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  1. Looks like all schools in South Korea will not open this school year. Few days ago, the minister of education in Singapore closed all schools after two weeks of schoolwork due to rapid outbreak. The COVID-19 is so infectious, that starting schools caused massive community infection includes kindergarten students and their grandparents. As a result, buying a webcam became pretty difficult in South Korea due to an online education. All schools in South Korea will open online curriculum next week, and parents are buying PC peripherals such as webcam, monitor, and tablet pen. It caused wide sold out on webcam explicitly. The average price of webcam already increased by three or four times, and it also happens to the US amazon market place. If you have a child, I recommend you to prepare for online education now. Ipad is NOT enough. Its screen is too small for several hours of schoolwork. Your children will need a laptop or large screen monitor at home. (You shouldn't connect the laptop to TV in the living room because every student will look your *** behind your children. ) I expect that this unconventional situation will be longer than a year. - Buy PC cam (or webcam). It is almost essential for online study, and it will follow the toilet paper. - Buy laptop or PC with large size monitor if you don't have. - Make a mini school room for your children. If not, you can't breathe when your children are studying. I hope my experience preemptively help parents who have students.
  2. Thank popeye worrying about our family. The answer is no. A few days ago, I've read about post that grandfa was looking for good basic wooden model ship kit for working together with his grandchild. The post made me to think about the best kit for family-cooperation work. In my opinion, this easy and simple stone block construction kit is much more friendlier than conventional wooden model ship kit for kindergarten students. Wooden model ship is relatively complex, and use various and dangerous tools for preschoolers. However, this kit requires only PVA glues and sanding sticks when parents or grand parents take charge of making blocks with that mini belt sander machine. Of course, I don't say this is the best kit for both of parents and children. I just compared this kit with wooden model ship kit only . Probably, the best kit for cooperation with preschoolers should be the Lego or plastic kits for juniors. I don't want to expand discussion to that, so I conclude it like this. "When you consider cooperation with your children, this stone model kit is relatively safer than making wooden model ship kit. Also, you won't need time to educate children how to use knives and motor tools properly."
  3. Thank Mark. If I worn about the virus more explicitly from my experiences a month ago, could it help people in this forum? What I can say now is that you should wear a facemask or scarf when talk with any people out of your house, and stay away from people who don't equip any protective gears. It is a valid method proved by many cases. The only problem is that many countries doesn't have enough masks for people and doctors. It is the biggest reason some governments don't recommend it, and only time with more product lines will solve it. I hope you are well, and hope this pandemic will come to an end very soon. It is not fun that hobbies I can enjoy became only one.
  4. Hello. Today is the last day of march. It's been busy days, so I had no chance to touch the stones. My parents came back from the US after a month of journey last week. I planned a schedule to move them from airport to home safely. It was so detailed like a military operation. We used a private car instead of public transportation, and we wore face masks in a car and nobody didn't take off it until we arrived at home. 😷 Now my parents are doing self isolation. It's not regulated by government because they didn't have any explicit symptoms when they passed quarantine office. However, the COVID-19 is really good at hiding. Therefore, they won't go outside for two weeks voluntarily. For the self isolation, I've already purchased and filled storages with lots of frozen foods and a bundle of toilet paper. Because of the reason, I'm doing my parent's errands and delivering fresh foods to in front of door. (I don't go indoors.) Fortunately, they said that they have no symptoms such as fever or cough yet. Anyway, The mini belt sander proved its usability. I was able to sand 360 blocks in an hour. Honestly, it was not a fun job. I spent 2 hours and accomplished about 15% of all work of wall. I stopped today's work earlier than before because of lack of blocks. The new process is several times faster than previous process, but it also consumes several times more polished blocks at once. If you have will to make this kind of stone kit with your tiny children, you should distribute tasks into two parts. When you sand tons of blocks tediously, your children will ask for more blocks with a joyful scream. 😂
  5. Kidnapping? It is very common cliche in spy movies. Criminals make person unconscious with a damped napkin. >> OOPS, sorry. its correct ingredient is not a formaldehyde, but a chloroform. Formaldehyde is also very toxic chemical, but it is not effective to paralyze human like chloroform does instantly. >>>> Well... According to the wikipedia, it is almost impossible to paralyze person instantly with it solely . 🤐 Criminals use it with other things. The cliche busted. The reason South Korea government restricted titebond II & III to consumers is that they decreased higher limit of VOC in half to compare with the US standard. I've never imagined beer named IPA. lol We should check every beer's name like corona for preparing future disaster...
  6. I have to warn the IPA is much stronger and venomous chemical than alcohol. In South Korea, pure liquid IPA is designated as an industrial use only very recently. IPA is several times venomous than ethanol. For example, a car paint shop used ethanol for cleaning a car had a health problem when they changed the ethanol to IPA. The workers' liver of the shop could handle the vapolized ethanol like a wine, but their liver couldn't handle the vapolized IPA in same condition. As a result, some of the workers fell down, and the company came back to an alcohol based cleaner. Currently all SK shops don't sell the liquid IPA bottle to personal. I know many alcohol swap uses IPA, but it is a very small amount. I know professionals or expert trained people can handle properly, but I want to warn to public that normal people may handle the more dangerous chemicals improperly. Also, alcohol is venomous chemical. When I was young, I used alcohol wet gauze to wash armpit frequently. After an year, I decided to stop the stupid behavior because the skin of armpit became more sensitive and dried. It is not cured yet now. What I want to say is that you should know about everything of chemicals you use, and avoid any dangers of chemical burns. An average age of this forum is relatively higher than other hobby groups. I hope you are well without any disease. Here are the another banned chemical list in South Korean consumer market. - Titebond II, Titebond III (Yes. It caused huge complaints because of popularity.) - Acrylic adhesives (Not the based on CA, but based on formaldehyde Chloroform which can be used for crime. ex: Airfix adhesives )
  7. Day 6... Approx 40% of wall completed. (4~5 hours) I bought some tools for the next process. Theses are niddle piles. I also bought mini belt sander to optimize sanding work. This is really small and tiny belt sander. 120 x 100 x 150mm. It uses 775 RC motor. The motor speed is variable, but it is controlled by power adapter as most of chinese cheap tool does. The structure is too simple, so I don't worry about quality of it. It is a durable piece of steel. I attached 120 sandpaper belt. I was scared by huge noise and too fast speed at the lowest setting. It sounds like a band saw. I finished installation. After some trials, I concluded that this is a must have item for sanding blocks! I used to spent 10 seconds to pick up neat block ready for gluing. However, if I couldn't find neat block and had to sand askewed blocks, I had to spend 60 seconds to sand the block. This machine makes perfect cuboid at 5 seconds! It will really save my time and increase productivity dramatically! The mini belt sander's price is $41.83 including shipping cost. It uses 330mm x 25mm sanding belt. Here are downsides. - No dust removal system. It scatters stone chips everywhere. It is the reason I use it just under air duct. - Noisy. However, if you use it just under ventilation duct, the exhaust sound will exceed the noise from the belt sander. - Default minimum speed is too fast. You may need PWM speed controller to get lower noise and suitable sanding speed. - The edge of steel is very sharp. It cut my finger slightly. I highly recommend to sand sharp edges before use. I hope the remaining half side will be done faster than now... 🤪
  8. Well, I would like to share lots of information about it, but medias are already busy at transfering news here and there. Also, most of virus topics are related with sensitive debates such as politics, government stands, religions, and diplomacy. Therefore, I won't comment on the current COVID-19 topic, and close a mouth with brief comment on news regarding modeling society. All modeling and hobby fairs in South Korea and Japan are delayed or cancelled this year. One of the biggest hobby fair in SK is also delayed to June 13~14th, and many members are not optimistic because of current pandemic trend. I hope you are well.
  9. In case of special contract such as license between a book writer and an owner of a ship, it can be a problem indirectly. It is common when it is a commercial building by famous architecturer. In the US, werk der baukunst was established in 1990. Also, license between model kit maker and original maker is very common like gun and car models. However, they are 18~19th century ships. You don't need to get any permission from Queen Victoria.
  10. Thank you for comments. Posting progress is not an entire reason I build, but your interests definitely accelerate my work. I've never been in Europe before. I added the Bibury to my bucket list for tour to Europe sometime. This 'masonry' work is completely different from wooden model ship work in my opinion. It doesn't need deep and various knowledge about each parts. The most important thing of this kit is patience with the greatest care for each blocks. It feels like a meditation. 🙂 It is very flat work and takes lots of time, but very new experience for me and would have made me ease if I don't have due date. In addition, this kit's price per time is exceptional! Maybe it is the best kit when you are in a shelter and want to waste time. 😉
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marble_Boat Have you ever imagined a ship made of stone? The Marble Boat is not an actual boat, but a pavillion. There is a 'real' stone ship also known as 'concrete ship'. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concrete_ship ) Making the concrete ship model looks pretty interesting to me, but the marble boat looks more gorgeous and fascinating me. How about hull and planking made of marble blocks? It gives me thousands of creative ideas.
  12. Day 3, 4, and 5... approx. 20% of wall completed. (6~7 hours) I'm pretty sure that I can finish entire kit at the end of this month if I don't sleep and eat.
  13. You can make homemade facemask using sewing machine! If you have made sail with your hands, you probably have a sewing machine. (I also have a singer sewing machine.) In case of COVID-19, you don't need professional filtering fiber to protect from aerosol form of it. A thick cotton facemask is enough to protect you, and wearing a mask is one of the important key factors of social distancing rule. You should not use the facemask more than a day, but you can reuse it after washing. If you make ten cotton masks and rotate them, you can wear a mask all day until this pandemic is done. Because of production capacity, the prior destination of facemask is doctors and quarantine officers. Also, your countries may not use facemask daily which means ordinary production line of facemask can't meet current demand. Therefore, if your region have a shortage of facemasks, I recommend you to make your own facemask. Also, giving the handmade masks to your family, grandchildren, and neighborhoods will be a great volunteer work.
  14. Wow... I can't believe she was 6 years old when started. Her way of using sander and power tools is very skilled. Probably I have too underestimated children's ability. It is time to change from gifting plastic kits to wooden model kit!
  15. In South Korea, death rate is approx. 0.84%, and it is increasing gradually. I expect the final death rate will be doubled. Because South Korea is the country that searches and diagnoses COVID-19 patients very aggressively, it will be the minimum death rate at the best condition. The other countries will have a bit higher death rate due to a lack of diagnosis kit or late treatment. Don't forget only a few countries use facemask daily. Because of air polution, facemask is very common item in Korea before COVID-19. Also, Korean market sells various level of facemasks from cotton to KF94 which is stronger than N95 surgery mask. Some countries may have a difficulty to expand production line in a short time. By the way, toilet paper doesn't use same raw material facemasks use. It is a fake news from another country. The toilet paper uses pulp extracted from wood, and facemasks uses plastic fabric extracted from oil. Paper mask is only for entertainment. You will see tons of toilet paper in stores very soon after one cycle of supply chain.

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