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  1. I hate to suspend the build. Mostly because i hate to clean all the brushes, close the paints, clean the workbench for next time. However, stomach is a good judge when to quit. Mine is a corrupt one, i can pay with a glass of liqueur 😉
  2. +1 vote for needles, i'm using them for drilling. They're extremely sharp. I started following the thread, as i have a couple of childhood ships to be restore and improve (a lot). (and sorry for remark, but i laughed when read Prince of Whales - if it was intended pun, then brilliant!)
  3. I think this is Youtube's business. At first it gave me unavailable too, but after a reload the video came just fine. Otherwise, i'm clueless. Maybe this one? This is a copy of the top link.
  4. Try this one: this is audio only, although the other (VEVO) version is the interesting one with shipmodeling theme within.
  5. Although this one is not 500 men but few, the song is a famous sea shanty. I really love their version. The ship is La Recouvrance, a replica schooner built in 1992. Its interesting to see the seaman's life on board. Enjoy!
  6. Welcome here, fellow sailor I love your Dragon, bring back some great memory when only soling and dragon were the match race participants.
  7. A good friend of mine collected dozens of plastic (styrene) boxes of margarine. He cut them into plank-like pieces and glued to the wooden hull with PVA, pinched the plastic where the rivets should have been. The plastic had 'matte' finish and it was thin enough to bend easily. I don't know how the curves of Amapá can cover with this method.
  8. Szia Attila, it is coming along very nicely. How do you plan to display the sails, on full tack or furled?
  9. Thanks Yves, i think the point -3- is the most important and the showstopper one. For -1- design, it is easy: a rod with 2 globes. For -2- if you print a couple of them near to each other, like trees in the forest, they will support themselves. But yes, cannot work out the fragile material. I have no any experience with 3D printing, so have no clue how rigid is the final product. Well, if you check out my Pamir in the 'At a glance' topic, you'll se mine is mint too. I did weathering on my old models (especially the warships), but since i built the Vasa without weathering for obvious reasons, i fell in love with the clean look.
  10. Yves, just out for interest, why aren't you simply print the stanchions? Also, will you weather the Snowberry? This is really impressive right now, I personally like a lot the wooden deck color on the foredeck. Great work.
  11. Also nail polish is good for secure screws from movement. Back in old times I've secured tape recorder's head azimuth adjusting screws with red nail polish.
  12. Egilman, i disagree. The laser cutters and 3D printers are just new tools. Computers are just blind and dumb devices without any brain, they're just helping us to find new ways to creativity. Think of that 3D printing allows you and other fellow modelers to cast more detailed tiny pieces (or even giant hulls) with incomparable details. The difference is HOW we are using them. You can print whole ships or small portions, the approach is the difference. And i can live both approach, every modelers has to find his/her favorite way.
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