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  1. I'm jealous too. Wish i had such friendly place. Also loving your car registration plate.
  2. Awesome. The inn is really nice, and now i know the evolution. Sit-in restaurant on front, drive-in takeaway at the rear side Simply beautiful.
  3. No, they are perfectly recognizable. Need to give some fine spirit to the inspector, to start a long work
  4. Excellent small diorama! Just two figures, a small crate, small blueprint and it tells a full story in the shipyard. First i was skeptic about the dull colors and rusted copper, but now all has meanings. Congratulations Patrick! Hope you fully recovered now from C19? greets Miki
  5. Hi Ian, At least on Peking they were seized together - but i was on her deck back in 1994, and her condition was pathetic at time. I believe both scheme is correct, i can imagine that they tried both and used the better solution. If i'd be the ship designer, i'd use doubled single lines (e.g clove heads on both ends of the stays) because the pictured single stays (on model Preussen) would fail if any side cracks off. Seizing could reduce that danger too - but on other hands the continously grazing stays could grate each other which is not a factor for single lines. The clove h
  6. Another one (had to rotate for upload) shows that the figurehead painted to gold on this model too.
  7. Thanks Ian, no, i didn't read Newby's book, but its on my wishlist from now, thanks for the tip! If you come to Europe for a museum-ship trip, do not forget to visit Mariehamn where Pommern is moored, just a few hours away from Stockholm. Unfortunately when i was in the Vasamuseet i had no time for a day trip to Aland island. Or two days... Now you're lucky if you want to see a few P-liners: Peking now the main attraction of Port Museum Hamburg (although it is already closed for winter), Passat is moored in Lubeck, they are quite close and you can compare them to each other:
  8. Just came across this build log, as I'm quite a fan of Flying P liners, especially the windjammers. So be careful with that Passat kit. Actually this is a renamed Pamir kit. Although claimed Passat and Pamir as sisters, Pamir had a different bow and the mentioned kit depict Pamir's. The portholes and hawse pipes are different and the reviewer didn't paid attention to this fact. However, the kit itself is very good in 1:150 scale - i have one half-completed and in progress. The Heller kit had vacuum-formed plastic sails too, but i think i will not use them.
  9. Congrats friend. As someone said in the gallery, this is a fine example what we can achieve such a small scale plastic models. Simply adorable! The sea is also a realistic one - i've seen thousands of worse even on MosonShow meet-up or on the net. This one... just WOW.
  10. I disagree. Although she is a different ship both in size and duty, the solutions are the same (just think their rudder and helm: Victory's larger, and the steering ropes aren't visible due they are under the deck, but the solution is the same). I think checking models is a good source, other modelers might have better resources than you, and they are trying to interpret their models with their best. Additionally the ships can change both in colors and rigging, so which version is the only good one? For a fine example, Lusitania. She had 3 wing propellers at first, then changed the outer
  11. I did checked some Bounty models and also a couple of pictures of the sailing replica of Bounty. The wooden sticks which exists on Victory doesnt found on Bounty, despite the fact that they are from the same era. Seemingly the solution vary for each ship.
  12. It should stay on top, the furled sail must be tied to the gaff yard and to the mast itself. For me, the second version (red-yellow) is the good one. Looking for Victory's bow, it clearly shows that solution:
  13. I think the poppy seed phrase is very accurate here anyway. The key is the dimension, also the scale. At a certain point there is impossible to display the desired accuracy, we have to model something similar than the original. Rounding the holes are (or could be?) right at 1:64 but below 1:100 it is more than a microscopic radius and besides it requires precision work, no one will notice it: simply it is visible through magnifier lens only. My blocks are 2mm in 1:150, which means 30 cm in reality which is a quite large one but was hard enough to drill the holes into them to emulate the functi
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