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  1. OK Chris , I found one at Shipways (Ship Expo). Thank you very much !.
  2. My Artesania Latina "Harvey" kit 1:50 from estate sale is missing the Long Boat kit. I've been searching for one or a fair replacement. It appears to be about 115mm x 40mm. Thanks for any tips. Harv.
  3. OK Greg, thanks. looks like a bit of fine work to make it look right.
  4. OK, I'm about finished with the second planking. What is the best way to get the planking at the bow and stern to blend in neat and clean with the bow and tail pieces. I'm looking at pictures of completed models and would like to make it look proper. Thanks,, Harv.
  5. I'll jump in with this Plank Bending problem. What type clamps are used to hold the second layer of planks while glue sets ?. I'm looking at plank screw clamps ?.
  6. That's good to hear, I was fortunate to not obtain one that would be big head ache. Thanks for the reply !!
  7. Alright !, thank you fellows for answering that for me. :-)
  8. I have a few questions on the first planking. ,, Why is it necessary ?. This kit has Lime wood as the first planking. It is light yellow color. If it showed through the 2nd planking in gaps, why is it yellow and not the same color as the final planking ?. Is there a picture of a cradle , vise to hold the hull while working on it. I can probably make one, need ideas. What is the one using foam noodles and dowel ?. I can make a holding pad with a sleeve and cat litter ( unused :-) ). I noticed there was a tip on using a variable control for the plank bending tool?. I've printed off some of the tutorials and have the videos saved for later. Just want to get as much prepped as I can before I start building. Thank you all for help and tips. Harv.
  9. Thank you all !! It is nice to know there are a lot of you learned gents that have the experience I can refer to. to save me some blood, sweat and tears !! Much appreciated, Harv. Yes, I found after I was given the kit and checked on this site advising the type ship kits as starters. The Harvey is a single deck, two master, no scroll work, over all fairly clean layout.. We'll see how it all works out.
  10. OK, I'm new here so Hello to all of you Craftsmen. I have read most of the help, tips and good advise for beginners. Thumbed through the forum projects, options etc. So I joined up. Now here is why,, My Daughter gave me a gift of an Artesania Latina 1847 Harvey two masted Clipper 1:50. It appears to be an old kit, all there and good condition. The 4 large drawn plans look easy to read and follow but the printed instructions are not very good. I down loaded "Simple Hull Planking Techniques" from this site as a main read, back up. I plan on using the individual instructions on each of the ship parts. I will order a heat bender for the Planks, etc. That is about it. I will go to the other parts of the forum to post my questions and comments.

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