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  1. I will start a bit later, have to visit the RS1, take some pictures of deck and equipment next week hopfully. My boat i think will be ready summer 2022. Will need some photos next summer of rig and mast. Have discovered that upper part of main mast is a bit fwd. se my pictures from the book. RS1. https://flyt.no/shop/?orderby=price-desc
  2. that's right Carsten, if it help other Colin Archer builders. I made this thread to help other builder and get som tips or answer then needed 🙂
  3. For me its okay with other posting George as long its about the Colin Archer 1:15 builds, details, adds and so on. I have newer done anything with it color 🙂 just out of the box. perhaps its will be shine or painted. that's the last work i will do on the boat. Will be lovely to start again. my problem is to many details i want to put in. Need lights in cabin and mast 🙂 Brgds Andreas
  4. I start building closer to the winter, still 17 C in the sea. And flying RC aircrafts 🙂 I will try to get som photos of the RS 1. Need to travel 2h, hopefully it will show the color of the original hul and deck. and some nice details. My boat, i think it's to glossy. Back on track later 🙂
  5. Thats right, only 1 sheet in my kit. Just bought some parts for a smaler Colin Archer, my fathers old model boat from the 50th´s need new rig and some sail. hopfully it fit, and we make it together then winter is coming 🙂
  6. Thanks for info Carsten, will check it out. KrisWood i use Penol Express and some titebond 3. Last deck plank glued. Time for sanding, Stabilit express used for wood to plastic glueing.
  7. Thanks Popeye 🙂 Only 2 small sticks left, and the deck need some sanding and stain. I'm going to make some test attempts with varnish on some small sample pieces. I think its smart to finish the deck before housing and equipments is glued on 🙂
  8. Hi George. I want to make the dinghy, hopefully. Will make som research later. I think my cousin have some drawings. have to ask him 🙂 Andreas
  9. Thanks a lot Carsten 🙂 you are close to me in Sandefjord. Lovely pictures, hopefully next summer we can sail together. Just now i am making my hobby room better for building boat and model airplanes. Need to store som model airplanes too 😉 be able to glue my boat, repair and maintenance of aircrafts after hard landings 🙂 perhaps we meet soon.
  10. Where did you buy the black scalpel? are they better, sharper? And your boat built is incredible. just, wow :-)
  11. The access hatch is finished, all planks glued on middel part of boat. I adjusted the hatch plywood to match the planks glued on, see pictures with pencil pointing on cap. I will try to add some rubber later for waterproofing? Only 8,33 planks both side of hatch left 😉
  12. Ship ahoy. I glued the center plank first, need more research on the web, watching pictures and youtube. To get a idea of the layout. No need to be 100% My boat will have around 48 deck planking, the original colin archer have 45. Two evenings work made 5 of 48. I hope the idea of permanent marker on the edge of wood planking looks good then finished 😉
  13. Startet with som pictures of RS1, discovered that drawing wasn't correct according to deck- beam ? new black lines with permanent marker where it must be acc to the designer drawing. New layout on planking. Permanent marker on edge of planking, to ilustrate caulking.
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