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  1. Hi Edward, I'm late to the party as always ... What an inspirational build! Looking forward to more updates 👍
  2. Hi bosco, Depending how hard you look, you can pick them up quite cheaply (not sure why some people are selling them for over $100). I got 2 out of 3 so far, Victory and Mayflower. Victory cost me about 5 pounds (shipped from the UK), and Mayflower about $17 AUD (local reseller). I think the Mayflower rig would be better suited to the Golden Hind (keeping in mind it won't be exactly the same), and I can see you have Lennarth Petersons manual too which should help visualise certain steps. Happy reading!
  3. Oh I see, I followed the advice of some helpful forum members earlier and did the rigging based on Noel Hackney's guide to classic ships (copies can be found online but only hardcopy books). The manual sets out the rigging in a step by step manner which simplifies everything tremendously. I did find having the shrouds (sorry I meant shrouds and ratlines in my earlier post) in place first provided much needed downward pressure to stabilise the masts, especially the upper mast shrouds which will prevent the topmasts from pulling too far forward or back. Especially so since I had snap
  4. Hi Bosco, I might suggest to rig the ratlines first as the stays could pull the masts out of alignment? Just speaking from experience... Cheers, Ron
  5. Thanks Patrick, that's incredibly helpful and sets my mind at ease! Cheers Ron
  6. Work begins on the hull preparation before I can get serious about painting, something I learnt the hard way with the Victory... And now the stern windows are looking at me nervously wondering if they'll be next to go...
  7. Hi shipman and OC, actually I got some wooden planks ordered for this build, hopefully won't mess it up installing it. While waiting, I'll be working on painting the hull and other odd jobs. I did consider cutting out the gunports and installing a false plastic deck, I may not put too much effort into the false deck since it won't be easily visible, and perhaps a simplified cannon rig as well. Patrick, just read through some of the PDFs you attached earlier. So much new knowledge I've gleaned from them and am enjoying it, thank you again. Oops have
  8. Thanks Patrick and shipman for coming aboard. Oh dear, it looks like I've opened a can of worms with this build haha. Patrick your resources are much appreciated and I will take the time to read them... Your Pelican scratch build is simply inspirational and a source of reference for me! I also have to agree that the shape of the Airfix hull is aesthetically pleasing, one of the reasons I chose this is instead of Revell. There are no faux wood mouldings or raised deck plank edges. Shipman, I've started work cleaning the flashing off, removing those horrible round mold le
  9. Thanks shipman, I always appreciate your egging me on and speaking your mind. I agree with you somewhat about the Airfix Golden Hind. As soon as I opened the box... so many questions! Hatches instead of gratings, where are the stairs leading to the lower decks? weird stern decor, hull thickness is too thin, deck warping (easily corrected I suppose) etc. However I was keen to try something a little different and was curious to know more about rigging etc from a different era. Plus I have the Mayflower manual from Hackney to help guide me (although not everything is exac
  10. First nun buoy on the port bower anchor rigged (thank you dafi for your wonderful log on this subject!). Fairly happy with the result... The first one is always the worst, so hopefully the next 3 will progressively improve! Haven't worked out what to do with the excess line yet...
  11. Wow. Simply amazing what you've done with a hunk of plastic parts. Hats off to you, Patrick. What a masterpiece and thank you for sharing your process!
  12. While pondering the paint scheme for the build, I noticed above the stern detail representing Bambi in the forest, there are 2 coats of arms. The top left hand coat of arms represents Christopher Hatton (Lord Chancellor and sponsor of Drake's voyage). However the one the right seems to be Francis Drake's family crest. While I understand the history of the Golden Hind is not complete, I believe Francis Drake would have been granted his crest after sailing back to Plymouth and knighted on board the ship. So could the Airf
  13. Hello everyone, Having gained some valuable experience through trial and error with the Airfix HMS Victory (not yet completed) and itching for a new build but not yet confident or patient enough to tackle a POB build, I decided to try my hand at this oldie (but a goodie): Some dry fitting first ... The deck was severely warped OOB so I had to soak it in hot water and after some manipulation, I managed to partially fix it. Further heating will be required to flatten the lower deck. This kit is larger i
  14. Hi Rob, Hope you don't mind but I'll be pulling my chair and following your build. You are obviously talented at fine scale painting and I particularly like the detailed patterns and deck weathering... I look forward to seeing the finished warship! Cheers, Ron
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