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  1. Hi I am hoping that someone out there can help me out. I built the AL Marie Jeanne for my naibours about 9 years ago but unfortunately he turned up last night with it in pieces, his wife had knocked it of the shelf while cleaning lol. It is in quite a bit of a mess but nothing that can't be repaired. The question I would like to ask has anyone who has built this kit by any chance still got the rigging plan that they could photo and send to me. Hopping that someone can help. Cheers Mark
  2. Thanks Bruce d, iam please with the way that they turned out but a little annoyed that the company I purchased the brass from advertised it as yellow brass. Also I am very please with the cost it works out about 4 euros a plaque so can't argue with that. Cheers Mark
  3. the brass sheet I ordered arrived but it is not the yellow brass but as I had ordered it from the uk and I live in Spain it was to expensive to send back.
  4. Hi all, my ferric chloride arrived yesterday, so just waiting for the brass sheet. Will post a picture of the finished name plate when I have completed it.
  5. Many thank too all who replied to my first question. I have found a way around my problem, I installed a novelty certificate app on my phone and now I can do any kind of writing in black on white and white on black depending on what way I want the etching to come out.
  6. Hi I am hoping someone out there can help. I want to start making my own brass etched name plaques for my ships. Dose anyone know of a app where I can make up the lettering to print the ship names.
  7. Hi new members, not new to modeling but new to forums
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