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  1. I can only endorse speeches that have just been made, outstanding craftsmanship.
  2. Hi Shaun It gives some other options to get the shrouds to a equal lenght. Here you can see a other one.
  3. Hi Christian, I will show a bit of everything. A bit of planking and so much as possible of the frame-build because I have worked so hard to make it. I will apply only 4 strakes below the main-Wales. Furthermore I think to show the ribbands is also very interest.
  4. Hello, Thank you so much for your nice comments and also for the likes. I'm very pleased about this great interest. Here's a little update. Some strakes below the wale and the garboard strake are fitted. The progress is very slowly because It's partial a bit tricky. Also I needed time to find a way to add the planks without leaving any trace at the frames. Therefor the build from Ed of the Extreme Clipper is a great help. In the TFFM-book this strakes are reffered to as thickstuff under the wales. There is a little step from the second to the third strake to see on the fol
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