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  1. Hello everyone. I'm building a 1/96 Cutty Sark from revell plastic kit and I'm trying to improuve the cathead area. I would like stow the anchors on the sides of the ship, such as depicted in the picture below. But I miss some important information: how the two small chains (indicated with the arrows number 1 and 2) are secured to the cathead and to the side of the ship? There should be some sort of easy way to let the anchor go in case of emergency, but I can't figure out how! Campells plans shows this area and there is a sort of movable handle, called "Tumbler" wich seem to be the responsible for the quick release of the cat stopper chain (the number 1) but any image or description of this mechanism will be really appreciated. For the second chain things seem to be even more strange to me, since the plans show them tied to the bollard. Is this correct? And, if so, how should I tie the chain troughout the bollard? Thank you in advance for the help and sorry for my bad English. Marco
  2. Wonderful model! I stumbled into it during one of my many researches about the revell Cutty Sark. I particularly like the scene: it is not tha classic display and I like it!
  3. Hello again and sorry for the delay in answering. Thank you both for your great contribution in solving this issue, Now I know that I'm not completely wrong with my build and, as a plus, I know a little bit more this wonderful ship. I think I will probably run the lifts outside the shrouds. Surely this small detail will be lost when looking at the entire ship and the forest of spars and lines, but I know that if I made a mistake, my eyes will keep going there. That's why I'am so thankful to you for helping me to sort it out!
  4. Well, I agree on both: Cutty Sark is well documented, and I would not move the eyebolts too much. But still, I cannot understand, where the mistake is... Here the cap band details from Longridge: It is clear that the blocks are in between the two masts. And here the detail of the Campbell's plan: They agree on that point. In this detail it is also clear that the foremost topmast shrouds is parallel to the mast, exactly centered to it, which is were they are supposed to be. Now, on my model, I tried to do the same, here is the result: First shroud centered and parallel to the mast, temporary lift line passing in between the two masts, main yard squared and still it is interfering! This is driving me crazy... And the worst thing is that I wold like to present the model with sail an in navigation, with wind from the side, so I will need to rotate the main yard at almost 45 degrees, and the problem will be more and more evident... Again thank you for the time you dedicate to my mental care...
  5. Thank you both for taking the time to answer, I really appreciate! @JerseyCity Frankie: so basically you say that it is normal than in neutral position of the arm (line port to starboard) the lift hits the front topmast shrouds? That is strange! In my mind this wonderfull machines are perfect in all the aspect and it sound just a strange technical solution! And the worst is that as soon as they orient the arms, one side gets even worst! The topmast yard of clipper as the Cutty Sark can be turned more than 45 degrees! Good to know! This means that I'm not completly wrong! I will move the eyebolts for the lift bloks as far forward as possible, even if I a little bit sad that they will not be in the correct position. Campbell plans shows them in between the two masts. druxey: sorry Sir, my fault. I was talking about the topmast yard, which is, in my understanding, a fixed yard.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm new in this wonderful community and I'm not a native English speaker, so sorry for all the mistakes I will surely do. I'm building a 1/96 Revell Cutty Sark and it is my firs ship model, so I have many things to learn. I was thinking about to post the WIP, but I was a bit intimidated from the quality of the job presented here. This evening I finished the topmast shrouds on the main mast and I suddenly noticed an issue. Where are the main lift lines supposed to run? They seem to interfere with the topmast shroud! In order to guarantee at least a small degree of freedom for swinging the yards they should pass trough the shrouds but this option seems to me a little bit strange... Here a picture of the actual situation, with a temporary lift line and block to better understand the situation. And here a picture of the Cutty Sark (after the last restoration/rebuild) in which they seem touch the shrouds on the bow side. Even in this case, they will be surely bent as soon as the yards are swing... Any help would be really appreciateted, right now I'm stuck with this dilemma... Thank you to everyone who want to help!

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