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  1. Planking has been an issue with me...it’s my first ship and I’m learning. Thanks to advice from the shipmates and some deeply buried articles on this site I’ve decided to get rid of the “planking tool” and create an easy jig. I pulled all the planks and started again... my OCD stepped up and wouldn’t let me proceed😂
  2. Ok Shipmates...what am I doing wrong? These are my planks. I apply a little bit of bite from my planking tool and they immediately break...frustration is starting to build.
  3. Looking for input (Fernando!...sorry, in my head that’s always said with a pirate flair)...this picture shows in photo 30 the outer edges being squared up. However, in photo 28 it appears to direct me to round the edges off. So...rounded or square?
  4. One thing I did notice though with the plans. I believe there is an error in the design plans from the manufacturer. I verified that all the pieces are in the place they are supposed to be, but you can see an obvious “variance” in the cross beam.
  5. I’ve been taking a slow and deliberate approach. Now I’m at the point of making some “non-correctable” errors. Wish me luck!
  6. This is a “patch” I added to one of the cross beams that was short. I’m not sure if I did it correctly or how others would have, but this was my work-around: I cut a section from the un-used plywood provided in the original box. I hand carved (and at one point...thumb carved 🙄🤭...what’s a little blood in a tall ship?!) a piece to match the curvature of the cross beam. I glued it in and after letting it set I sanded it down. I didn’t want to use the provided “plank” material because I’m not sure how much I have vs. how much I need. (Another issue with the instructions). Interrogative: Is there an easier way? Did I make this way harder then I needed?
  7. Thanks Fernando! I actually read everything you posted on this model before I started. You gave me some much needed direction.
  8. I double checked my numbers as well, just to make sure I had not made a mistake. It’s just to big. The adjacent cross beams are ok. I have one that is going to need an add but it’s further down the line.
  9. So just a few issues I’ve found within the model and plans themselves. 1). Some of the instructions in the book are incomplete. On sheet #5 a sentence starts “Also ensure...” but there is no continuation...anywhere. “Also ensure..” seems like an important start to something. Guess I’ll figure it out at some point. 2). One of the cross beams is a bit to large and will take some modifications to make it work. It’s the same cross beam on both sides of the false deck.
  10. Keel layed in with minimal issues. Some sanding to make the frames fit in the keel but nothing drastic. Only had A few issues with the #5 not wanting to line up at 90 degrees but I was able to correct it with some binder clips. Started fairing the hull last night. That’s been the most daunting part so far but I’m taking it slow and step by step.
  11. New member in Washington state. Received my first model for Xmas after many years of hints. I’m working on the Perseverance and finished laying the keel a few days ago. Starting the process of hull fairing this evening....
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