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  1. Hi Rich Glas to see that you are still going so well with your build. She is looking more beautiful by the day!! I have a question about some thumbnails on your build pages 13 14 and 15. It seems that I am unable to open some of them. Is there something I can do other that what I have been doing ( clicking on the thumbnail to open)?? Any help would be great, as I am going to be working on the same areas in a day or so and would like to be able to see how you tackeled the steps at that point. Thanks Coastie96 (Dave)
  2. Rich Thanks for the information. I have looked at how to start my own build log, and would like to do so. Getting my camera and equipment set up. First I guess I should get my building area cleaned up so I cat take better pictures of the work in progress. That might take a few days. I wanted you to know that I am sort of following your build in adding an extra board to the false gun deck and framing them in. I think it will make the planking and making the gun ports that much easier. also did you use full planks on your deck, or did you cut each to scale and then place them in the patt
  3. Thanks I saw your solution in your build log, and also sanded a contour into the bulkheads (2 & 3 3). Did not know if you also had to soak and try to bend (shape) the boards also. Will try and do the same. Not sure how to start a build log but would like to if I can figure out how. I will keep watching you log for information and tips, you are doing a great job, and I hope I can be half as good. This is my second build and I am still learning a great deal!! Will keep in touch, also if you have any info about a parts list for this kit please let me know. I am trying to seperate all o
  4. Rich I am just starting the same build (connie by constructo). I am following your build log with interest, as it looks as though you have done a beautiful job with yours. Hope mine turns out half as good!! Can you plkease tell me how you went about shaping and filing the area of the first 2 bulkheads in order to accept the below decks gun wall> I have already have had to cut a new piece as I broke mine trying to fit it into the existing slots. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Coastie96
  5. Thanks for the video Jay, it helped alot!! Will attempt to put the info to use. Now if I can only figure out what sequence the standing rigging is dome, shrouds or stays first???
  6. I am returning to ship building after having brain surgery, and cannot seem to get the hang of stroping blocks for the rigging. Can anyone please give me some suggestions for an easy way to accomplish this task. I need diagrams to follow as my short term memory seems to be lagging at this point. Any and all help will be greatly benifical. Thanks, coastie96
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