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  1. Lou the engine is 50cc 12.5 cc per cylinder. Mike
  2. Lou the engine is no longer produced it’s an O.S. 300L if you want all info on it you can search it and the Manuel is available on line. Mike
  3. Chris I’m going to do it in civilian colors as a friend owns the full scale.
  4. This is my forever project I will post the build sequence up to now. I’ve started the build in 2016. I had to install all radio gear and batteries as far back as possible due to the weight of the scale O.S. 300L engine which weighs almost 6 pounds in order to get the center of gravity right without adding several pounds of unneeded weight to the wing loading."..
  5. Roger your 100% on the money As for Clarence “Kelly” Johnson and his skunk works the man and his team were national hero's and his SR71 Blackbird Just one of many the innovations needed for a mark 3+ Aircraft from titanium to high temperature lubricants had to be invented for this project which advanced all future designs. Mike P
  6. Thanks for the kind words Bob here’s the Barbie skier I built it for my grand daughters sometime ago as there both out of college now. You can not see it in the video but the driver waves her left arm and the other ones head moves with the rudder input. Mike P
  7. Gentleman thanks for all the feed back I was just lucky that a friend sent this client to me who had a Scentamentil attachment to the model. I told him he could purchase a cruise ship model on e bay for 5 or 6 hundred dollars brand new but he wanted his restored. I’ve been modeling since I was 10 years old and built Just about every kit Comet Models, Sterling Models, Scientific Models as well as Dumas models over the years. I just used the kits as a starting point and did the Reasearch on project to make it mine. I’m posting some photos just for your entertainment there all R/C and I could pos
  8. Thanks for that druxey I was feeling kind of overpaid since modeling is so rewarding to me for so many years. But put that way since nothing you pay for it seems is less then $100.00 per hour these days I’m now feeling short changed just kidding. It was well worth the experience and the client was happy with the results. Thank You Mike P
  9. Thanks for the reply Dan and may I add your builds are amazing. I get the message as I build r/c airplane models and have won some awards at the WRAM show and Toledo Exspo with hundreds of hours work on them plus hundreds of dollars in materials and equipment at the end of the day if I were to try and sell them I would be lucky to get the cost of materials for a 1/4 scale model. I’ve come to realize that it’s all about the journey in researching and building scale models and the cost equals the satisfaction of the finished project. I spent 200+ hours and about $275.00 in supplies plus $220.00
  10. Thanks for the reply I’d say about 200+ hours and $275.00 in materials plus $220.00 for the display case.
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