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  1. This newbie's eyes don't see any error 😁 Did you dye the kit's standing rigging, or replace it? If replaced, what diameter did you use?
  2. Hmmm... that's an option although as I said, I don't really care all that much about it being historically correct. I already have the deck beams in place but not planked. Taking them out and stuffing an extra deck in there would probably more work than I want to do. I've toyed with the idea of throwing historicity to the wind and just build her as a generic sailing ship. Maybe even leave the exterior with just that clear coat on it, showing the wood (copper on bottom),
  3. To my uneducated eye, that looks good so far. Based on your Constitution cross section, I'm betting the Pride will turn out excellent too. I'm following your path. I recently resurrected a Constitution cross that I started over 20 years ago and resumed work,using it as a practice model. https://modelshipworld.com/topic/23152-uss-constitution-cross-section-by-brewerpaul-aka-paul-busman-mamoli-scale-193-first-wooden-ship-model/ We moved to Maryland a few years back and I became interested in Baltimore clippers. I just received a partially built kit of the POB from eBay that I got for $50 plus shipping. The keel and bulkheads are in place and look pretty square. I'll have a ton of questions once I start that kit, but it will be a while in the future for sure. In the meantime, I'll be watching your Pride.
  4. Nice work! I'm in the midst of building this model,although I'm not as concerned with historical accuracy as you obviously are (and with terrific results!). I'm just hoping to get a good looking display model. Where did you get your crew members? I'd love to add some of those to give some idea of scale. I see that your build was 7 years ago,so those might not even be available anymore.
  5. Thanks, that makes sense. In addition to the netting itself, I wonder if it might be worth it to try to simulate the rolled up hammocks inside the netting.
  6. Mark-- I think you're right about the netting. I would have thought hammocks would be stowed below decks.
  7. Many years ago (25-30?), before the advent of the internet, I bought and started construction of this cross section of the USS Constitution. It may have been following a visit to that venerable ship in Boston that I felt so inspired. I got the frame built,deck beams formed and installed, and the planking done outside and in. At that time I started to feel overwhelmed,with many questions that needed answering before I went any further. With no help readily available I packed the unfinished kit away. Someday. I never lost my love of wooden ships and had the opportunity to visit several including the CW Morgan of Mystic, Cutty Sark in Greenwich, and the Draken Harfarge Viking ship. I still felt the tug of building a ship and when we moved to Maryland 3 years ago I started reading about The Pride of Baltimore II which I decided I'd really like to build. I figured that my long neglected Constitution would be a great practice project since I already had most of the hull built, and it only has one mast and spars, and associated rigging. I took her out of her cardboard box dry dock and started work. I made a crude working cradle to hold the hull, and gave the ship a quick coat of polyurethane as a sealer. The The mast dowel is just inserted to check it's fit and rake. The mast step is imperfectly fitted to the hold, but I figure that it will be covered with ballast and barrels so I didn't worry about it. I've read through the other build logs for this kit and if I was to do it over, I would not have installed the deck beams other than the ones over the hold to make it easier to install decking and deck fittings. You live and learn. Installing all the below deck items should be "fun". In my zeal, I mistakenly added un necessary hatch cross pieces between the lower deck's beams. Oh well, it was good practice. I'm planning on using copper foil rather than the cheesy looking green wood chips supplied with the kit. Anyone here tried simply scribing the lines in the copper tape to simulate individual copper plates? It would sure be easier, but might not look convincing. I might try to give the copper an aged patina which could enhance the illusion I can always try a strip or two on a piece of scrap wood to see. One thing that deterred me from working on this kit when I first got it was a dread of figuring out how to thread deadeyes and form ratlines. Now that there's a resource like Model Ship World, I'll have some guidance which is a great relief. I need to figure out a better way to mount the hull. The kit just includes a cheap looking piece of pine and I gather you're supposed to run a couple of screws up through it into the keel,which does not sound very secure. I might build a nicer version of my crude work cradle in better wood, like cherry, for final displaying. I thought it might be fun to have some crew members on deck and aloft, but I can't find any in 1:93 scale. Do you think figures in 1:87,HO railroad scale, would look 'way too off scale? I could probably modify some of those. What's with the natural colored standing rigging cordage supplied with the kit? Can I somehow dye it black or would it be better to replace it? I know I'll have tons of other questions as time goes on, and I welcome any and all criticism and suggestions.
  8. After letting it sit on the shelf for MANY years, I've taken up my Mamoli constitution cross section kit again, as a learning model for future kits. II hope to start a build log soon but I have two random questions... Does anyone carry 1/93 scale crew figures dressed appropriately? It might be fun to have some little guys on deck and up in the rigging to add a bit of life to the model. Maybe some rats for the hold? 😉 What is that netting on top of the rails used for on the original ship? I'll post future questions when I get my log up and running. Thanks.
  9. Regarding "where should I post stuff", I have some photos I took of Cutty Sark while we visited the ship several ears ago. They're not professional, and I didn't take them in any organized way with an eye to building a model. Still, they might be of use to some modelers. Where could I post those for whoever might want them?
  10. I'm getting inspiration from this and other builders' logs for this kit. I started mine over 20 years ago and let it fall by the wayside. It's my first wooden ship and I thought it was a good starter since it had all of the elements of a ship: frame,planking,decking,deck furniture,masts,spars and rigging, but only one set. I hope to start a build log too, which will be a place for me to ask people questions. One comes to mind; anyone come up with a better way to mount this model? The plans are pretty vague. I'm guessing they want you to put a couple of screws up through that wood base and up into the keel which seems very unstable and fairly ugly.
  11. I've been working my way through the build logs for this Constitution since I have one that I started many years ago and just picked up again. I plan on doing the whole mast since this is my first wooden ship model and I want all the practice I can get,especially with spars and rigging. Yours is coming along very nicely. I like the look of the wooden gratings-- perfect for lashing unruly sailors! Speaking of which, does anyone make sailor figures in this scale? I'd love a couple of old salts climbing up ratlines,hauling on lines etc.
  12. Thanks! I do feel better now. I really should have noticed that when I visited that glorious ship. I have photos which do indeed show the wood on iron construction. Speaking of photos, I took a fair number of Cutty Sark when we visited. Is there a particular place on this forum where I could post them for any interested? If you love ships that much, please do plan a trip to London before you build your model. It was a highly emotional experience for me, bringing me nearly to tears, having read so much about sailing ships for nearly 60 years. We got one of those Red Bus get on- get off tour tickets (highly recommended) and it included a ferry trip down the Thames to Greenwich. We passed one of two existing replicas of The Golden Hind along the way. Cutty Sark is no longer in regular drydock. She's ingeniously suspended in mid air by a great many supports for even weight distribution along the hull. This gives the visitor the unique opportunity to keelhaul himself, that is, walk from bow to stern UNDER the keel! I could go on and on but the bottom (no pun intended) is GO. You'll remember the experience forever.
  13. Thanks-- I'll navigate away from those kits. I don't want any pirated ships, as it were....

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