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  1. Hello, Thank you very much. It was very helpful. Helli
  2. Hello, It is the Victory from Caldercraft 1:72 On the topmast yard and the topgallant yard there are double and sigle row truss. Helli
  3. Hello, If i have a double row truss i take the one line and go around the yard. Then back through the block and down to deck. The other line is the same. I hope this is correct. But if i have a single row truss i don´t know how attach the line on the yard. I have made a picture so that you know what i mean. Thank you Helli
  4. Hello, I have a question. Can someone tell me how to mount a single row truss? I can only find something through multiple rows. Many Thanks Helli
  5. Hello, Thank you for the likes and comments. The fore yard didn't have to wait long for assembly. Now it is already installed. Next I will focus on the fore topmast yard. Helli
  6. Hello, I'm done with the dinghies except for a few small things. Now I have started with the yards. The fore yard I have now finished. Now it waits for the assembly. I am now doing one yard after the other and work my way to the stern. Cheers Helli
  7. Hello, I have made a little progress again. Now I have all four dinghies in the shell finished. With the two small boats I have planked only once. Since this is not very strong, I have applied a layer of GFK. This is now also sanded and filled. The decks are already made and weathered. Now the interior begins. Cheers Helli
  8. Hello, Since I have a forced break in the rigging, I started with the dinghies. The method of gluing the frames was too risky for me. Therefore, I have separated them before gluing to use them afterwards as placeholders. After that I sanded the first planking filled and sanded again Now I started with the second planking Add a few more details and fill a first time So the whole t
  9. Hello, Before it went to the fitting of Deadeye Futtock Strops I soldered them. But with a maximum of 10w soldering iron because otherwise the brass anneals and cracks. Then I mounted all the blocks and the futtock shrouds. And again ratlines :-) Now I have a forced break because I lost one when painting the deadeyes and I have no more in reserve. Due to the lockdown all stores are closed so I have to get them online. But there are still enough other things to do. Helli
  10. Hello, I have been able to solve the problem with the tackle pendants and the blocks for the yard. Many thanks to mort stoll who gave me valuable help. After solving the problem, I went back to the backstays. After the completion of the standing rigging on the main mast, the tensioning of all ropes will be controlled and fixed. Now I can devote myself to rigging the mizzen mast. Helli
  11. Hello, Speed is not the question. Great work you are doing. Merry christmas and a happy healthy new year! Helli
  12. Hello, Have made a huge big mistake. I have forgotten the two main topmast tackle pendants and the blocks for the main topmast yard. Does anyone have an idea how I can subsequently mount the reasonable? Helli
  13. Hello, Have made a little progress again Now I have finished the ratlines on the main mast and the main topmast. After that I have mounted the main topgallant shrouds. Main topmast stay and main topmast preventer stay are now also mounted and fixed. The next work is all the backstays on the main mast. When I am ready I will report again. Helli
  14. Hello, I have a few more detailed photos of the fore mast I think it was the right decision to remove the old rigging and make everything new Now I have started with the ratlines at the main mast About the further progress i will report again Helli
  15. Hello, I got a little further again. I have now finished the ratlines at the Foremast The next task were all the backstay's on the foremast And finally all the stay's. So the foremast with the standing rigging is almost finished Now I will finally fix the standing rigging Then I will start with the main mast. Cheers Helli
  16. Hello, We have the same fate. The victory is my first ship. It's a big challenge. But you grow with the tasks. And when I look at your work like that, I can only take my hat off to this perfection. Helli
  17. Hello, Now I have finished the shrouds on the fore mast. For a change I started with the ratlines. Cheers Helli
  18. Hello, Of course I have been following your construction report since the beginning. There were also a lot of things I took over.👍 It would be a pleasure for me if you would take over some of my ideas. The rigging is already a difficult task. After I removed the old one like it was so smeared with glue, I am making very slow progress. The most important thing for me is not to use any glue at all. But this is not so easy as it is a very tricky job. You always have to sew the thread back. Sometimes you need several different needles and especially four hands.☺️ But it's fun a
  19. Hello, Congratulations! A wonderful model. Will now probably get a place of honour! Helli
  20. Hello, For the shrouds on the mast I use a simple takling and for the deadeyes I use a seizing I can recommend two books. In my opinion, these are great works I hope I helped you with that. Helli
  21. Hello, Great!!! I will definitely follow up on the report. I'm looking forward to it. Helli
  22. Hello, Now I have a small update again. I have now finished the futtock stave and the futtock shrouds on the foremast. I decided to use the alternative method according to the book "The Anatomy of Nelson's Ship". Then I continued with the fore topmast shrouds. I made myself a helpstay so that I can adjust the tension of the shrouds before the shrouds are ready. It is quite tedious and progresses only slowly. But I'll keep you posted on the progress.
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