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  1. Hi Bill, As the kit is 50 years old, I'd consider the glue first. If it is still hard enough and the planks aren't loose cement somewhere, i would leave the planking intact. Some sanding will be needed at the bow however, but after painting it will be neat.
  2. Welcome here. You're a lucky man, sometimes i wish to reach retirement age, and have time for anything. Enjoy the ride!
  3. Hi there Yves, you might saw THIS already (Well, the antifouling is not on its best 🙃 )
  4. It depends on many things. If the boat going westward, then port side will shown. Also, same for all boat what has left-handed captain, but left handed first mate must shown on starboard. Additionally, please be careful: boats and ships before 3200BC always presented on starboard, at that time the portside wasn't yet invented, even for hieroglyph men too 😁
  5. Calypso had four blade props here: this is a still picture from 1977 short film "Calypso's search for Britannic" Cheers, Miki
  6. Same here. Thermoplastic sails are good to form cloth or paper sails (depends on the scale i think). Personally i prefer the furled sails, not to cover too much rigging. I usually made the furled sails from paper tissues, but i have cloth too - which need to cut half size due the scale, full size sails are too thick when "rolled" up.
  7. Hi George, however this is not a great picture, but it shows the foremast quite well. The ratlines - same like the real Passat - are using the middle 4 shrouds and periodically lengthten to the outer 2. Your Passat instruction shows all 5 shrouds ratlines, because the instruction made for Pamir (if we are talking the same Revell/Heller kit), as the whole Passat kit is a renamed Pamir kit. Just compare the hawse pipes on the bow. Cheers, Miki
  8. Great! Will the hop culture be enough to produce some great hand-crafted beer?
  9. Doris, This is the most emotional picture i've ever seen. Especially knowing a bit more of what behind. -miki
  10. I'm so sorry Doris, so sorry. You can be sure he is smiling at You and the ship altogether.
  11. I'm jealous too. Wish i had such friendly place. Also loving your car registration plate.
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