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  1. Well I've started the second planking and have now decided to go down the route of using CA for initial contact at tip of plank and then wood glue for the rest.Gives opportunity for adjustment and less messy ( for me ). It's also not a race to finish and take it slow and steady should produce a better result. Once again learning so much on this first build.
  2. Yeah mine are the same dimensions but all sorted now. Thanks to everyone who took the time to look and suggest solutions.👍
  3. Thanks Tony but cannons measure up to the size you gave me. Its been a culmination of plank thickness and also carriages.I slightly deepened the cut out for the pin that the cannon swivels on and that has fixed the problem.
  4. I feel stupid now,the planks I'd used were indeed first planking strips which are 0.5mm thicker than the decking planks and that coupled with the thin card I'd used as backing was enough to throw it off kilter. Thanks for your keen eye CC you've at least spared my blushes with Caldercraft.🥺
  5. So the first planking has been done and considering it's my first ever I'm relatively pleased with it.Pics show before and after filler and the keel being fitted. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination Filler applied but not rubbed down Now partially sanded and keel on.The problem I have now is how to sort out the gun ports, Iv'e mocked up a sample of decking for the cannon to stand on and only the first ports on both sides allow the cannon through (the bulwarks are level with the bulkhead extensions) With the other gun ports the top of the cannon
  6. Thanks,that's the kindest reprimand I've ever had 😄 not sure I'm going to set the modelling world alight by ignoring the perfectly sound advice on this forum.😬
  7. Quick update.I have started the planking and have four planks each side of the hull the only problem is I'm an IDIOT of the highest order.DESPITE reading and seeing on chucks video that you can't get the planks to lay flat around the stern and bow without bending I thought I'd have a go anyway which resulted in a clinker effect on 2 planks each side ! I know I know the information by experienced people is spot on and not there just for fun,the only conclusion I can draw up is it is some sort of macho challenge that clicked in my dim brain.A bit like when you see a 'wet paint ' sign but you sti
  8. Are you an expat? Blues are poor at the moment and can't see it getting better with their set up. You can't excommunicate me I need all the help I can get!🙁
  9. Thanks Tony for your answer having watched the videos I'll be marking the bulkheads and using the fan lines system.As oppose to marking the points where the planks interfere with each other and then cutting which I've read about in books..Not a bit confident about planking,maybe over thinking it but will probably drill and pin planks in place first before glueing into position.
  10. Thanks Tony for your comprehensive explanation and no you have muddled it further.. I had read the planking pdf but wasn't aware of the planking videos by chuck which were excellent.Maybe I'm being thick or using wrong terminology but when watching and reading about planking the hull they lay one plank from the front of the ship to the rear ? think I need to do more searching and reading on this site. 🥴 Once again ta very much for your info. Chris
  11. I managed to snap a rear axle when fitting the wheel..grrrrr not able to glue it back but after 4th attempt managed to make another phew! Bullwarks are now fitted so now on to the planking (breaks out in a sweat ).Now a couple of questions ,does the very first plank that goes against the bulwark go straight across or follow the bullwark's curve at the stern and bow?Secondly having read and seen videos about planking is it necessary to work out the widths of the planks at each bulkheads and adjust accordingly or do people just use full width of plank and adjust as they go.Not looking for a shor
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