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  1. I just took part the one I have which is the live center and see that the parts are the same as adjustable tailstock chuck holder the part which goes into the tailstock has 1/4" holes and the other has 1/8" thread for the Allen screw so do you have a mill you could slot the hole another 3/16" and there you would have your 1/4" just a thought. Regards Richard
  2. Hi Gary, Have you thought about a adjustable tailstock chuck holders, P/N 1201 live center which I think with adding a spacer you could make it lift up by 1/4" πŸ€” Regards Richard
  3. I see what you mean now just looking at the Sherline website and see Riser plate for 8" Crosslide do see a note Sorry gave you wrong info Be advised that the tailstock will not align with the headstock when using this spacer. Therefore, you will not be able to turn parts between centers. Additionally, some of our other accessories, such as the thread cutting attachment, will also NOT work when you are using this spacer.
  4. The Sherline Lathe tailstock riser block is part # P/N 1292 Regards Richard
  5. Very nice update Gary, it looks so real your fantastic weathering has brought out the details brilliantly πŸ‘ Regards Richard
  6. Brilliant metal and wood work and the scale really brings it all out πŸ‘ Regards Richard
  7. Yes they are complicated not sure why, all they were used for was "if the engine did not work" Now I wonder if I should paint all pieces as I see in Pictures Regards Richard
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