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  1. (Part) fitted the rest of the yards on the main mast. Broke the mizzen topgallant mast again in the process but luckily was able to CA that back. The plastic kit spars are flimsy indeed... Deep in contemplation for the next couple of running rigging steps.
  2. What kind of wood are you using for the deadeyes if I may ask, Patrick? Those triangular deadeyes look fantastic!
  3. She's really starting to take shape Phil. Amazing to see your progress using such an interesting material. Maybe you should compile a timelapse video or GIF when she's done? 😁
  4. Thank you, shipman. That is high praise indeed, but there are many many superior builds out there which simply haven't been posted online yet . Hopefully others can learn to love the olde Airfix kit, learn from my mistakes and see what is possible from this blog. Hackney's manual breaks it all down so it is easy for a novice like me to build this ship. Also the fantastic support and advice from MSW members like you!
  5. Netting test for the bow section. Looks a tad underscale and could do with a little dirtying wash, so I've left it as a removable piece in case I change my mind later.
  6. Wow. This order from Europe took about 3 months to arrive due to COVID-19! I'm glad I slowed down the build and now can be a little less stingy with materials like eyebolts and hooks. Although it seems I've under ordered the 1mm diameter eyebolts for the gunport covers. Can I afford to wait another 3 months? 🤔
  7. That is a sexy shot. Looking amazing, Chris!
  8. Thanks, Daniel. Not sure if my skills are up to that challenge, but definitely still playing out in my mind how this can be done. I've chickened out and opted to push on with the rigging first before doing the netting around the deck. Main yard partially installed and dangling haphazardly. Yard sling seized around the main mast. Manipulated some 0.5mm copper wire for the bow netting. Waiting for the paint to dry before cutting the tulle to fit. An overall progress pic. Cheers
  9. In awe as always at the precision of your work! The weathering on the hull looks amazing too.
  10. Thank you for your tips, Daniel. Your Victory has been a treasure trove of ideas for my humble beginners build! The kevels were painted with toothpicks for the fine details which I learnt from you I know I've been procrastinating getting the hammock netting in. The forecastle and slope of the poop deck to me is going to be a challenge for this step. I could shape some copper wire to represent the stanchions and CA them on, then add the netting after using your method of pressing tulle with paper and sticks. Noticed the Heller model has a thinner channel above the deadeye channels for the stanchions to attach to, so I could try attaching black plastic card 🤔 Forgive my ignorance, but I can't find any images of the netting covered with sail cloth for reference. I still like the look of the exposed netting though, which allows a glimpse of the details on the topdeck... Thank you also for enlightening me about the rudder hinges. I will redo them with copper paint later. I did notice someone raving about Revell Aqua copper paint which has a better sheen and not as dull looking as the Humbrol paint I used. Or I might even try weathering the hull below the waterline but having had no experience in this, I will have to do some test runs for practice first before I make a total mess of it! Will we be seeing more of your Victory now that you've settled in to your new man cave?
  11. Kevels painted , drilled holes in them and inserted 0.5mm copper wire to bite into the upper deck. Fingers crossed it won't snap from tying off later.
  12. RIP Dan and my condolences to his family and friends... Truly a master ship maker.
  13. Battling the yard lifts at a snails pace of 1 yard every 1-2 days. My punishment for not reading the manual carefully earlier... Threading through the mast cap blocks to form a pseudo becket block. And it was here that I noticed a little error in Hackney's manual... The sprit topsail yard lifts are tied around the end of the jibboom not the flying jibboom (61), although his written instructions were correct. And yet more punishment for skimping on the kevels during the early part of the build. Can't tie down the fore yard lifts and fore topsail yard halyards till these are painted and installed...
  14. I can totally relate to your experience. Sometimes it's better to step back and revisit the ship later with fresh ideas when inspiration strikes again. Sad to see a pause to your build but I will jump across and follow your new build too 😉

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