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  1. Done with bulkheads. I had to redraw the slots from 1mm wide to 8 since I'm going to use 8mm thick wood for the frame
  2. Kit has some inaccuracies so I have to do some extra work but nothing that can't be fixed. At the hands of an expert builders though it can look very impressive
  3. Meantime I printed the ship in my A4 printer and made a prototype just to get familiarized with the model. Purpose was not to be the best looking, just to get the basic idea. I used whatever paper I had some cardboard and plastified regular paper
  4. I got printed the first batch of drawings. Noticed that original size is in A3.I measured the overall length and was found to be 3 cm shorter than displayed. So I did the calculations and printed the hull plans 31% larger instead of 28% to get the correct dimensions in 1/160. Not Sure about the other sheets though, regarding the bridge, cranes, etc.
  5. I'm going to make my first scratch project after months of research. Not sure if this should be posted here as i won't use plans exactly but a model. The problem is that the model is on paper so must be copied on wood. But it won't be a wooden model either as most probably other materials will be used. Cap San Diego was a hybrid cargo and liner launched in 1961. The "white swan" as was nicknamed is a 159 m, 10000 dwt ship which ran a regular schedule between Germany and South America, completing 120 round trips until 1981. After being sold and running under different names and under Spani
  6. So basically jpg to vector is the suitable search?
  7. Anyone knows how to convert a jpg file to Corel or cad so it can obtain lines for processing? Need this to send to the laser cutting shop.
  8. While sitting here in Kea Island and planning my next project i remembered a piece of history well known to locals but unknown to most foreign visitors which come to the island for the hot sun and its crystal clear blue waters. Lambros Katsonis was a Greek revolutionary hero of the 18th century; he was also a knight of the Russian Empire and an officer with the rank of colonel in the Imperial Russian Navy, decorated with an Order of St George IV class medal. Born in Levadia he joined the Orlov Revolt in 1770, but not pleased by the result he built up a small fleet and began harass
  9. What about the thickness of the frames? 3 or 4 mm would be enough?
  10. Found this method also. The square balsa pieces looks ideal for planking a model of a modern ship. https://youtu.be/8qlNx_6wD8Q
  11. Thanks for the replies. Here is the plan I have to get a better idea. Scale is 1/144.
  12. I am going to start my first scratch built project. Length is 110 cm. What is the suggested material thinkness for the keel and frames? Apart MDF and plywood I am thinking of using a synthetic material which i believe would be easier to work with as I have not worked with wood so far. So I have found the following: -ABS -PVC -Styrene -Forex If anyone was worked with the above materials would like to know his experience.
  13. Buy some ready made. And cheaper https://www.ebay.com/itm/PVC-Ripple-Water-Effect-Sheet-Basing-Miniature-Lake-River-Stream-Diorama-Scenery/273235574346?hash=item3f9e1bfe4a:g:KWUAAOSw1xVbB5X4
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