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  1. I was tempted too, but at that time I had zero experience in wood modelling, and I was afraid to make major mistakes in a such important area. The problem was just postponed: I decided to completely rebuild all the yard in wood and brass... So now, with the little experience gained, I would probably build the bowsprit in wood too. Thank you for the stanchions' suggestion, I know that items, but, as you mentioned, the price was a bit off my standard and I preferred to stick with the model's one. As I understand, you build the very same model, is it possible to see your build somewhere
  2. Well, unfortunately I completely miss the build log till now... But now I'm recovering, reading all the pages till the end. This is a wonderful job! A true inspiration for my ongoing humble attempt on the Cutty Sark. Everything in you build is sharp and crisp, well detailed and with the right sense of scale. The rigging and the sails in particular caught my attention, really nicely done! Just one question about the anchors: why are they hanging freely? Aren't they suppose to be secure somehow to the hull?
  3. Why? Because she will be too long or too complex? Anyway, you did a great job, and she looks fantastic even now! And... Who knows, maybe in the future you will come back to her and complete the rigging! Thank you for sharing your journey!
  4. Congratulation for finishing this model! The beautiful line of the Cutty Sark are well represented by this old and venerable kit.
  5. I'm so happy you try it! That's a huge improvement! Now your carving job is properly enhanced, well done! You really nailed the technique at your first try, it is very important to build it up layer by layer. Now you did the first step: why don't you go further and try the same method on the hull with a medium gray? All the bolts, rivets and small detail will pop up, and if you don't like it, you can go back! I like to use oil colors, they give you a lot of control, they are soft ad they dry slowly, so that you can really tune the effect. Remember to make some test on spare parts
  6. I prefer the carved one! For painting them you might consider some dry bruh in gold to highlight the details and add a little bit more of depth. Wonderful job on the boat and on the platform, I really like the result! Is the rigging of the davits complete? If so, it would be nice to add tension to some of those lines in my opinion. Keep going!
  7. Cirdan, you are too kind, I really appreciate you comment, thank you! Thank you Shipman for pointing it out. This feature is one of the many differences visible between the Underhill plans (included inside the Longridge book dedicated to the Cutty Sark) and the Campbell’s plans. Campbell shows a short companion way, while Underhill present the version proposed by Revell. It would be nice to know what were the references used by Revell, they seem to be a mix of both. Bowsprit reinforcement and installation, railing, stern and bow decorat
  8. Deck fittings. As mentioned before, the kit has a really nice level of detail but it suffers from flashes, extraction pins and warping, maybe due to old molds. That’s why every piece of plastic needs a lot of love and time… Here it is an example of a normal piece extracted from the sprue: After some sanding and rescribing, the result is this: Doing this process for a kit which has 698 parts, might drive you crazy… Nevertheless, it is necessary, especially if you plan to use washes and dry brush to give them a better look.
  9. I completely understand your point. Thank you for clarifying the correct shapes on the deck planking. As I am experiencing by myself, ship building is a long process and it can get boring from time to time. Again, mine was not meant to be a critique to your great built!
  10. Vladimir, your Cutty Sark is growing wonderfully! Looking at your last pictures, there is a detail that catch my attention: the stern deck planking pattern. You mentioned, "Poop deck floor is properly curved along the gangway...and met in center/ probably not like prototype but...well..." Why did you choose to use this specific pattern? In Campbell's plans they are straight and parallel. Just to clarify, mine is not a criticism, your planking is really nice and well done, especially in this difficult area. I'm now a Cutty Sark addicted and I would like to know it better, any source o
  11. Thank you Cirdan, you are too kind. Be careful in taking my attempt as a guide: I’m a novice and I’m surely making a lot of mistakes! Thank you Vlad! I’m following your Cutty Sark which is really a masterpiece! Shipman: yes, it is really a shame. Especially if you think that space was not an issue: the box can perfectly handle the entire deck. And most of all, the details, which are really nice, are positive and not negative. This means that it is impossible to sand the junction without destroying all the details on the deck. I was considering the
  12. Hello everyone. This is my first model ship and my first build log here. English is not my native language, so sorry for any mistakes. I started more than one year ago but I’ll start the log from the beginning, hoping to help other members not to do the same mistake I did. As suggested by the instructions, I started from the hull: The base coat was made by airbrush, acrylic colors (gunze and tamiya), followed by oil filters, dry pastels and oil dry brush in order to simulate the wood planking and to highlight so
  13. I'm building the same kit and the rigging plans are difficult to understand, quite simplified and in some case just wrong… I ended up by not using them at all. The older instruction where a little bit better, at least they where understandable. You can find them here: https://cuttysarkdrydock.wordpress.com/2011/09/23/the-cutty-sark-rigging-sheets/ In any case they are just a pale representation of what the real Cutty Sark was. If you relly want to have a grasp of the real beauty and complexity, I suggest you the rigging plans from Campbell, they are available here: https://shop.rmg
  14. Thank you for your kind offer, I will surely need some help on the way. As for the build log, I might open one here too, seeking from good advice by experienced members. Till now, the only one in English is here: http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/modeling_subjects/f/7/t/183268.aspx I hope I’m not breaking forum’s rules, if so let me know and I will quickly delete the link. The other one are in italian, my native tongue. Again, all my respect for your wonderfull build!
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