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  1. While sitting here in Kea Island and planning my next project i remembered a piece of history well known to locals but unknown to most foreign visitors which come to the island for the hot sun and its crystal clear blue waters. Lambros Katsonis was a Greek revolutionary hero of the 18th century; he was also a knight of the Russian Empire and an officer with the rank of colonel in the Imperial Russian Navy, decorated with an Order of St George IV class medal. Born in Levadia he joined the Orlov Revolt in 1770, but not pleased by the result he built up a small fleet and began harass
  2. What about the thickness of the frames? 3 or 4 mm would be enough?
  3. Found this method also. The square balsa pieces looks ideal for planking a model of a modern ship. https://youtu.be/8qlNx_6wD8Q
  4. Thanks for the replies. Here is the plan I have to get a better idea. Scale is 1/144.
  5. I am going to start my first scratch built project. Length is 110 cm. What is the suggested material thinkness for the keel and frames? Apart MDF and plywood I am thinking of using a synthetic material which i believe would be easier to work with as I have not worked with wood so far. So I have found the following: -ABS -PVC -Styrene -Forex If anyone was worked with the above materials would like to know his experience.
  6. Buy some ready made. And cheaper https://www.ebay.com/itm/PVC-Ripple-Water-Effect-Sheet-Basing-Miniature-Lake-River-Stream-Diorama-Scenery/273235574346?hash=item3f9e1bfe4a:g:KWUAAOSw1xVbB5X4
  7. Just get a basic PE set from e bay. Sometimes there are great offers on wooden deck stickers also.
  8. This small ship model looks very impressive. Way better than many big ones I ve seen. Looks like its ready to sail!
  9. any tips, material used for making the sea? looks superb
  10. Hi, new member here. Im into 1/700 kits, i m building a collection of around 100 pieces, half made already , others are in stock as part of my collection. You can see a part of my stock in the assorted pic. I am thinking of building a nice wooden kit in the future but i havent decided it yet as seems to be a total different task. So i hope i get some useful tips and infos from the experts on this site have a nice all. Michael
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