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  1. Footnote... Bransfield House is one of the main buildings named in honour of Edward Bransfield, at Rothera Research Station, Antarctica.
  2. There is a beautiful bone model frigate in the National Maritime Museum, Sydney, next to the boat which acheived the speed record on water. It was made by a French prisoner of war in Edinburgh Castle according to the plaque next to it. A real work of art and worth a look if you are in Sydney.
  3. This photograph of the Clyde Model Dockyard brings back some memories. It moved into bigger premises under the arches beneath the railway bridge from Central Station in Argyle Street sometime in the early 1980’s. The model shop stocked everything and it was always highlight of my childhood going into the shop for a look.... Sadly it is no longer there.
  4. Keith, Lovely work on your HMS Terror model. Perhaps the National Maritime Museum may be able to tell you what colour the ships boat was painted? For Arctic operations , would have thought it unlikely it was just varnished. For the iron bow plates, have you considered making them out of plastic card instead? Easier to paint,cut and shape compared to aluminium supplied with the kit. I have followed along with Mathew Betts blog build of HMS Terror since he started ,but he has not posted any updates in quite a long time- well over a year now..
  5. Interesting to note that the amount of lead in the cadavers may not have been significantly higher than in the rest of the population of Victorian England at the time. The use of lead piping was commonplace for drinking water pipes and consequently lead levels ingested were proportionally higher. Whilst it is true there was lead used in the canned food for the first time, this may not have been the sole cause of death? One of the bodies- I think it was the Royal Marine, had been shown to have succumbed to tuberculosis . Maybe some day soon the ships log can be foun
  6. Hi , what a beautiful model and comprehensive guide to your build. What colour will the hull be when finished....will it retain the very pale colour seen in your photos or will you be aiming for the dark honey colour one sees on the models in the NMM? Will you offer the chance to add masts and rigging for modellers who want to build the complete frigate? When will your shop be operational again please? Thanks in advance if you can answer my questions, just fascinated watching the process with recreating this piece of maritime history.
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