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  1. Well thanks for answering especially Allanyed for a comprehensive answer to my question.🙂
  2. Now this might be a stupid question from a newbie but I'll ask anyway.Seems lot's of builders crave for accuracy with their build but then only glue the planks and don't use pins,surely the pins would represent the nails used for planking?
  3. Just managed to buy a book about planking,seconhand but in good condition for £24 otherwise it was £75 !!
  4. I'll be reading all the build logs for this ship thanks for the pointers CC.
  5. Right then ,missus has said I can go ahead and order another model so as I said I'm going for HMS Sherbourne.Quick question will I need a Keel clamp or is the another way of holding the model. Also intending to get' Ship modeling simplified' book.
  6. Wow what a great bunch of replies to my first post ,thanks to everyone for your swift replies and information,I certainly like the excuse/reason of honing my skills before tackling the wife's present.Should have known you lot were sneaky because you have to amass a few tools whilst justifying them to the missus...lol.I have time to invest and not in any rush and although never intended to get into modelling I can feel myself being drawn into it already.Although money is tight for me I think I will take up the suggestion of Barkeater and go for Caldercraft HMS Sherbourne as a starter model. Thanks once again for taking the time to answer my questions I can guarantee there will be more to follow and a special shout out to JIM LAD , hope your safe from the fires over there in OZ...from a POM. Chris
  7. Hi everybody newbie here and I’ve got a long first post ,so hope you can stay with it and can offer me some advice. I’m in the UK wrong side of 50 but I suppose with that comes a certain level of patience that youngsters can be missing.I’m very interested in the history of pirates and after expressing an interest in maybe building a ‘Pirate’ Ship model I now find myself staring at a wooden kit bought for me for my birthday.Obviously my wife thought that a kit was just a straight forward put it together job! and not the more complexed task to hand which I’ve since found out through lurking on various forums especially this one.The model is the Mantua Black Falcon 1:100 and to me it looks like it’s for somebody with some model building experience and reading the forums I should be starting with something simper first.However I’m pretty handy where woodworking is concerned having made jewellery boxes with handmade brass hasp and staples and even a chest complete with domed lid made from individual strips of wood which had to be cut at a certain angle on both sides. So the burning question is should I attempt this model even if it takes lots of questions and youtube overload to get it to an acceptable standard or should I just forget about attempting it. Thanks for reading this long winded first post and sorry if I have used the wrong terminology but hope you understand what I mean. PS I was never intending to get into building Model ships other than the 'Pirate ' ship I know now this isn't the route to take but obviously now that I have the kit I have to decide which way Is best to proceed.Maybe sell the kit upset the wife and have cold meals for a month...lol or make an attempt and go very very slowly with lots of questions on this site and get on the members nerves. Thanks

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