andrew, There is a gap of about 1mm between the bowsprit and the cutwater. The bowsprit does not rest on the cutwater. The underside of the retaining bracket for the bowsprit is still in between. Your Emma C. Berry looks good. Michael
  7. Hello, Yves, this part is really too small. I have also made a new one for my ECB. I also made both bulwarks new, the ones from the kit fitted badly, the joint between them was too big. Your work looks good, I like to watch. Many greetings Michael
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