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  1. Meanwhile, I acquire a taste for my resin printer and it seems, that I'm now able to make reproduceable result. Thereby I dare to make some more complex parts like the counter weight of the topboom. Painted and mounted Also,I've made a good progress in handling Fusion 360 and made a first positive form for the hooks. I'll need heavy hooks on the cables to tighten them. So the hooks will be poured from lead.
  2. No. I don't know anymore what I think 26 Years ago, as I built the Hull. Maybe laziness to resize the plans? Maybe a bit innocence to realise the drawbacks of the large scale? Now I have the hull and the abilities to build the rest. So - why not?
  3. I'm sure that the mechanics will work and the leaky Hull is waterproofed too. So I've started with the embellishment of the parts I've done so far. I can't lacquer very well so I've learned Powder Coating my metallic parts. It smells very vicious and you have to use a mask, but it's much less work for preparations. A big limit for the size of the parts is the oven. In this case I must divide the mainboom, but fortunately the topboom fits exact simultaneously my new resin printer works on the first scale parts....
  4. Today i've reached a major milestone in my project. This little geared motor ( an euro-cent for comparison) can lift the topboom easily with 7.4V and 2 Kg weigth on the peak The sizes of the machine are so pretty, that i'm able to put really scale housings on it. Now I know, that the rest of the mechanics will work too. So I can start with sanding, filling, powder coating and so on. Electric lifting the topboom on Instagram
  5. First part of rigging is done. Half way of ropes and pulleys to move the topboom. I'm glad to see, that i've build the correct geometric and rope guides to fold the crane A short trip along the ropes with all its pulleys etc. Ropes and Pulleys on Instagram. Working position Ropes and Pulleys on Instagram. Folded position
  6. Topboom-Necksupport is ready. Next Steps are making the many little items (pulleys,bolts etc) to make the Topboom movable.
  7. Topboom is mechanical done. Overall heigth is 175 cm (69 inches) and my cellar isn't high enough. So this unusual perspective Ths is the position if the crane ist towed long distances or bad weather conditions I'll try to make the model tough enough to fold and unfold him with his own winches like the 1/1
  8. Hi Lou, thank you. My old Plan from the 90's shows just two nozzles. But the actual technical sheet from the shipping company tells three. So I decide to make three. It will be easier to drive for me.
  9. Thanks, no. The emphasis is on functionality only at the first stage of the build. Because I need fix points for all the scale things on deck. For example: the six rails on deck depend on the exakt sizes of the booms. The positions of the winches depends to the rails. And so on. I'm not really perfect in matching all scale size, so they will varying a bit their location on deck. So the little Details, wich bring life to a modelship, will come when the crane is mechanical working. I can't wait to solder all the ladders for the booms ( roundabout three meters with platforms etc) 😎 I see, i've forgot to post a link to the original. Here it is: The original Enak
  10. A small piece on the crane but a big step for my construction and milling experiences. (I'n not a pro in machining, just autodidactic learning) The carriages to adjust the top boom.
  11. Hi there, the Rudder Propellers are ready to run (ok , almost ready, countersunk screws are ordered 🙂 ).
  12. The bearing blocks for the main beam are done too. And I've calculate the wheights of the crane: Waterline 33,7 Kg (74,2 lbs) Full 55,2 Kg ( 121,7 lbs) It will be a great fun to get it out of the cellar 😁

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