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  1. Made the mainmast fife rail from the laser parts supplied but did not like the rail because it was too flimsy and broke when I push the white casting legs into the holes, also I had forgotten to add the snatch cleats So I redid the rail, boom crutch and legs made them from boxwood Now I think it looks better Regards Richard Got the Lower chain plates pinned and glued and also started to add all the eye bolts on the rails, did not use the supplied eye bolts find they are way to big, also made the Guy plates Looked at the white metal castings of the Catheads they did not look to good so looking at the drawing supplied (3/8" =1'-0 scale) I decided to make them out of brass, started with a piece of 1/8" square bar machined to thickness and drilled holes were needed and added slot. When this was done I filed to shape Bent 1/32 round bar as per drawing then drilled a hole in the head so that I could solder together, also machines a couple of sheaves to go in head Made the socket it fits into and made the second one Made the second one still have to add some chain Might drop them down a bit I think they are to high Regards Richard
  2. Thanks Tom do like to make things out of brass, and you noticed I have a soldering set up, I can solder anything I make with just hold downs and a BernzOmatic, I bought a DVD called "Dealing with Photoetch" by Adam Wilder and it is brilliant if you want to solder anything small. Regarding the saw horses I made them from left over plastic model trees that's why some are blue, and some are grey, do like them they are easy to make, made them all the same height, here are some pic's with dimensions. Thanks very much Maury I think metal work with wood goes very well, but it has to look to scale, I have worked in the steel industry for 43 years so I always measure a piece and see what the dimension it would be 1 to 1 Hi Michael thanks for looking in, bench does not look to organized Regarding my ride it is not a BMW did have a 2012 K1600GL but last year I traded it in for the 2019 1800 Honda Goldwing and I like both machines but find this one I can touch the ground a lot better Thanks very much Joe its coming along how I envisioned, regarding the tiny nuts and bolts no did not make them just to small for me, I buy them from Model Motorcars which bought out scale hardware were I used to buy them from, also get some from RB Motion which is another shop which sells model car accessory they are great little nuts and bolts to add to any model. Regards Richard
  3. Hi Tom, trying to get to model scale is hard unless you have drawings with dimensions, these I find are hard to come by so I look at a lot of pictures for help. Regarding your channels after sanding and before repainting you could glue a very thin strip of wood to cover the length of the channel. Regards Richard
  4. Carrying on with using the first drawing (in post #63) made the Fore Boom, Fore Gaff, and Jumbo Jib boom all diameter are the same 3/32" dia at both ends and 1/8" dia in middle, wood I used was from the kit. Made jaws with boxwood same as Main Gaff made small jigs to help with bending to size the sheet bands, clew bands, boom tackle band, did make the Peak Halliard bands but they disintegrated when I left them in blacken solution to long opps. Fore Gaff Fore Boom Jumbo Jib Boom These are all the little jigs which helped The Gooseneck Then went back to Bowsprit and made the 4 and 3 eye bands, this is how I set up to solder Then all I needed to do was cut, file to shape and drill a .024" hole in each leg Three band went the same way The collection Again thanks for all the likes and posts Regards Richard
  5. Hi Mike, This is great information thanks very much will be asking a few question when I get to this part, but one thing were did you buy the guns and what drawing did you have for the lower gun carriages which need to be made. Regards Richard
  6. Man that looks good Mike 👍 Was reading another post regarding you have a CD on your build, regarding how you went about doing the guns on the lower deck any chance I could get a copy. Just looking at some emails I printed off dated Jan 2004 when Richard Traut was building his Aggy I wonder how he is? you sent me a copy of Juliers article on the building of the Aggy still got it, also in the email from Richard Traut he says the drawings were a problem he could not trust them for any measurements, did you have any issues. Regards Richard
  7. You say "Not Perfect" I don't agree from your pictures it looks really good Mark. No idea regarding covering with gloss polyurethane never done copper plating, that is going to come later for me, please let us know how it goes. Regards Richard
  8. Try ModelExpo look up Tools and go to plank bending you will find a Nail Driver for miniature nails Regards Richard
  9. Thanks a lot Justin, I do like to use my some what old Canon E0S 30D on a tripod with two light set up, it captures the details quite nicely Regarding your statement "I hope to achieve one day" you will, it just takes trial and error, patience more patience and for me I find having the tools really helps. That's nice of you to say Do appreciate your kind words Lazy Saint just trying my best to make as per drawings, I do also have a few books which help as well Thanks everyone for the likes as well Regards Richard

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