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  1. Hey Harley, thanks for the heads-up. I don’t expect a better fit from the second kit. I just thought it would be easier for me to adjust one, see how it goes and than replicate it more skilled on the second kit. Like building and trialing on one and use the best solution to come up with on the second. Does it make sense?
  2. Progress at this stage is rather slow... I started to do some dry fitting of the hull and the deck. The front and the back part of the deck are fitting quite well BUT the middle part seems to be off dimension wise. It is too long to be placed in between the other two pieces... I took the Kagero book out of the shelf and placed the deck parts on top of the 1/350 drawing to see if there is a general match between both - there isn't! The deck seems to be too long in general but placing the parts loosely on top is obviously not a scientific approach and in addition I can't be sure that the plans are 100% accurate. I would say I need to make it fit, match the wooden deck and cope with the fact that nothing in life is perfect. It's not as bad as the photos make it look like! I am actually considering to get a second identical kit in place. I already ordered a second wooden deck and having a second kit would allow me to adjust stuff, see how it goes and replicate it if it is working out fine in a better quality.... I know it is a stupid approach wasting money but whatever helps should be ok at the end...
  3. Ok, here is a small update. I spent some time to get a template in place for the positioning of the hull plates. Make sure to use the Joy Yards overview to check the positioning from the front to the back and adjust it when needed. It looks fine to me 2/3 down the line (starting from the front) and then there are some minor adjustments required. Overview (Joy Yards): Left side template (starting from the front): Right side template (starting from the front): Just simply right-click and download the templates. Cut them out as one piece each and the half-part can be used to place another printout on top for alignment. There shouldn't be any need for adjustments...
  4. Thank's for the suggestion. Pontos instructions are much better than the Joy Yard's simple manual. For reasons only known to Pontos they do not show the mask in his full glory on the website (manual). Thanks to another build I ended up looking at the Eduard 1/200 hull plate set for the Missouri. Available pictures are in a much higher resolution and I will try to adjust it for this built.
  5. Haha. My skillset is not even coming close to my expectations 😞 That's why I am taking shortcuts whenever possible!
  6. I ordered the AK Interactive AK5000 Naval Series US Navy camouflage set for this built. But before the painting starts I need to assembly the hull and I already noticed a potential problem with Very Fire's Super Detail Set 😞 . Are there any potential issues painting the wooden deck upfront? Just curious... still I ordered the blue deck version via eBay and will report on it when available. I need some additional input from the experts... There are no measurements in the manual for the positioning of the PE parts on the side of the hull. Does someone has this info on hand or can provide a mask in 1:350 to help placing them?
  7. Thank you Sir. From what I can see the Black Cat Model AA's are really detailed and simple to assemble. I am considering some more items from them when the build is moving forward. The stuff is not cheap but a time-safer and also in some case the only way around to get it right (20mm Oerlikon with MK.14 gun sight beside the simplified kit parts). Items of interest: MK.37 gun director: https://blackcatmodels.eu/en/gun-directors/93-mk37-gun-director-mk4-antenna-x.html 5in./38 MK.28 Wtin Gun Mount: https://blackcatmodels.eu/en/weapons/78-5in38-mk28-twin-gun-on-close-mount-x4.html
  8. I came across this site but thanks for pointing it out. I wasn’t 100% clear with my request. I am looking for recommendations when it comes to the brands etc for the different colors required. Does it make sense?
  9. Second Question for the day... Anyone tried this one already? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wooden-Deck-for-Very-Fire-VF350903-1-350-Scale-USS-BB-63-Missouri/153009023517?hash=item23a00c6a1d:g:3SEAAOSwOhda7BSU
  10. Can you guys recommend specific brands and color (codes) for the 1945 configuration? At Tokyo Bay (Source: https://www.whiteensignmodels.com/page/Camouflage+Schemes+Colours/20/#.XZs7z-f7TVs) Hull—5-N Navy Blue ( US 08); Hull above US 08, & superstructure—#27 Neutral Haze Gray (US 28); Horizontal surfaces—20-B Deck Blue (US 10); Boot-topping—Black (C 02); Underwater hull—Norfolk 65-A Antifouling Red ( US 14I) I assume the following picture is showing the correct colors, correct?
  11. 40mm Bofors Quad The kit's version is pretty much matching the overall look of the Bofors but the Super Detail Set parts will beat it easily at the cost of plenty of parts to assemble multiplied by 20 pieces in total for the Missouri. Alternatives will be provided in form of Shapeways diStefan 3Dprint USN 40 Quad Bofors Shieldet Set and Black Cat Models 40mm Bofors Quad Gun MK.2 Mod.3. Here is what I am looking for: Shapeways diStefan 3Dprint USN 40 Quad Bofors Shieldet Set Overall a one piece replacement with nice details but the type does not exactly match the ones used on the Missouri. Black Cat Models 40mm Bofors Quad Gun MK.2 Mod.3 Similar to the 20mm Oerlikon the 40 Bofors are top-notch. The assembly is fairly straight forward (4 pieces per gun) and in addition they come with a one piece MK.51 director. Similar to the 20mm my item of choice is the Black Cat Models part for this built. Just a side note. I am not related to Black Cat Models in any form. I am just judging what's in front of me. MK.51 director being part of the Bofors set:
  12. 20mm Oerlikon with MK.14 gun sight: I am not sure about the exact point in time when the USN introduced the MK.14 gun sight to the 20mm Oerlikon but when a BB will be displayed in a 1944/45 configuration it should contain this variant of it. Kakero's 'The Battleship USS Missouri' contains some nice render pics but they are wrong when it comes to the shape of the shield according to photo references found in this blog (already linked above). As always it is quite important to research the individual ship in detail. Kagero: The shape of the shield is correct for BB-61 but not for BB-62 and BB-63 as shown in the following pics. BB-61 BB-62 BB-63 Shapeways diStefan 3Dprint USN 20mm Oerlikon MK4 with MK.14 Gun Sight In general it is a nice looking replacement part but accuracy wise it fells short. The lower part of the gun shield is incorrect and the 20mm magazine lacks the handles on the front and back. Nevertheless it is a clear improvement over the kit part. Don't be fooled by the photos, it looks much better in real without the 5x magnification in place! Black Cat Models 20mm Oerlikon MK.4 Gun with MK.14 Gun Sight This one is nearly perfect and my pick for this built. 12 pieces will cost you 10 Euro which seems to be ok in my opinion. I will order more at a later stage combined with some additional parts... The only minor complain is the thickness of the shield. The amount of details is just crazy.
  13. Let's get started with the Very Fire VF350009 USN Missouri Super detail upgrade kit: Content overview: Manual: Wooden deck vs kit deck: 40mm Bofors: The 40mm Bofors are a nice upgrade but it it will take some time to assemble them in the first place. 20mm Oerlikon: The 20mm Oerlikon are a disappointment. The PE parts are re-assembling the older version without the MK.14 gun sight. Plus the shape of the shield is wrong for the Missouri. MK.51 director: Again a mix of tiny resin and PE parts but the result must be quite nice.
  14. Hello, I am new here and I haven't built a model for more than 30 years now. Originally from Germany we recently moved to Switzerland after spending quite some time in New Zealand, Singapore and the Netherlands. Instead of starting small I thought I will go nuts with the full package and add-ons to get a good foundation in place. I actually hoped for the Joy Yards 1/350 Missouri due to the nicely detailed hull and AA stuff but this one seems to be dead in the water. I am aware that this build will probably take some time and patience but nevertheless I thought it would be nice to get a really accurate model in place. I love details and accuracy as long it is archivable with my limited skills and I am happy to invest in additional parts if they will provide some benefit at the end of the day. I am aware that some of the parts are redundant but shouldn't be a major issue at this stage. When I did my research I noticed that some of the items I am planning to use seems seems to be not really known (reviewed) so far. I will try to present them here for future reference. Items ordered so far: Very Fire VF350903 USN Missouri Very Fire VF350009 USN Missouri Super detail upgrade kit Black Cat Models 40mm Bofors Quad Gun MK.2 Mod.3 Black Cat Models 20mm Oerlikon MK.4 Gun with MK.14 Gun Sight Shapeways diStefan 3Dprint USN 20mm Oerlikon MK4 with MK.14 Gun Sight Shapeways diStefan 3Dprint USN 40 Quad Bofors Shieldet Set For references I came across the following sites and builds: https://forums.armchairgeneral.com/forum/military-history-related-hobbies/military-modelling-and-other-hobbies/162037-trumpeter-1-200-scale-bb-63-uss-missouri https://imodeler.com/2017/06/1350-missouri-1944/ http://www.steelnavy.com/Missouri.htm http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/bb/bb-63/Missouri-200-hsk/index.htm Overview of the parts involved: As always I would be delighted to get input and feedback along the way and guidance would be appreciated too. Stefan

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