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  1. Added futtock staves and pseudo catharpins (in this case, CA hardened black 0.25mm thread). Also added main and mizzen backstay stools, top mast pendants and various blocks onto the masts. Looks like my order for more blocks may have been lost in the mail, possibly a victim of COVID-19 affecting international parcels ... I wonder if the jeer blocks can be added after the topmast shrouds?
  2. Tied more blocks to the mast caps for the lower yard lifts. Positioning the thread in an "S" shape, then seizing the block on one of the loops, leaving the other loop to go around the mast head. Figured this would be easier than doing it once the top mast is glued on. Taped over some bits of the mast as I realised I'd painted the wrong colour on it. Unfortunately my jar of paint has dried out and needs replacing. Completed the jib boom and flying jib boom horses, tried using 0.18mm fishing wire initially which was of a better scale but the wire wouldn't retain it's shape. Used 0.25mm thread instead.
  3. Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement Thanks, Shipman... There is still so much I don't know and I look forward to each stage/challenge and gain more experience through this build. I realise I have saved a significant amount of time and frustration with a plastic hull but do plan to start a wooden build albeit a less ambitious one after I complete the Victory. Thanks for the tip for the Airfix bounty. Will definitely consider that on my to do list. While waiting for my order for more blocks (ran out of triples for the jeer blocks), I've began preparations for the topmast stays.
  4. Well, it took a while but after tying over 1900 clove hitches, I feel it was worth the effort after all. All the while knowing this is the easy bit as the upper mast ratlines will come later... And incidentally my test results came back negative 😪
  5. Whilst waiting for my COVID-19 test results, I keep myself occupied by tying the ratlines in... Also I finally received my copy of Longridge's book from Booktopia after my first order went missing in the post 😠. What a gem of a book. So much detail and analysis of the Victory!
  6. Work begins on the ratlines, having completed the lower mast stays and preventer stays. Stay safe and healthy everyone...
  7. Oh I see. I'll be taking a risk and will be using the kit supplied masts as I have little to no experience working with wood. I am doing my best to follow Hackney's rigging guide with the system of blocks. It has given me an appreciation of the beauty of how these period ships were constructed...every step in the rigging process seems to have an important function in keeping the ship together. Meanwhile I will be practicing tying clove hitches and pondering how I can get the ratlines done without making a mess of it.
  8. Did you mean the stern lanterns? Here's a pic...no work done on them yet as I just can foresee these flimsy things snapping off throughout the rigging process! I'll leave that to the last along with the rest of the cannons and gun port covers. On another note, I've worked out a way to snake the stays using bits of fishing line and CA. Tried threading with a needle, tying clove hitches, simple overhead knots, but simply couldn't seem to get a result I was happy with so I resorted to this cheat.
  9. Have a good break from the little plastic Bounty... I will be looking forward to seeing the running rig later this year! Will you be posting your Golden Hind on this forum too?
  10. Exactly right... Need to account for the "angels share" always!
  11. Made some progress with the main and fore stays and their respective preventer stays. Seizing the rope around the main mast My stay mouse cheat (slightly thinner thread wound several times around and shaped with a drop of CA) Now to research how to tie the snaking line across the stays... Advice please for a newbie ! 🙏

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