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  1. Thank you for your interest Mark, I'd be happy to do that. Like I said might not be the best way to build, but it seems to work. It makes a strong and light weight hull and because it's balsawood it sands down very fast. I'm just tracking down blueprints for the next one so hopefully be starting soon.
  2. Breath taking work Dmitry. Above and beyond for sure.
  3. Thank you much Dave, Yes, its a scratch build it took me about three years to make. It also has full navigational lighting as well. here is some photos of how I build my ships. These are of the WLBB Icebreaker Mackinaw I just finished. I use body and line plans to make the bulkheads and cut those out of styrene and mount them on a styrene keel. I then glue blocks of balsawood in-between the frames. After filling in all the spaces, I sand the balsawood down to the profile of these frames. I then cut pieces of .40 styrene and plate the entire hull. I feel this gives me a more realis
  4. Thank you much mtaylor your work is amazing!
  5. Hello fellow builders! I'm a retired graphic artist and I enjoy spending my time scratch building ship and other things. I'm always amazed by how many talented builders are out there and in this digital world we still use our hands to make beautiful things. Cheers to you all!
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