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  1. This will be my first wooden ship, so I plan to follow the excellent instruction book provided by Vanguard Models and draw heavily on the build logs from Blue Ensign and VTHokiEE. To start things off I felt a picture of what is in the box was appropriate. As this is my first kit I cannot comment on the quality of wood and parts as I have nothing to reference them against, but everything is well packed in sealed plastic bags marked up with numbers for easy reference. For a detailed review of the parts I would refer you to the excellent kit review by James H
  2. Thanks for the link Maurice, I will store that away for when I need a case for mine. 👍 Phill
  3. She is really taking shape now and looking great. I am watching with interest as I have the same kit here ready to start. Phill
  4. Congratulations on building a fantastic model I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your Alert take shape and will be refering back to your build when mine hits the blocks.
  5. Has anyone coppered just one side? It would give you the opportunity to see your planking and the coppering. Regards Phill
  6. Really enjoying your build log Vane, as you spearhead the speedy builds. Can you clarify for me your technique for bending the planks with hot air and clamps. Do you just heat them up bend then clamp or do you soak them first? Phill
  7. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. @bruce d I have a home office that I am planning to repurpose so I should only be in the garage for major cutting and sanding. @Blue Ensign Having seen your log and the great work you have done on the cannon I have been holding off on my purchase of the kit until the resin guns are an option. @mikeaidanh Good to see that there is another member only 10 miles away as I am in Buckingham.
  8. Hi All, Just a quick intro as I am new to the site. I have been a modeller all my life and was first introduced to ships through the book HMS Victory Classic ships and how to model them. Using this I built the Airfix Victory adding all the details explained in the book and then went on to build the Mayflower from the second book in the series. After this I bought the anatomy of Nelsons ships by Longridge and it planted a seed of desire to build model ships to the same standards that he had achieved. Sadly, despite several other book purchases by Underhill etc
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