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  1. I’ve been busy trying to get this project completed. I’m up to assembling all the pieces and bits. Next booms and rigging dericks.
  2. Thanks you for the kind words Don, Deans supplies everything needed to build the ship, of course upgrades never hurt but a great place to start and just right for a working r/c model. Deans put a lot of thought into the kit It’s a builders kit meaning lots of work but lots of satisfaction, that’s what it’s all about. Mike
  3. Thank you Yves, I’m considering getting into it as the 3D printers are really not that expensive but like everything else there’s always the add ons I will look into it as it’s really the future thank you for you time. Mike
  4. Joe, Bob thanks for the kind words. The plans come from Web site Bearospace Industries Gary Webb is the designer they have several designs and mostly Home Depot materials. The Flyer detentions are overall length with bow sprint extended is 58” but it can be slid back so it fits in my hatchback with no broblem, beam 13”, height 46” and sail area is 1180 sq. In. Weight 18 pounds with removable keel, the keel weighs 10 pounds.
  5. Finished a couple of months ago sails very nicely. Came in at plan weight oh 18 pounds.
  6. Yves, not to be a pain but I’ve been looking at the printer and the Bensworx virtual kit. Does the kit come with all the files to copy everything? I’m a total novice so bear with me you down load the kit files to your computer and transfer them somehow to the printer is that how it works? I have a Mac computer. Thank you Mike
  7. Yves, I’ll look into it and thank you. And as far as cost I was tempted to purchase the 10 3D funnels one company is offering In 1/48 scale at almost twice the cost. Mike Plot
  8. Just came across your build amazing I ‘ve built the 1/72 scale r/c version and have the 1/48 scale hull. Was planning (hoping) on scaling up the 1/144 kit parts to 1/48 and using sheet styrene. Your build is very helpful and very much appreciated I will follow with interest. I have to finish what’s on the board now my ww2 Liberty. looking forward to your most interesting blog. Mikep
  9. Well it’s been awhile but I got some steam up and off dead center on my Liberty ship build.
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