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  1. I bought extra belaying pins due to lack of same parts in a kit. It always happens when the kit is cheap. I added support bar under rails for future rigging work. One of three canon door is not located in proper place. I didn't know how to use drawings two years ago. 🤪 This is the most awkward and horrible work I've tried to ignore...... I attached modeling paste and crack filler for bathroom tiles on plankings two years ago... to get a smooth surface...... Now it strikes back at me with non-adhesive surface! I'll scrap
  2. Let's finish the lifeboat part. I added some decorations based on internet pictures. Fake rigging. Fake rigging. 🤨 I don't know a name of this part. Anyway, I couldn't find much information about this part, so I made some of it based on my imagination. A picture before I go to sleep.
  3. The original kit has no lifeboat. I printed 3d model boat from this link. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:918300 (Free download, Free cultural work license) This 3D model has 35 parts to be a complete motor boat, but I don't need all the parts because of my plan. The bottom of the boat is only part I need. And stand. I also 3d printed storage cabinets. I made my own 3D model. 3D printer resin is quite expensive liquid. The storage cabinet is designed to be empty to sav
  4. One of my irony is that I've never seen any REAL sailing ships... If there was no COVID-19, I would visit Europe and watch real HMS Victory or La Recouvrance last year. Until that day comes, I'll fill my shelves with model ships. 😉
  5. Hello, La Recouvrance from Soclaine made in France is a cheap $100 wooden model ship kit. La recouvrance at brest is a modern sail ship based on 19th century's original name ship. When I started this kit, I had to choose between old 14-canon la recouvrance and modern 6-canon la recouvrance with screw. My choice is...... following a historically inaccurate kit manual due to a lack of skill. 😥 Some of you may remember that I introduced a metal cored mast technique when I joined this forum an year ago. I encountered heavy technical issues I didn't know, especially durabil
  6. Happy new year. This is my first project in 2021. The model name is 8-oared boat 1824 by Falkonet made in Russia. You may find simliarity with Master Korabel's small boat series. I asked to moderator @Chuck, but he hasn't find any sign of piracy suspicion of the company yet. This kit is surprisingly accurate and designed to make the realistic lifeboat in 18~19th centuries. All parts are 99% accurate, and only human error causes gaps or imbalanced hull. An assembly process is so systematic that I was able to finish this kit within 3 days with CA glue only. If you are exp
  7. Thanks for professional advice, Bradley. I expected that it will be sphere eventually, but didn't test it for that long time. Even I didn't know how to use this tumbler properly. Also, your interesting explanation gives me some idea. It may be too early to throw away this machine...
  8. Sorry about not updating this article. I gave up to use this tumbler machine because of no benefit. I shifted to much viable and convenient way than this one. I leave this article as a case of failure. I'll be appreciate if someone finds another use of this kind of machine. 👍
  9. Definitely. Toni's education kit is a bit difficult to swallow at once, but now I'm full of confidence. Here is a bit bitter critic of this planking kit. I know some people who began build logs of this kit occasionally stop at a particular point : Hull fairing and a little amount of planking work. I understand why they stop. I also stop at the stage, and restarted after 4 months with encouraging myself. It was quite difficult to overcome 'the monster stage'. I don't think the Toni's instruction is wrong. Just... 'the planking technique' is a bit tough to swallow at once
  10. I took pictures before I apply varnish. I'll apply the Black Bison wax polish. The last work is making mount. It will take about a week.
  11. https://thenrgstore.org/ Here is new link. You can get additional discount if you join the NRG digital membership with $40. The quarter term NRG journal has worth more than $40.
  12. I just finished most of the progress. As I make a new plank, I'm doing better than before. The last result is almost identical to the museum grade wooden model ships! ...... in my delusion. The finish line is just around the corner. I'll do wet sanding tomorrow and run to the end.
  13. Thanks for the comment, but I just moved the kit from workbench to unused desk a few months ago. 😏 Actually, I dropped the whole kit once and one of the wood chimney (left side) was broken. That's all. No crack on block walls. It has unbelievably stubborn and solid structure! 😮
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