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  1. Happy Anniversary, she's shaping up really beautifully. (This is clearly an opportunity to give her a new modeling tool as an anniversary present...)
  2. Your Speedy photographs were already great eye candy Derek, so more of them can only be a good thing. Looking forward to seeing them.
  3. Lovely work, and I especially like the weathering effects. Very realistic and well done.
  4. I wonder if the expectation was that opportunities to use fireships would be few and far between, and so for most of its life the vessel would be expected to serve the same purposes as others of its size - convoy duty, commerce raiding etc. Then if the opportunity presented itself, you had a vessel on hand designed to maximize the potency of a fire attack. Comet was afloat for almost two decades before she was employed at Dunkirk Roads.
  5. It's coming along very nicely, though I'm getting some flashbacks to the movie "The Red Violin"...
  6. You sir - in approximately 7 years time when I have finished my Speedy model - can take my money. Seriously though, this looks like it will be such a neat kit. Looking forward to it.
  7. Not only is the model looking beautiful, your practice ratlines should make it much easier to reach things on top of your kitchen cabinets! I will also be stealing your idea of the little platform at the bow of the boat to cover the MDF. That's a nice solution. I think the boat will look great whether you paint it below the waterline or leave it bare. I'm a little bit caught in the doldrums as I struggle through my second planking, so looking at your wonderful results is a nice bit of inspiration to push on.
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