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  1. Hello there. As some of you may know, I am making a HMS Sovereign of the Seas model, which there may have been some problems with it due to missing details and interpretations. So, alongside it, I wish to make a ship that... might be a bit simpler to model but harder to study. The Henry Grace a Dieu, a carrack launched in 1514, which many know. But, what I am specifically wanting to model is her rebuild version, which would have looked more like a strong galleon than a carrack. Sadly, not many models look... right. And there was only one image of the time that showed how she looked around 1550
  2. I am using the correct terminology when I mention yardarm? I mean the horizontal wooden part that holds the sail up. And I see... well, what if the main topmast was broken off? How would one go about as to control the sails after that was broken down?
  3. I am curious of something, but idk if this is the best place for that. I know a bit about rigging, how the yardarms are rigged to other masts and to different yards/stays, then to the deck. But, lets say the main mast was broken, due to either bring broken in a ship battle, or some other way. How would that affect sailing? Would you be able to control the yardarms of the other two ships? How do you fix something like that if it happens out at sea?
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