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  1. Brilliant works on the planking, Medic! Hope to see your next update soon! Happy new year
  2. Brilliant brilliant work on the wheel, Ian!! That's the most detail wooden wheel I've seen in such scale, and it looks better than the Corel one. I've no opinion on the position of the helm, but I think u can make a more detail toplight
  3. nice work, Charlene and I love che chopper, really makes cutting thin strips easier and more accurate
  4. Fantastic Ian! It can't go any better I really love your drawing, it's just like the one for a real ship
  5. Breathtaking Ian!! I must say the details of the chain is simply awesome! and surprise... I'm BACK!!! lol I was busying with my new job.. and recently, Chinese New Year.. I got my new job last September, but the bad side is that it's in Singapore.. so, I can't continue with my Unicorn anymore. She's now resting in shelf. My plan is to work here for like 4-5 years for a better savings, and then only return to Malaysia. Hope everything goes smooth. Seeing your works really 'turn me on' back on this hobby, haha.. now i'm considering making a smaller model here like a boat or sloop
  6. well done on the cranks, Ian! nice and neat take a shot of your full deck view, I can sure it looks awesome! Anyway, sorry about your cannons.. Glad Corel didn't no produce any real ones for ship battles
  7. Mike and Ian, I really love how you guys study the Unicorn plan to make this a more accurate model. The stern part took some of my times too. I also made the degree of the stern more 'gradual' (like what shown by Ian, 1st picture 2nd image), because I feel that the original one was too steep. The captain would have problem walking toward the stern direction Take your time on your scratching, Mike. We'd really like to see more discussion here.. it helps us a lot on knowing more about ships and of course, Chapman's Plan
  8. Belfry Making I've lost track of my updates since some photos of mine are missing... =.= So, I'll just upload part by part. Up till now, I've basically done the forecastle fittings including the catheads. Anyway, this is how I make my belfry. I used the beech woods for the bits that came with the kit and 2mm x 5mm walnut strip for the rail. To produce the bits, I mill them with a reverse milling bit to create the head, and then cut them into half. I really don't like the color of the beech wood, but since I'm gonna paint them any wood will do. For the crown on the belf
  9. Hey Mike, Glad to see you had started your Unicorn log. Can't wait to see you to lay the keel Anyway, have u tried fitting the bulkheads to the keel? I remember they don't.. u might need to sand them.. Good luck on your build! I'm following ur log!
  10. Thanks all for your kind words.. Just received another good news that my dad can finally discharge from hospital tmr now I will need to clean my house especially my room b4 he sees it LOL
  11. I'm back!! Finally!! The reason for this long absence is that my dad was diagnosed with a cancer relapse and has been in hospital for nearly 1 month plus.. So, my life was like work and go hospital everyday. Anyway, he's turning a lot better now and I can have more spare time for myself already One funny thing was that, Ian did message me in person during the MH370 incident worrying that I might be on that mysterious flight and causing this long absence (Anyway, Ian.. Thanks for your concern ) Another news is that I've just resigned from my job, and that will make me have more time on m
  12. Nice update, Ian and I have to say that the main bit is totally brilliant! I really hope can make my ship as accurate as historical, but I think my ship is currently so on 'my own way' now lol
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