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  1. Looking great, very nice and neat! I know that feeling, the plastic box with all the small parts in it I knocked off my table onto the lounge carpet! I spent the next hour laying on the floor picking up and sorting it all, pins, deadeyes, blocks etc. Yes this is what ended up scattered over the floor!
  2. Looking great! I had to order some.more of the 1mm brass rod, I had no where near enough! Not expensive and next day delivery so all is good! It's nice having plenty so if I mess up I have enough to retry.
  3. Looks fantastic! Funnily I was short of 1mm brass rod too, I ordered some extra for a few pounds so no great problems really. Wish I had seen that about the channels before I fitted mine thats me rushing ahead and not thinking!
  4. Thank you, you are doing a cracking job on your Beagle too! It's good to take it slowly and to think things through, I've found when I rush ahead and don't look at the next few steps that is when I make the mistakes.
  5. Slowly I'm moving on with my build. It's getting a bit more fiddly and delicate now, which is a bit of an issue as I don't have a permanent build area or workshop. So I'm getting it out on my days off and packing it away the night before I'm back in work. Cannons are fitted in what I assume is a stowed position. The outriggers on the bow also fitted Fitted the stern chains, took a couple of goes to try and get them equal lengths. Started on the 4 small boats, the largest one sits inside the hull, a small one hanging off the stern and two long boat
  6. Its looking really good! For the gunport you've missed. There is a side view of the hull at the bottom of sheet 'H' of the build photo instructions, that I'm sure is actual size, it might be possible to measure this and transfer the measurements onto the model. Although, I don't think it would matter a great deal if you left it as it is to be honest!
  7. Looks fantastic, great job on the first layer of planking, must have been a big decision to strip it back and start again! But so worth it! I'm part way through building the Beagle. Which, like yourself, is also my first model ship.
  8. What a great job you're doing! I'm building HMS Beagle too, I wish I had carried out some of the modifications you have done it does look so much better. I'm a bit to far into the build to make changes now, I've just started making the masts. Look forward to the updates!
  9. Looks great Pete! I'm just at the stage of fairing the bulkheads ready to plank the small Boats, definitely fiddly with my trotters for hands!
  10. Hi and welcome Reynard. I've made a small start on an occre London Tram also I'm currently building Occre HMS Beagle. Looking forward to seeing your build come together!
  11. Wow that looks lovely great job for your first build, Vanguard make some gorgeous ships. I'm following the build log of your Beagle will be great to see it come together.
  12. Slowly I've been plodding along with my build, I have been making all the deck furniture again a few mistakes here and there, but overall I am happy and I think it will look good on display! Bow carronade Capstan and fwd hatch Painting session cannons, binnacle etc. Centre hatch and central pin rail (which isn't quite in the right place!) A few mistakes along the way but really enjoying the build so far, next is building the 4 launches then onto masts and rigging (gulp) 🙈🙈
  13. Hi Pete, how are you getting on with your build? This is my first ship I have ever made, I have made a few mistakes along the way, mainly due to not thinking things through properly or not looking ahead at the next steps! I was drawn to it as I think it is a beauty and the history behind the Beagke is fascinating!
  14. I haven't been great at keeping this build log updated! I have been plodding along with my build and a very enjoyable build it is! The youtube build guide is a great help. Ribbons and keel are fitted. I have painted the hull with black and white stripes. Transom has been fitted, this was my first attempt at bending wire rod to a pattern, I'm happy with the results so far. Rudder has been fitted, found this quite fiddly with my trotters for hands! Gun port doors are fitted in the closed position. Chain plates made and fitted. Belaying pins fitted.
  15. Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to write that response very, very interesting. I will show my mum this she will be very interested. Again I am so chuffed to have this memorabilia.
  16. Thanks everyone! Really fantastic response and some great ideas! I am really chuffed to have all these items. I have a wireless log book that I need to have a really close look at, there seems to be some ships mentioned on it but it is hard to read the writing!
  17. Hi John, you may already know but Occre have a tutorial for the build of HMS Terror, I'm building Occres HMS Beagle and the tutorial for the Beagle is very helpful for a beginner like myself! This is the youtube link, hope it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUh9-WDYnhY&list=PLrPwa5r7zKUzCBCWrtnYjaSn4I5Ex-qBp
  18. Thank you for all the replies, been very helpful! We believe his ship was HMT Mousa, ive googled it have a bit of information but not a lot to be honest. Found one archive photo of it. He also has a medal for Arctic Campaign, nothing seems to hint he went to the far East and I can't remember him ever talking about being out that way.
  19. Thanks, that is interesting and I never noticed that! I wonder if he acquired it at some point during or after the war then. From what I know he spent much of the war in the Mediterranean. I have lots of photos he took that were taken on and around various Greek Islands, Malta and Tripoli.
  20. Many, many thanks for the help so far! The blood chit is in great condition has a few holes in and creases from being folded. As far as I'm aware he was a wireless operator on a fishing trawler converted to a minesweeper. I'm hoping I can make some kind of display along side my HMS Beagle when I finish it. I think a museum is a great idea and thank you for the link to the Genoa maritime museum. Below is a frame we've had made of his medals, picture, hat ribbon etc.
  21. Thanks Bruce, I am trying to looking after them best I can all though it is in a bit of a poor state! Yes it does seem it could just be the italian city of Geneva It refers to rather than a ships name. Dean
  22. Hi all, My Grandad served in the Royal Navy aboard a minesweeper during the 2nd World War, i used to love, as a child, listening to his tales of life at sea. Sadly he passed away 14 years ago, recently my Mum gave me a pack containing loads of old photos he took during the war. It also contained two things that I find particularly interesting and would love to know more about if anyone has any ideas about them I would be most grateful! I will attach some photos. The first is what I believe is something called a blood chit, it is a piece of silk with the union Jack on and
  23. Hi all, I've been slowly making progress on the Beagle. Made a few mistakes along the way, I didn't really want to post the pictures up of the 1st layer of planking! Little bit embarrassed to be honest. 2nd plank I didn't quite line up correctly so instead of fitting the 3rd plank in the correct place I lined it up with the 2nd one, so come the 6th plank I had a huge error. I left it overnight to decide what to do. Redo the planks or use filler. I went for the filler option as I thought I would cause a lot of damage trying to remove them. 2nd layer went well overall I'
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