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  1. Hello, I have question about bent metal cast parts. These parts are from Occre old train kit. (Ref #56000) This kit was built in 2009 or before, and many metal cast parts includes these are already bent as most old discontinued kits do. The Occre's case is better than the AL's 1987 kit. The name plate of the AL ship was so bent that I couldn't put it in a ship without breaking a part. Fortunately, the AL's name plate is relatively simple that I was able to make the name plate with small CNC machine. However, the Occre's metal cast parts are so complex that
  2. In other word, I'm finding novel models unseen in my life at here. The cost and language wall is thick, but it is worth to come this forum and watch your post. I'll be back!
  3. That's a point what I'm utmost curious. In my case, I read the next steps, and checked the length of each frames and estimated heights how all the planks will go including garboard. I would say that same width planks will be the best looking except the garboard. Good luck! Please ignore the unclear part. I'm not sure the part, and I have no clues like the above pictures. Someone will leave a correct answer soon. Also, I hope you and all people who read this are healthy.
  4. Hello, Cabbie. You're doing exactly same progress I'm doing. Here is what I'm understanding. (All of these pictures are from this article by Toni.) I did same thing like the mortise on stem. I hope it is correct.
  5. Ekis, I think you're a French, and you may be able to find extra parts at local hobby stores. However, I can't find any information about this company in South Korea. The only way I can purchase the extra tiles online is ordering at Amazon.es via shipping agency in Europe. The final cost will be about $50. https://www.amazon.es/AEDES-Aedes2211-Láminas-Papel-Piezas/dp/B00SAH0XUM/ref=sr_1_2?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Aedes+2211&qid=1593867788&sr=8-2 Also, I thought about buying less complex kit like a country house with same tiles, but they are qui
  6. Hello. I apologize for delaying progress. After I finished a doll house, I recalculated all amount of process and found that I didn't even pass a milestone. My current progress is like a completing the 1st planking only. Because I will sand all of roof tiles to same size, I need about 3,000 pieces, but only 2,750 pieces according to weight calculation are in my hand. It is the reason I bought a same kit again for insufficient 300 additional pieces. 😂 The kit has 5~10% additional parts, but my way needs more of them... Also, I need a minute per a tile for sanding. It means I ne
  7. It is good to hear that no big error exists. Thank you for notification.
  8. Hello, Toni. I have question about 2020 February production batch. I found a difference between this build log and my batch. Did you fix the shallow frame 4A? Looks like I don't need to fix the part and just attach it. // I gotcha. The first batch that delivered on January had the shallow frame 4A with an additional instruction paper. my kit doesn't need to be it. Also, I would like to know whether you produced new batch that may include more improvements.
  9. If you are IT guy, I would say that cheap Chinese mini CNC machine will be a good solution. I would like to recommend a relatively simple 3018 CNC with embedded x-y-z axis joystick. The price is about $200.
  10. Popeye the sailor // I would say that the Robotime chose level of completion instead of same scale and unity. Their series of doll house have different scales, but the each model's design sense is very attractive. It is bad that I can't make one big doll house by putting together them, but great for sole present. The reason I don't want to touch a structure thing is that one of my close relative is a famous retired architecture professor. If I make a building model, his pupils will laugh at low level of reality. It feels like checking with a retired ship carpenter about my model ship. Fortuna
  11. The LED assembly part is not polished and easily breakable. Someone who uploaded walkthrough movie on the Youtube skipped or modified the LED part to less complex structure such as 1 LED lamp instead of 4 LED lamps. The other parts are super easy and flawless like the Bandai's Gundam models. I would say that the LED light should have made the kit 100 times better!
  12. Thanks for your comment, Yves. I couldn't close my eyes when I first saw this kit. I hope the Robotime will make better doll house kit in the near future.
  13. That article made me to buy this kit. I made my kit for the past week to get a rest. I spent approx. 12 hours. Overall, this is a very good kit unlike most of china cheap goods. I would say that this company has very talented people like the Trumpet or Meng. Unfortunately, the LED parts is gone while I was finishing assembly. The reason of LED fail was an insufficient assembly guidance and inaccurate manual like most wooden model ship kit does. That's an only issue of this kit. Almost perfect! Now it's a time to go back to the priority projec
  14. Thanks, popeye. The roof part determines 90% of this kit's charming point.
  15. Thanks for your comment, Egilman. I should recreate myself for a while. A good result is residue of enjoying mind.
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